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2021 Topps Now Turn Back the Clock baseball cards can be considered an extension of the Topps Now series but rather than commemorate events as they happen, Turn Back the Clock commemorates events on their anniversary.

Every day of the baseball season a new card is released and available for purchase for a 24 hour period on the Topps website. Final print runs are determined based on consumer demand.

There are also two numbered color parallels randomly distributed for each card — cherry (#/7) and white ash (#/3) which alter the color of the “wood” border.

This checklist is divided by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or relevant eBay listings.

2021 Topps Now Turn Back the Clock Checklist

Base Set – TBD
Cherry – #/7
White Ash – #/3


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
51Mike Trout5/21/131337
70Mike Trout6/9/092753
85Dave Winfield6/24/91300
126Rod Carew8/4/85276
Total print run – 4,666


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
12Nolan Ryan4/12/80686


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
38Catfish Hunter5/8/68304
59Rickey Henderson5/29/90450
72Mark McGwire6/11/95288
75Reggie Jackson6/14/69361
95Mark McGwire7/4/88375
104Reggie Jackson7/13/71350
122Jose Canseco7/31/88301
137Mark McGwire8/15/90
Total print run – 2,429

Blue Jays

#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
8Hank Aaron4/8/741155
22John Smoltz4/22/08351
27Chipper Jones4/27/11390
27aChipper Jones4/27/11Blue Auto49
27bChipper Jones4/27/11Purple Auto25
27cChipper Jones4/27/11Red Auto10
27dChipper Jones4/27/11Orange Auto5
27eChipper Jones4/27/11Gold Auto1
32Chipper Jones5/2/12365
47Hank Aaron5/17/70644
54John Smoltz5/24/07260
56Hank Aaron5/26/69462
112Hank Aaron7/21/73603
134Greg Maddux8/12/01386
134aGreg Maddux 8/12/01 Blue Auto49
134bGreg Maddux 8/12/01 Purple Auto25
134cGreg Maddux 8/12/01 Red Auto10
134dGreg Maddux 8/12/01 Orange Auto5
134eGreg Maddux8/12/01Gold Auto1
Total print run – 4,796


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
13Rollie Fingers4/13/85421


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
29Stan Musial4/29/60
43Stan Musial5/13/58478
46Mark McGwire5/16/98436
66Albert Pujols6/5/11401
71Tony La Russa6/10/11301
83Stan Musial6/22/62406
108Bob Gibson7/17/74381
111Albert Pujols7/20/04287
135Lou Brock8/13/79312
Total print run – 3,002


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
4Sammy Sosa4/4/03462
6Billy Williams4/6/71377
78Lou Brock6/17/62346
86Sammy Sosa6/25/98288
93Derrek Lee7/2/09253
Total print run – 1,726


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
64Randy Johnson6/3/08226
64aRandy Johnson 6/3/08 Blue Auto49
64bRandy Johnson 6/3/08 Purple Auto25
64cRandy Johnson 6/3/08 Red Auto10
64dRandy Johnson 6/3/08 Orange Auto5
64eRandy Johnson 6/3/08 Gold Auto1
Total print run – 316


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
11Don Drysdale4/11/59395
23Jackie Robinson4/23/54650
24Mike Piazza4/24/98274
53Roy Campanella5/23/52299
65Don Drysdale6/4/68278
79Clayton Kershaw6/18/14328
100Mike Piazza7/9/96509
Total print run – 2,733


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
103Moises Alou7/12/94190


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
34Willie Mays5/4/66620
67Tim Lincecum6/6/11336
98Buster Posey7/7/10326
114Willie McCovey7/23/69321
131Vida Blue8/9/81231
Total print run – 1,834


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
30Bob Feller4/30/46345
60Dennis Eckersley5/30/77350
62Phil Niekro6/1/87264
82Manny Ramirez6/21/97218
82aManny Ramirez 6/21/97 Blue Auto49
82bManny Ramirez 6/21/97 Purple Auto25
82cManny Ramirez 6/21/97 Red Auto10
82dManny Ramirez 6/21/97 Orange Auto5
82eManny Ramirez 6/21/97 Gold Auto1
91Bob Lemon6/30/48256
94Larry Doby7/3/94370
124Bob Lemon8/2/50271
125Satchel Paige8/3/48695
Total print run – 2,859


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
10Ken Griffey Jr4/10/89909
48Edgar Martinez5/18/99246
76Ken Griffey Jr6/15/93610
87Edgar Martinez6/26/03211
97Edgar Martinez7/6/96210
105Ken Griffey Jr7/14/92679
121Alex Rodriguez7/30/98304
130Randy Johnson8/8/97325
Total print run – 3,494


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
77Dontrelle Willis6/16/03190
Total print run – 190


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
1Duke Snider4/1/63647
3Tom Seaver4/3/66886
25Dwight Gooden4/25/84479
35Mike Piazza5/5/04419
41Tom Seaver5/11/72457
80Dwight Gooden6/19/89382
115Tom Seaver7/24/88380
127Tom Glavine8/5/07292
Total print run – 3,942


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
49Cy Young5/19/10555
Total print run – 555


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
7Ted Williams4/7/69503
39Bryce Harper5/9/15281
81Max Scherzer6/20/15336
Total print run – 1,120


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
15Cal Ripken Jr4/15/001061
68Eddie Murray6/7/98361
110Cal Ripken Jr7/19/91428
120Brooks Robinson7/29/72314
Total print run – 2,164


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
16Steve Garvey4/16/83405


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
17Mike Schmidt4/17/76613
17aMike Schmidt4/17/76Blue Auto49
17bMike Schmidt4/17/76Purple Auto25
17cMike Schmidt4/17/76Red Auto10
17dMike Schmidt4/17/76Orange Auto5
17eMike Schmidt4/17/76Gold Auto1
50Steve Carlton5/20/83278
84Jim Thome6/23/11337
Total print run – 1,318


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
18Roberto Clemente4/18/55960
21Willie Stargell4/21/71399
45Roberto Clemente5/15/67604
55Ralph Kiner5/25/53303
73Dock Ellis6/12/70490
90Willie Stargell6/29/77398
113Willie Stargell7/22/64262
116Roberto Clemente7/25/56658
123Andrew McCutchen8/1/09289
Total Print Run – 4,330


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
31Nolan Ryan5/1/91780
33Fergie Jenkins5/3/80283
117Nolan Ryan7/26/92498
136Ivan Rodriguez8/14/99255
Total print run – 1,816


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
332Wade Boggs7/27/98332
129Wade Boggs8/7/99376
Total print run – 708

Red Sox

#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
20David Ortiz4/20/13933
36Babe Ruth5/6/151372
40Nomar Garciaparra5/10/99285
42Pedro Martinez5/12/00309
44Carl Yastrzemski5/14/65397
74Ted Williams6/13/57757
88Tim Wakefield6/27/09262
99Ted Williams7/8/41432
101David Ortiz7/10/13295
107Nomar Garciapara7/16/98180
Total print run – 5,222


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
52Ken Griffey Jr5/22/08579
Total print run – 579


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
5Larry Walker4/5/97


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
102Bo Jackson7/11/89689
102aBo Jackson 7/11/89Blue Auto49
102bBo Jackson 7/11/89Purple Auto25
102cBo Jackson 7/11/89Red Auto10
102dBo Jackson 7/11/89Orange Auto5
102eBo Jackson 7/11/89Gold Auto1
Total print run – 779


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
2Cecil Fielder4/2/96444
37Justin Verlander5/7/11388
61Ty Cobb5/31/25734
106Ty Cobb7/15/1909446
Total print run – 2,012


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
132Harmon Killebrew8/10/71417
Total print run – 417

White Sox

#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
57Paul Konerko5/27/12360
Total print run – 360


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
9Rickey Henderson4/9/89471
26Alex Rodriguez4/26/05330
58Mariano Rivera5/28/04418
63Lou Gehrig6/2/251059
69Alex Rodriguez6/8/05262
89Mariano Rivera6/28/09424
89aMariano Rivera 6/28/09Blue Auto49
89bMariano Rivera 6/28/09Purple Auto25
89cMariano Rivera 6/28/09Red Auto10
89dMariano Rivera 6/28/09Orange Auto5
89eMariano Rivera 6/28/09Gold Auto1
92Andy Pettitte7/1/13307
96Lou Gehrig7/5/34701
119Darryl Strawberry7/28/96325
128Darryl Strawberry8/6/96258
Total print run – 4,645


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
14William Howard Taft4/14/10617
19Major League Baseball4/19/97332