2021 Topps Now Turn Back the Clock Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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2021 Topps Now Turn Back the Clock baseball cards can be considered an extension of the Topps Now series but rather than commemorate events as they happen, Turn Back the Clock commemorates events on their anniversary.

Every day of the baseball season a new card is released and available for purchase for a 24 hour period on the Topps website. Final print runs are determined based on consumer demand.

There are also two numbered color parallels randomly distributed for each card — cherry (#/7) and white ash (#/3) which alter the color of the “wood” border.

This checklist is divided by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or relevant eBay listings.

2021 Topps Now Turn Back the Clock Checklist

Base Set – TBD
Cherry – #/7
White Ash – #/3


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
12Nolan Ryan4/12/80 – Homers off of Don Sutton686


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
38Catfish Hunter5/8/68 – Perfect game304
Total print run – 304

Blue Jays

#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
8Hank Aaron4/8/74 – Breaks Ruth’s home run record1155
22John Smoltz4/22/08 – Throws 3,000th strike out351
27Chipper Jones4/27/11 – Passes Mantle’s RBI record390
27aChipper Jones4/27/11 – Passes Mantle’s RBI recordBlue Auto49
27bChipper Jones4/27/11 – Passes Mantle’s RBI recordPurple Auto25
27cChipper Jones4/27/11 – Passes Mantle’s RBI recordRed Auto10
27dChipper Jones4/27/11 – Passes Mantle’s RBI recordOrange Auto5
27eChipper Jones4/27/11 – Passes Mantle’s RBI recordGold Auto1
32Chipper Jones5/2/12 – Walk-off homer in the 11th inning365
47Hank Aaron5/17/70 – First player to have 3,000 hits and 500 home runs644
Total print run – 2,995


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
13Rollie Fingers4/13/85 – Breaks record for most AL saves421


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
29Stan Musial4/29/60 – Becomes first player to play 1,000 games at two positions
43Stan Musial5/13/58 – Hit #3,000478
46Mark McGwire5/16/98 – Hits a 545 foot home run436
Total print run


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
4Sammy Sosa4/4/03 – 500th career home run462
6Billy Williams4/6/71 – Walk-off homer against Cardinals377


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
11Don Drysdale4/11/59 – Opening day home run395
23Jackie Robinson4/23/54 – Triple steal and walk-off RBI650
24Mike Piazza4/24/98 – Hits three grand slams in one month274


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
34Willie Mays5/4/66 – Breaks record for most NL homers620
Total print run – 620


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
30Bob Feller4/30/46 – Throws second career no-hitter345
Total print run – 345


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
10Ken Griffey Jr4/10/89 – First career homer909
48Edgar Martinez5/18/99 – 3 for 5, three homer game246
Total print run – 1,155


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
1Duke Snider4/1/63 – Snider traded to Mets647
3Tom Seaver4/3/66 – Seaver signs with Mets886
25Dwight Gooden4/25/84 – Strikes out 10 in 7 innings as a teenager479
35Mike Piazza5/5/04 – Hits 352nd homer, breaking catcher record419
41Tom Seaver5/11/72 – 100th career win457
Total print run – 2,888


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
7Ted Williams4/7/69 – Becomes manager of Senators503
39Bryce Harper5/9/15 – Walk-off homer281
Total print run – 784


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
15Cal Ripken Jr4/15/00 – Enters 3000 hit club1061


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
16Steve Garvey4/16/83 – NL consecutive game record set405


#PlayerAnniversaryVariantPrint Run
17Mike Schmidt4/17/76 – Four homer game613
17aMike Schmidt4/17/76 – Four homer gameBlue Auto49
17bMike Schmidt4/17/76 – Four homer gamePurple Auto25
17cMike Schmidt4/17/76 – Four homer gameRed Auto10
17dMike Schmidt4/17/76 – Four homer gameOrange Auto5
17eMike Schmidt4/17/76 – Four homer gameGold Auto1
50Steve Carlton5/20/83 – Passes Walter Johnson on career SO list


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
18Roberto Clemente4/18/55 – First major league homer960
21Willie Stargell4/21/71 – Second triple homer day in 11 days399
45Roberto Clemente5/15/67 – Three home run, seven RBI game604
Total Print Run – 1,963


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
31Nolan Ryan5/1/91 – Becomes oldest player to throw a no-hitter780
33Fergie Jenkins5/3/80 – Hits 100 wins in AL & NL283
Total print run – 1,063


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run

Red Sox

#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
20David Ortiz4/20/13 – Addresses fans post Marathon bombing933
36Babe Ruth5/6/15 – First home run1372
40Nomar Garciaparra5/10/99 – Three homer/10 RBI game285
42Pedro Martinez5/12/00 – Complete game shutout309
44Carl Yastrzemski5/14/65 – Bats Boston’s 12th cycle397
Total print run – 3,296


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
5Larry Walker4/5/97 – Three home run game


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
2Cecil Fielder4/2/96 – First stolen base444
37Justin Verlander5/7/11 – Second career no-hitter388
Total print run – 832


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run

White Sox

#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
9Rickey Henderson4/9/89 – 800th stolen base471
26Alex Rodriguez4/26/05 – Homers in first three at-bats330


#PlayerAnniversaryPrint Run
14William Howard Taft4/14/10 – First presidential opening day first pitch617
19Major League Baseball4/19/97 – First MLB game in Hawaii332