2022 Topps Dynasty F1 trading card checklist

2022 Topps Dynasty F1 Checklist

Release Date: 3/1/23

Cards per Pack: 1

Packs per Hobby Box: 1

Hobby Boxes per Case: 5

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Dynasty, Formula 1

Category Archive: Racing Card Checklists

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2022 Topps Dynasty F1 trading cards are the most premium cards of the racing season. Each box includes one premium autographed relic card.

2022 Topps Dynasty F1 Checklist

Dynasty Auto Patch (DAP) – 95 Cards
Base – #/10 or fewer
Red – #/5
Black – #/2
Gold – 1/1

Dynasty Auto Flag (DAF) – 20 Cards
Base – #/2

Dynasty Auto Flag Jumbo Patch (DAFJP) – 18 Cards
Base – 1/1

F1 Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Relic Auto (CTDRA) – 10 Cards
Base – #/10 or fewer
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1

F1 Dynasty Single Driver Dual Relic Auto (SDSRA) – 15 Cards
Base – #/10 or fewer
Red – #/5
Black – #/2
Gold – 1/1

F1 Dynasty Single Driver Triple Relic Auto (SDTRA) – 72 Cards
Base – #/10 or fewer
Red – #/5
Black – #/2
Gold – 1/1

This checklist is organized by F1 teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Alfa Romeo

DAP-FVFrédéric Vasseur
DAP-FVIFrédéric Vasseur
DAP-FVIIFrédéric Vasseur
DAP-GZZhou GuanyuRC
DAP-GZIZhou GuanyuRC
DAP-VBValtteri Bottas
DAP-VBIValtteri Bottas
DAP-VBIIValtteri Bottas
DAF-GZZhou GuanyuRC
DAF-VBValtteri Bottas
DAFJP-VBValtteri Bottas
CTDRA-VBValtteri Bottas Zhou Guanyu
SDTRA-FVFrédéric Vasseur
SDTRA-FVIFrédéric Vasseur
SDTRA-VBValtteri Bottas
SDTRA-VBIValtteri Bottas
SDTRA-VBIIValtteri Bottas

Aston martin

DAP-LSLance Stroll
DAP-LSILance Stroll
DAP-LSIILance Stroll
DAP-MKMike Krack
DAP-MKIMike Krack
DAP-MKIIMike Krack
DAP-SVSebastian Vettel
DAP-SVISebastian Vettel
DAP-SVIISebastian Vettel
DAP-SVIIIISebastian Vettel
DAF-LSLance Stroll
DAF-SVSebastian Vettel
DAFJP-LSLance Stroll
DAFJP-SVSebastian Vettel
CTDRA-SVLance Stroll Sebastian Vettel
SDSRA-LSLance Stroll
SDSRA-SVSebastian Vettel
SDTRA-LSLance Stroll
SDTRA-LSILance Stroll
SDTRA-LSIILance Stroll
SDTRA-SVSebastian Vettel
SDTRA-SVISebastian Vettel
SDTRA-SVIISebastian Vettel

BWT Alpine

DAP-DBOtmar Szafnauer
DAP-DBIOtmar Szafnauer
DAP-DBIIOtmar Szafnauer
DAP-EOEsteban Ocon
DAP-EOIEsteban Ocon
DAP-EOIIEsteban Ocon
DAP-FAFernando Alonso
DAP-FAIFernando Alonso
DAP-FAIIFernando Alonso
DAF-EOEsteban Ocon
DAF-FAFernando Alonso
DAFJP-EOEsteban Ocon
DAFJP-FAFernando Alonso
CTDRA-FAFernando Alonso Esteban Ocon
SDSRA-FAFernando Alonso
SDTRA-DBOtmar Szafnauer
SDTRA-DBIOtmar Szafnauer
SDTRA-EOEsteban Ocon
SDTRA-EOIEsteban Ocon
SDTRA-EOIIEsteban Ocon
SDTRA-FAFernando Alonso
SDTRA-FAIFernando Alonso


DAP-GSGuenther Steiner
DAP-GSIGuenther Steiner
DAP-GSIIGuenther Steiner
DAP-KMKevin Magnussen
DAP-KMIKevin Magnussen
DAP-KMIIKevin Magnussen
DAP-MSMick Schumacher
DAP-MSIMick Schumacher
DAP-MSIIMick Schumacher
DAP-MSIIIIMick Schumacher
DAF-KMKevin Magnussen
DAF-MSMick Schumacher
DAFJP-KMKevin Magnussen
DAFJP-MSMick Schumacher
CTDRA-MSKevin Magnussen Mick Schumacher
SDSRA-KMKevin Magnussen
SDSRA-MSMick Schumacher
SDTRA-GSGuenther Steiner
SDTRA-GSIGuenther Steiner
SDTRA-KMKevin Magnussen
SDTRA-KMIKevin Magnussen
SDTRA-KMIIKevin Magnussen
SDTRA-MSMick Schumacher
SDTRA-MSIMick Schumacher


DAP-ASAndreas Seidl
DAP-ASIAndreas Seidl
DAP-ASIIAndreas Seidl
DAP-DRDaniel Ricciardo
DAP-DRIDaniel Ricciardo
DAP-DRIIDaniel Ricciardo
DAP-DRIIIIDaniel Ricciardo
DAP-LNLando Norris
DAP-LNILando Norris
DAP-LNIILando Norris
DAP-LNIIIILando Norris
DAF-DRDaniel Ricciardo
DAF-LNLando Norris
DAFJP-DRDaniel Ricciardo
DAFJP-LNLando Norris
CTDRA-LNLando Norris Daniel Ricciardo
SDSRA-DRDaniel Ricciardo
SDSRA-LNLando Norris
SDTRA-ASAndreas Seidl
SDTRA-ASIAndreas Seidl
SDTRA-DRDaniel Ricciardo
SDTRA-DRIDaniel Ricciardo
SDTRA-DRIIDaniel Ricciardo
SDTRA-LNLando Norris
SDTRA-LNILando Norris
SDTRA-LNIILando Norris


DAP-GRGeorge Russell
DAP-GRIGeorge Russell
DAP-GRIIGeorge Russell
DAP-LHLewis Hamilton
DAP-LHILewis Hamilton
DAP-LHIILewis Hamilton
DAP-TWToto Wolff
DAP-TWIToto Wolff
DAP-TWIIToto Wolff
DAF-GRGeorge Russell
DAF-LHLewis Hamilton
DAFJP-GRGeorge Russell
DAFJP-LHLewis Hamilton
CTDRA-LHGeorge Russell Lewis Hamilton
SDSRA-GRGeorge Russell
SDSRA-LHLewis Hamilton
SDTRA-GRGeorge Russell
SDTRA-GRIGeorge Russell
SDTRA-LHLewis Hamilton
SDTRA-LHILewis Hamilton
SDTRA-TWToto Wolff

Oracle Red Bull

DAP-CHChristian Horner
DAP-CHIChristian Horner
DAP-CHIIChristian Horner
DAP-MVMax Verstappen
DAP-MVIMax Verstappen
DAP-MVIIMax Verstappen
DAP-MVIIIIMax Verstappen
DAP-SPSergio Perez
DAP-SPISergio Perez
DAP-SPIISergio Perez
DAF-MVMax Verstappen
DAF-SPSergio Perez
DAFJP-SPSergio Perez
CTDRA-MVMax Verstappen Sergio Perez
SDSRA-MVMax Verstappen
SDSRA-SPSergio Perez
SDTRA-CHChristian Horner
SDTRA-CHIChristian Horner
SDTRA-MVMax Verstappen
SDTRA-MVIMax Verstappen
SDTRA-MVIIMax Verstappen
SDTRA-SPSergio Perez
SDTRA-SPISergio Perez
SDTRA-SPIISergio Perez

Scuderia AlphaTauri

DAP-FTFranz Tost
DAP-FTIFranz Tost
DAP-FTIIFranz Tost
DAP-PGPierre Gasly
DAP-PGIPierre Gasly
DAP-PGIIPierre Gasly
DAP-YTYuki Tsunoda
DAP-YTIYuki Tsunoda
DAP-YTIIYuki Tsunoda
DAF-PGPierre Gasly
DAF-YTYuki Tsunoda
DAFJP-PGPierre Gasly
DAFJP-YTYuki Tsunoda
CTDRA-PGPierre Gasly Yuki Tsunoda
SDTRA-FTFranz Tost
SDTRA-PGPierre Gasly
SDTRA-PGIPierre Gasly
SDTRA-PGIIPierre Gasly
SDTRA-YTYuki Tsunoda
SDTRA-YTIYuki Tsunoda
SDTRA-YTIIYuki Tsunoda

Scuderia Ferrari

DAP-CLCharles Leclerc
DAP-CLICharles Leclerc
DAP-CLIICharles Leclerc
DAP-CSCarlos Sainz
DAP-CSICarlos Sainz
DAP-CSIICarlos Sainz
DAP-MBMattia Binotto
DAP-MBIMattia Binotto
DAP-MBIIMattia Binotto
DAF-CLCharles Leclerc
DAF-CSCarlos Sainz
DAFJP-CLCharles Leclerc
DAFJP-CSCarlos Sainz
CTDRA-CLCharles Leclerc Carlos Sainz
SDSRA-CLCharles Leclerc
SDTRA-CLCharles Leclerc
SDTRA-CLICharles Leclerc
SDTRA-CSCarlos Sainz
SDTRA-CSICarlos Sainz
SDTRA-CSIICarlos Sainz
SDTRA-MBMattia Binotto
SDTRA-MBIMattia Binotto


DAP-AAAlexander Albon
DAP-AAIAlexander Albon
DAP-AAIIAlexander Albon
DAP-JCJost Capito
DAP-JCIJost Capito
DAP-JCIIJost Capito
DAP-NLNicholas Latifi
DAP-NLINicholas Latifi
DAP-NLIINicholas Latifi
DAF-AAAlexander Albon
DAF-NLNicholas Latifi
DAFJP-NLNicholas Latifi
CTDRA-NLAlexander Albon Nicholas Latifi
SDSRA-AAAlexander Albon
SDSRA-NLNicholas Latifi
SDTRA-AAAlexander Albon
SDTRA-AAIAlexander Albon
SDTRA-AAIIAlexander Albon
SDTRA-JCJost Capito
SDTRA-JCIJost Capito
SDTRA-NLNicholas Latifi
SDTRA-NLINicholas Latifi
SDTRA-NLIINicholas Latifi