2021 Topps Muhammad Ali Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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2021 Topps Muhammad Ali – The People’s Champ trading cards are the first on-demand cards devoted to the sport of boxing. Each week, two cards are released that commemorate important moments in Ali’s life and career with each card appearing on a classic trading card design.

Cards are released on Tuesday via the Topps website and remain available for seven days. Final print runs are determined by consumer popularity. There are also numbered color variations distributed randomly including a black parallel set numbered to 56 — commemorating the number of fights Ali won in his career.

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2021 Topps Muhammad Ali – The People’s Champ Checklist

Base Set – TBD
Black – #/56
Red – #/10
Silver – #/5
Gold – 1/1

#Card TitleVintagePrint Run
118 Year Old Wins Olympic Gold1960 Topps Football4043
2Converts to Islam1961 Topps Baseball3381
3Cassius Clay Jr is Boxing’s Nostradamus1962 Topps Baseball2241
4Release of I Am The Greatest1963 Topps Football2227
5Clay vs. Jones – Prefight Hype1963 Topps Football1986
6Clay vs Jones – Outcome1963 Topps Football2063
7Pre-fight Mind Games vs Liston1964 Topps Football1974
8TKOs Sonny Liston in the 7th Round1964 Topps Football2088
9Captures 1st World Title1964 Topps Baseball2057
10Becomes Muhammad Ali1964 Topps Baseball2083
11Ali vs Liston – The Rematch1965 Topps Baseball1784
12Defends Title with TKO1965 Topps Baseball1798
13Ali vs Patterson1965 Topps Baseball1581
14Like Picking the Wings Off A Butterfly1965 Topps Baseball1746
15Ali Refuses to Join the US Army1966 Topps Baseball1553
16The Champ Makes His Feelings Known1966 Topps Baseball1551
17Defending Overseas1966 Topps Hockey1416
18Ali Shuffle1966 Topps Hockey1478
19What’s My Name1967 Topps Baseball1469
20Ali vs. Terrell1967 Topps Baseball1426
21Ali vs. Folley Prefight Interview1967 Topps Baseball1186
22Ali KOs the Veteran at MSG1967 Topps Baseball1188
23Stripped of the Title1967 Topps Baseball1200
24Rock and a Hard Place1969 Topps Baseball1171
25Atlanta Grants Boxing License1969 Topps Baseball1109
26Time to Train1969 Topps Baseball1274
27Return to the Ring1969 Topps Baseball1090
28Quick Result After Long Delay1969 Topps Baseball1092
29Ali vs Bonavena1969 Topps Baseball1085
30“I want Joe Frazier!”1969 Topps Baseball1086
31A War of Words1971 Topps Football1009
32Build Up for Ali vs Frazier1971 Topps Football1045
33Undefeated Fighters Clash1971 Topps Football998
34Ali Suffers 1st Loss1971 Topps Football1005
35Ali vs Ellis1971 Topps Football967
36Ali vs Bugner1973 Topps Baseball968
37Ali Training for Norton1973 Topps Baseball992
38Ali Tastes Defeat1973 Topps Baseball956
39Ali vs Norton1973 Topps Basketball1002
40Ali Wins vis Split Decision1973 Topps Basketball1004
41Trash Talking Frazier1974 Topps Baseball971
42Training1974 Topps Baseball884
43Ali vs Frazier Fight 21974 Topps Baseball934
44Ali Defeats Frazier1974 Topps Baseball962
45Rumble in the Jungle1974 Topps Football878
46Trip to Zaire1974 Topps Football860
47The People’s Champion1974 Topps Football853
48Le Militant Statue1974 Topps Football875
49Hitting the Bag1974 Topps Basketball877
50Press Conference1974 Topps Basketball862
51Ali vs Foreman1974 Topps Basketball897
52Ali Looks In Trouble1974 Topps Hockey 813
53Rope-a-Dope1974 Topps Hockey940
54Regains the World Title 1974 Topps Hockey 937
55Ali vs Bugner 21975 Topps Baseball 737
56Ali Wins by Points1975 Topps Baseball 748
57Thrilla in Manila1975 Topps Baseball 807
58First Round Knockout1975 Topps Baseball 828
59Ali vs Frazier 31975 Topps Baseball
60Late Round TKO1975 Topps Baseball

Tyson Beck Subset

#Card TitlePrint Run
TB1Rumble in the Jungle2475
TB2Rumble in the Jungle1808
TB3Rumble in the Jungle1130
TB4Rumble in the Jungle1271
TB5Rumble in the Jungle