2022 Topps Star Wars Wrapper Art trading card checklist

2022 Topps Star Wars Wrapper Art Checklist

Release Date: 7/27/22

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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2022 Topps Star Wars Wrapper Art trading cards pay tribute to the long history of Topps and Star Wars trading cards by reimagining the artwork from the brand’s Return of the Jedi wax wrappers.

The art for this set is created by Brittney Palmer and Blake Jamieson and four cards are available for sale for one month at a time. Final print runs are determined by consumer demand. There are also randomly distributed rainbow foil and gold frame parallels and numbered artist proofs, framed in silver, are also available via the Topps website.

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2022 Topps Star Wars Wrapper Art Checklist

Base Set – 28 Cards
Rainbow Foil – #/99
Artist Proof – #/49
Gold Frame – 1/1

#CardArtistPrint Run
1ReyBrittney Palmer632
2Kylo RenBlake Jamieson536
3BB-8Brittney Palmer572
4FinnBlake Jamieson473
5Darth MaulBlake Jamieson614
6Qui-Gon JinnBrittney Palmer536
7Anakin SkywalkerBlake Jamieson500
8Queen AmidalaBrittney Palmer556
9Obi-Wan KenobiBlake Jamieson422
10Princess Leia OrganaBrittney Palmer364
11RevaBrittney Palmer347
12Grand InquisitorBlake Jamieson335
13Ahsoka TanoBrittney Palmer461
14Moff GideonBlake Jamieson381
15KrrsantanBlake Jamieson400
16Cad BaneBrittney Palmer437
17Jyn ErsoBrittney Palmer320
18K-2S0Blake Jamieson285
19HunterBlake Jamieson266
20OmegaBrittney Palmer279
21Cassian AndorBrittney Palmer365
22Syril KarnBlake Jamieson315
23Luthen RaelBlake Jamieson324
24Mon MothmaBrittney Palmer328
25Luke SkywalkerBlake Jamieson399
26YodaBrittney Palmer535
27General Leia OrganaBrittney Palmer387
28Han SoloBlake Jamieson404