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2020 Topps Update Series cards are, essentially, Series 3 of the 2020 flagship set. The base set includes traded players, new rookies, All-Star and Home Run Derby greats, and statistical leaders. There are also a number of insert sets and retail exclusives to make this a massive set to collect.

Like 2020 Topps Series 1 and Series 2, Update can be purchased in standard hobby boxes or jumbo boxes. A hobby box includes one autograph or relic card per box whereas a jumbo box includes an autograph and two relic cards per box.

This checklist is separated by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting their name from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

Release date – 11/6/2020
Cards per hobby pack – 14
Packs per hobby box – 24
Hobby boxes per case – 12

Cards per jumbo pack – 46
Packs per jumbo box – 10
Jumbo boxes per case – 6

2020 Topps Update Checklist

Base Set – 300 Cards
Gold – #/2020
Rainbow Foil – 1:10
Gold Foil – 1:2 (Hobby/Jumbo)
Vintage Stock – #/99
Independence Day – #/76
Black – #/69 (Hobby/Jumbo)
Mother’s Day – #/50
Father’s Day – #/50
Memorial Day – #/25
Clear – #/10 (Hobby/Jumbo)
Platinum – 1/1
20 Years of The Captain (YOC) – 20 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
20 Years of The Captain Autographs (20CA) – 20 Cards
Base – 1/1
20 Years of The Captain Auto Patch (20CPA) – 20 Cards
Base – 1/1
20 Years of The Captain Patch (20YCC) – 20 Cards
Black – #/50
Gold – #/25
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
1985 Topps Baseball (85TB) – 50 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
1985 Topps Baseball Autographs (85A) – 49 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1
1985 Topps Baseball Chrome Autograph (85CA) – 44 Cards
1985 Topps Chrome Promo (CPC) – 50 Cards
All Star Jumbo Patch (ASJ) – 85 Cards
Base – #/5 or less
Gold – 1/1
All Star Stitches (ASSC) – 80 Cards
Silver – #/50
Red – #/25
Gold – 1/1
All Star Stitches Dual (ASSD) – 9 Cards
Base – #/25
All Star Stitches Triple (ASST) – 6 Cards
Base – #/25
All Star Stitch Autograph (ASSA) – 28 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Red – #/10 or less
Gold – 1/1
All Star Stitch Dual Autograph (ASDA) – 10 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Red – #/10 or less
Gold – 1/1
All Star Autograph Jumbo Patch (ASJA) – 19 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Red – #/10 or less
Gold – 1/1

Baseball Coin Card Autograph (BCA) – 38 Cards
Baseball Patches (BP) – 50 Cards
Baseball Stars Autographs (BSA) – 43 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1
Baseball Stars Dual Autograph (BSDA) – 12 Cards
Base – #/5 or less
Cut Signatures (CS) – 10 Cards
Base – 1/1
Decade’s Best (DB) – 80 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Decade’s Best Autograph (DBA) – 39 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Jeter Final Season Patch (JFP) – 10 Cards
Black – #/50
Gold – #/25
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Jeter Final Season Auto Patch (JFPA) – 9 Cards
Base – 1/1
Major League Materials (MLM) – 39 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1
Major League Material Autograph (MLA) – 35 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Red – #/25 or less
Platinum – 1/1
A Numbers Game (NG) – 25 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
A Numbers Game Autographs (NGA) – 15 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Own the Name (OTN) – 80 Cards
Base – 1/1
Prospects (P) – 30 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Prospects Autographs (PA) – 20 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Coin Cards (TBC) – 50 Cards
Turkey Red 2020 (TR) – 50 Cards (Retail)
Turkey Red Chrome (TRC) – 50 Cards (Retail)
Ronald Acuña Jr. Highlights (TRA) – 20 Cards (Target)
Ronald Acuña Jr. Highlights Autograph (TRA) – 20 Cards
Reverence Autograph Patch (TRAP) – 21 Cards
Base – #/10
Red – #/5
Platinum – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1


85A-AREAnthony Rendon
85A-MTMike Trout
85BA-JAJim Abbott
85BA-TLSTommy La Stella
85CA-ARAnthony Rendon
85CA-MTMike Trout
85CA-SOShohei Ohtani
85TB-5Mike Trout
85TB-47Shohei Ohtani
ASDA-TAMike Trout
ASJ-MITMike Trout
ASJ-MTMike Trout
ASJ-MTRMike Trout
ASJ-TROMike Trout
ASJA-MTMike Trout
ASSA-MTMike Trout
ASSC-APAlbert Pujols
ASSC-MITMike Trout
ASSC-MTMike Trout
ASSC-MTRMike Trout
ASSC-TROMike Trout
ASSD-KTMike Trout
ASSD-PTMike Trout
ASSD-PTAlbert Pujols
ASSD-TAMike Trout
ASSD-THMike Trout
ASST-PCOAlbert Pujols
ASST-TJAMike Trout
BCA-ARAnthony Rendon
BCA-MTMike Trout
BCA-SOShohei Ohtani
BP-MTMike Trout
BP-SOShohei Ohtani
BSA-ARAnthony Rendon
BSA-PSPatrick SandovalRC
BSDA-TAMike Trout
BSDA-TBMike Trout
BSDA-TRMike Trout
BSDA-TRNolan Ryan
CPC-7Shohei Ohtani
CPC-45Mike Trout
CPC-46Anthony Rendon
DB-71Mike Trout
DBA-MTMike Trout
MLA-ARAnthony Rendon
MLA-MTMike Trout
MLM-APAlbert Pujols
MLM-MTRMike Trout
MLM-OHTShohei Ohtani
OTN-JUJustin Upton
OTN-MTMike Trout
P-4Jo Adell
PA-JAJo Adell
TBC-ARAnthony Rendon
TBC-MTMike Trout
TBC-SOShohei Ohtani
TR-29Anthony Rendon
TRAP-MTMike Trout
TRC-29Anthony Rendon
U-4Mike TroutAS
U-18Felix Pena
U-38Albert PujolsActive Leaders
U-46Jose Suarez
U-49Jared Walsh
U-91Julio Teheran
U-103Michael Hermosillo
U-108Taylor Ward
U-119Mike TroutActive Leaders
U-142Albert PujolsActive Leaders
U-168Keynan Middleton
U-200Anthony Rendon
U-232Jason Castro
U-243Mike TroutActive Leaders
U-259Albert PujolsActive Leaders
U-262Ty Buttrey
U-280Albert PujolsActive Leaders
U-292Mike TroutActive Leaders


85A-GSGeorge Springer
85A-JJJosh James
85CA-GSGeorge Springer
85CA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
85TB-18Yordan AlvarezRC
ASDA-ASGeorge Springer
ASDA-ASJose Altuve
ASDA-BSGeorge Springer
ASDA-BSAlex Bregman
ASJ-ALTJose Altuve
ASJ-CCCarlos Correa
ASJ-GCOGerrit Cole
ASJ-GSPGeorge Springer
ASJ-JALJose Altuve
ASJ-JOAJose Altuve
ASJ-JUVJustin Verlander
ASJ-JVEJustin Verlander
ASJA-GCGerrit Cole
ASJA-JAJose Altuve
ASSA-ABAlex Bregman
ASSA-GCGerrit Cole
ASSA-GSGeorge Springer
ASSA-JAJose Altuve
ASSC-CCCarlos Correa
ASSC-GSPGeorge Springer
ASSC-JAJose Altuve
ASSC-JALJose Altuve
ASSC-JOAJose Altuve
ASSC-JUVJustin Verlander
ASSC-JVEJustin Verlander
ASSC-LMLance McCullers Jr.
ASSD-ACCarlos Correa
ASSD-ACJose Altuve
ASST-ASAGeorge Springer
ASST-ASAJose Altuve
ASST-ASACarlos Correa
BCA-ABAlex Bregman
BCA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
BP-ABAlex Bregman
BP-JVEJustin Verlander
BP-KAJose Altuve
BP-YAYordan AlvarezRC
BSA-JMJack MayfieldRC
BSA-MSTMyles Straw
BSDA-ARYordan AlvarezRC
BSDA-BBAlex Bregman
BSDA-BBJeff Bagwell
CPC-1Yordan AlvarezRC
CPC-41George Springer
DB-60Houston Astros®
DB-80Jose Altuve
DBA-JAJose Altuve
MLA-ABAlex Bregman
MLA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
MLM-ABAlex Bregman
MLM-GSPGeorge Springer
NG-8Jeff Bagwell
NGA-JBJeff Bagwell
OTN-ABAlex Bregman
OTN-GSGeorge Springer
OTN-JAJose Altuve
P-20Forrest Whitley
TBC-ABAlex Bregman
TBC-JVJustin Verlander
TBC-YAYordan AlvarezRC
TR-6Yordan AlvarezRC
TR-9Craig Biggio
TRAP-GSGeorge Springer
TRC-6Yordan AlvarezRC
TRC-9Craig Biggio
U-34Justin VerlanderActive Leaders
U-64Alex BregmanAS
U-87Zack GreinkeActive Leaders
U-115Brad Peacock
U-191Zack GreinkeActive Leaders
U-194Justin VerlanderAS
U-203Austin Pruitt
U-219Zack GreinkeActive Leaders
U-223Chris Devenski
U-224Cy SneedRC
U-240Justin VerlanderActive Leaders
U-245Justin VerlanderActive Leaders
U-270Dustin Garneau
U-277Jose AltuveAS
U-289Myles Straw
U-300Yordan AlvarezRC Debut


85A-JCJose Canseco
85A-MOMatt Olson
85A-RHERickey Henderson
85A-RLARamon Laureano
85BA-SNSheldon NeuseRC
85CA-JLJesus LuzardoRC
85CA-SBRSeth BrownRC
85TB-31Jesus LuzardoRC
85TB-32A.J. PukRC
ASJ-MCMatt Chapman
ASJ-SGSonny Gray
ASSC-SGSonny Gray
BCA-JLJesus LuzardoRC
BCA-MCMatt Chapman
BP-JLJesus LuzardoRC
BP-MCMatt Chapman
BP-SMSean MurphyRC
BSA-MSEMarcus Semien
BSA-SMASean Manaea
CPC-16Jesus LuzardoRC
CPC-21A.J. PukRC
CPC-48Seth BrownRC
DB-27Oakland Athletics™
DB-36Jose Canseco
DB-40Mark McGwire
DB-48Dennis Eckersley
DB-59Oakland Athletics™
DBA-DEDennis Eckersley
DBA-MMMark McGwire
MLA-MCMatt Chapman
MLM-MCHMatt Chapman
MLM-MOMatt Olson
NG-5Rickey Henderson
NGA-RHRickey Henderson
OTN-JDJosh Donaldson
OTN-MOMatt Olson
P-13Nick Allen
TBC-JLJesus LuzardoRC
TBC-MCMatt Chapman
TR-25Marcus Semien
TRC-25Marcus Semien
U-37Yoenis CespedesHR Derby
U-70Skye Bolt
U-84Yusmeiro Petit
U-94Jesus LuzardoRC Debut
U-216Sean MurphyRC Debut
U-278Austin Allen
U-296Mark McGwireHR Derby

Blue Jays

85A-AKAAnthony KayRC
85CA-BBIBo BichetteRC
85CA-CBCavan Biggio
85CA-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
85TB-45Bo BichetteRC
ASJ-JDJosh Donaldson
ASSC-JDJosh Donaldson
BCA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
BP-BBBo BichetteRC
BP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
BSA-DJDanny Jansen
BSA-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
CPC-14Bo BichetteRC
CPC-15Hyun-Jin Ryu
CPC-32Cavan Biggio
MLA-BBBo BichetteRC
MLA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
MLM-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
NG-1Roberto Alomar
NGA-RARoberto Alomar
OTN-CBCavan Biggio
OTN-LGLourdes Gurriel Jr.
OTN-MSMarcus Stroman
OTN-RTRowdy Tellez
P-2Nate Pearson
PA-NPNate Pearson
TBC-BBBo BichetteRC
TBC-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
TR-11Bo BichetteRC
TR-17Shun Yamaguchi
TRC-11Bo BichetteRC
TRC-17Shun Yamaguchi
U-1Bo BichetteRC Debut
U-10Anthony Alford
U-128Jonathan Davis
U-170Travis Shaw
U-177Andy BurnsRC
U-186Rowdy Tellez
U-221Joe Panik
U-286Chase Anderson


85CA-DMDale Murphy
85CA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
85TB-7Ronald Acuña Jr.
85TB-8Fred McGriff
ASDA-ATRonald Acuña Jr.
ASDA-TARonald Acuña Jr.
ASJ-FFFreddie Freeman
ASJ-MSOMike Soroka
ASSA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
ASSD-TARonald Acuña Jr.
ASST-TJARonald Acuña Jr.
BCA-FFFreddie Freeman
BCA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
BP-FFFreddie Freeman
BP-RARonald Acuña Jr.
BSDA-ASRonald Acuña Jr.
BSDA-TARonald Acuña Jr.
CPC-30Ronald Acuña Jr.
CPC-44Dale Murphy
CS-EMEddie Mathews
CS-WSWarren Spahn
DB-5Warren Spahn
DB-34Dale Murphy
DB-43Tom Glavine
DB-46John Smoltz
DB-58Atlanta Braves™
DB-70Chipper Jones
DB-79Freddie Freeman
DBA-CJChipper Jones
DBA-DMDale Murphy
DBA-FFFreddie Freeman
DBA-JSJohn Smoltz
DBA-TGTom Glavine
MLA-AJOAndruw Jones
MLA-DJDavid Justice
MLA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
NG-9Chipper Jones
NG-25Hank Aaron
NGA-CJChipper Jones
OTN-ARAustin Riley
OTN-DSDansby Swanson
OTN-FFFreddie Freeman
OTN-JH2Jason Heyward
OTN-MFRMax Fried
OTN-OAOzzie Albies
P-7Cristian Pache
PA-CPCristian Pache
RAP-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
TBC-FFFreddie Freeman
TBC-RARonald Acuña Jr.
TR-3Ozzie Albies
TR-35Dale Murphy
TR-43John Smoltz
TRA-1Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-1Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-2Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-2Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-3Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-3Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-4Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-4Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-5Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-5Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-6Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-6Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-7Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-7Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-8Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-8Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-9Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-9Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-10Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-10Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-11Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-11Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-12Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-12Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-13Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-13Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-14Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-14Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-15Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-15Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-16Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-16Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-17Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-17Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-18Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-18Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-19Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-19Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-20Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-20Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRAP-FFFreddie Freeman
TRC-3Ozzie Albies
TRC-35Dale Murphy
TRC-43John Smoltz
U-125Chris Martin
U-137Touki Toussaint
U-145Ronald Acuña Jr.AS
U-165Kyle Wright
U-171Bryse Wilson
U-182Josh Tomlin
U-199Adeiny Hechavarria


85A-JHJosh Hader
85CA-CYChristian Yelich
85TB-23Christian Yelich
ASJ-CYChristian Yelich
ASJA-CYChristian Yelich
ASSC-LCLorenzo Cain
BCA-KHKeston Hiura
BP-CYChristian Yelich
CPC-50Christian Yelich
DB-77Christian Yelich
MLA-KHKeston Hiura
MLM-CYChristian Yelich
MLM-KHKeston Hiura
MLM-LCALorenzo Cain
NG-12Robin Yount
NGA-RYRobin Yount
OTN-JHJosh Hader
OTN-KHKeston Hiura
OTN-RBRyan Braun
OTN-ZGZack Greinke
P-14Ethan Small
PA-ESEthan Small
TBC-CYChristian Yelich
TBC-KHKeston Hiura
TRAP-JHJosh Hader
U-41Josh Lindblom
U-61Jedd Gyorko
U-96Logan Morrison
U-113Devin WilliamsRC
U-176Brock Holt
U-250Omar Narvaez
U-269Christian YelichAS
U-275Brett Anderson


CS-GSGeorge Sisler


85CA-GCAGenesis CabreraRC
85CA-RRRangel RaveloRC
85CA-TETommy Edman
85TB-42Bob Gibson
85TB-43Lou Brock
ASDA-YWYadier Molina
ASJ-YAMYadier Molina
ASJ-YMYadier Molina
ASJ-YMOYadier Molina
ASJA-YMYadier Molina
ASSA-YMYadier Molina
ASSC-YMYadier Molina
ASSC-YMOYadier Molina
ASST-PMCYadier Molina
BCA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
BCA-YMYadier Molina
BP-PGPaul Goldschmidt
BP-YMYadier Molina
BSA-KKKwang-Hyun KimRC
BSA-KWKolten Wong
CPC-29Rangel RaveloRC
CPC-37Tommy Edman
CPC-39Genesis CabreraRC
CS-SMStan Musial
DB-17Bob Gibson
DB-53St. Louis Cardinals®
DB-61Albert Pujols
DB-74Paul Goldschmidt
DBA-BGBob Gibson
DBA-PGOPaul Goldschmidt
MLA-TETommy Edman
MLM-PGPaul Goldschmidt
MLM-YMYadier Molina
NG-11Stan Musial
NG-21Ozzie Smith
NGA-OSOzzie Smith
OTN-CMCarlos Martinez
OTN-DHDakota Hudson
OTN-JFJack Flaherty
OTN-KWKolten Wong
P-27Dylan Carlson
TBC-PGPaul Goldschmidt
TBC-YMYadier Molina
TR-20Kwang-Hyun Kim
TRAP-PDPaul DeJong
TRAP-PGPaul Goldschmidt
TRC-20Kwang-Hyun Kim
U-53Brad Miller
U-56Lane Thomas
U-110Mark McGwireHR Derby
U-131Alex Reyes
U-146Andrew Knizner
U-162Giovanny Gallegos
U-169Yadier MolinaAS
U-267Albert PujolsAS


85A-KSKyle Schwarber
85TB-11Ernie Banks
85TB-12Andre Dawson
85TB-13Javier Baez
ASDA-BRKris Bryant
ASDA-BRAnthony Rizzo
ASDA-YWWillson Contreras
ASJ-ARAnthony Rizzo
ASJ-ARIAnthony Rizzo
ASJ-KSKyle Schwarber
ASJ-WCWillson Contreras
ASJA-ARAnthony Rizzo
ASJA-KBKris Bryant
ASSA-KBKris Bryant
ASSA-WCWillson Contreras
ASSC-ARAnthony Rizzo
ASSC-ARIAnthony Rizzo
ASSC-KBKris Bryant
ASST-PMCWillson Contreras
BCA-ARIAnthony Rizzo
BCA-KBKris Bryant
BCA-NHNico HoernerRC
BP-ARAnthony Rizzo
BP-JBJavier Baez
BP-KBKris Bryant
BP-NHNico HoernerRC
BSA-DBDavid Bote
BSA-RGRobel GarciaRC
CPC-13Willson Contreras
CS-EBErnie Banks
DB-32Ryne Sandberg
DBA-RSRyne Sandberg
MLA-MGMark Grace
MLA-WCWillson Contreras
MLM-ARAnthony Rizzo
MLM-JBJavier Baez
MLM-KBRKris Bryant
NG-2Ryne Sandberg
NG-19Ernie Banks
NGA-RSRyne Sandberg
OTN-JLJon Lester
OTN-KSKyle Schwarber
OTN-WCWillson Contreras
P-22Brennen Davis
PA-BDABrennen Davis
TBC-ANRAnthony Rizzo
TBC-JBJavier Baez
TBC-KBKris Bryant
TBC-NHNico HoernerRC
TR-30Ron Santo
TR-36Mark Grace
TR-40Kerry Wood
TRAP-KSKyle Schwarber
TRC-30Ron Santo
TRC-36Mark Grace
TRC-40Kerry Wood
U-27Kyle Ryan
U-42Kris BryantAS
U-88Craig KimbrelActive Leaders
U-114Josh Phegley
U-132Daniel Descalso
U-158Jason Kipnis
U-159Steven Souza Jr.
U-192Ian MillerRC
U-201Anthony RizzoAS
U-220Alec Mills
U-225Jharel Cotton
U-235Javier BaezAS
U-251Nico HoernerRC Debut


85A-JROJosh RojasRC
85A-ZGZac GallenRC
85BA-DLDomingo LeybaRC
85CA-ZGZac GallenRC
85TB-6Starling Marte
ASJ-PGPaul Goldschmidt
ASJ-PGOPaul Goldschmidt
ASSC-PGPaul Goldschmidt
ASSC-PGOPaul Goldschmidt
BSA-KMKetel Marte
BSA-ZGZac GallenRC
CPC-28Zac GallenRC
DB-56Arizona Diamondbacks®
MLA-ZGZac GallenRC
NG-4Randy Johnson
NGA-RJRandy Johnson
P-26Daulton Varsho
TBC-KMKetel Marte
TRAP-RJRandy Johnson
U-30Yasmany Tomas
U-57Yoan Lopez
U-81Junior Guerra
U-102Kevin GinkelRC
U-213Keury Mella
U-228Starling Marte
U-238Tim Locastro
U-247Kole Calhoun
U-291Trayce Thompson


85CA-BGBrusdar GraterolRC
85CA-CBECody Bellinger
85CA-GLGavin LuxRC
85CA-TGTony GonsolinRC
85CA-WBWalker Buehler
85TB-10Jackie Robinson
85TB-19Gavin LuxRC
85TB-20Cody Bellinger
85TB-21David Price
85TB-22Mookie Betts
ASDA-KBClayton Kershaw
ASDA-KBCody Bellinger
ASJ-CKClayton Kershaw
ASJ-CLKClayton Kershaw
ASJ-CSECorey Seager
ASJ-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
ASJ-JPJoc Pederson
ASJ-JTJustin Turner
ASJ-MMMax Muncy
ASJ-ZGZack Greinke
ASSA-CBCody Bellinger
ASSC-CKClayton Kershaw
ASSC-CKEClayton Kershaw
ASSC-CLKClayton Kershaw
ASSC-CSCorey Seager
ASSC-CSECorey Seager
ASSC-JPJoc Pederson
ASSC-JTJustin Turner
ASSC-ZGZack Greinke
ASSD-KTClayton Kershaw
ASST-KDSClayton Kershaw
BCA-CBCody Bellinger
BCA-CKClayton Kershaw
BCA-WBWalker Buehler
BP-CBCody Bellinger
BP-CKClayton Kershaw
BP-GLGavin LuxRC
BP-MBMookie Betts
BSA-DPDavid Price
BSDA-KBCody Bellinger
BSDA-KBClayton Kershaw
BSDA-TBCody Bellinger
CPC-6Walker Buehler
CPC-11Cody Bellinger
CPC-19Mookie Betts
CPC-23Gavin LuxRC
CPC-27Brusdar GraterolRC
CPC-38Tony GonsolinRC
CS-PRPee Wee Reese
CS-RCRoy Campanella
DB-9Sandy Koufax
DB-16Sandy Koufax
DB-20Sandy Koufax
DB-24Los Angeles Dodgers®
DBA-SKSandy Koufax
MLA-CBCody Bellinger
MLA-WBWalker Buehler
MLM-CKClayton Kershaw
NG-7Jackie Robinson
NG-20Sandy Koufax
NGA-SKSandy Koufax
OTN-CBECody Bellinger
OTN-CTChris Taylor
OTN-JPJoc Pederson
P-21Keibert Ruiz
PA-KRKeibert Ruiz
TBC-CBCody Bellinger
TBC-CKClayton Kershaw
TBC-MBMookie Betts
TBC-WBWalker Buehler
TR-5Mookie Betts
TR-7David Price
TR-8Gavin LuxRC
TR-32Mike Piazza
TRC-5Mookie Betts
TRC-7David Price
TRC-8Gavin LuxRC
TRC-32Mike Piazza
U-63Terrance Gore
U-80Cody BellingerAS
U-82Kenley JansenActive Leaders
U-90Clayton KershawActive Leaders
U-93Tyler White
U-100David Price
U-140Clayton KershawActive Leaders
U-234Gavin LuxRC Debut
U-237Clayton KershawAS
U-252Alex Wood
U-276Joe Kelly


85TB-24Tim Raines
BSDA-GSVladimir Guerrero
DB-66Vladimir Guerrero
DBA-VGVladimir Guerrero


85A-TLTim Lincecum
85CA-MYMike Yastrzemski
85TB-25Willie Mays
85TB-39Willie McCovey
85TB-40Tim Lincecum
ASJ-BPBuster Posey
ASJ-BPOBuster Posey
ASJA-BPBuster Posey
ASSA-BPBuster Posey
ASSC-BPBuster Posey
ASSC-BPOBuster Posey
ASSC-JCJohnny Cueto
ASST-PMCBuster Posey
BCA-BPBuster Posey
BP-BPBuster Posey
CPC-42Mike Yastrzemski
DB-6Hoyt Wilhelm
DB-19Willie Mays
NG-18Willie Mays
P-25Joey Bart
PA-JBJoey Bart
RAP-TLTim Lincecum
TBC-BPBuster Posey
TR-2Willie McCovey
TR-4Hunter Pence
TRC-2Willie McCovey
TRC-4Hunter Pence
U-8Buster PoseyAS
U-97Donovan Solano
U-129Hunter Pence
U-156Wilmer Flores
U-197Zach GreenRC
U-211Drew Smyly
U-217Andrew Suarez
U-241Tyler HeinemanRC
U-285Billy Hamilton


85A-OMOscar Mercado
85BA-YCYu ChangRC
85CA-SBShane Bieber
ASJ-FLFrancisco Lindor
ASJ-JRAJose Ramirez
ASJ-TBTrevor Bauer
ASSC-FLFrancisco Lindor
ASSC-JRJose Ramirez
BP-FLFrancisco Lindor
CPC-33Shane Bieber
CPC-40Bobby BradleyRC
DB-2Bob Lemon
DB-3Early Wynn
DB-7Bob Feller
DB-67Jim Thome
DBA-JTJim Thome
OTN-CSCarlos Santana
P-28Nolan Jones
TBC-FLFrancisco Lindor
TR-37Mike Clevinger
TRC-37Mike Clevinger
U-48Sandy Leon
U-95Domingo Santana
U-99Cesar Hernandez
U-139Greg Allen
U-143Francisco LindorAS
U-239Jefry Rodriguez
U-282Christian Arroyo
U-294Adam Plutko


85BA-DVDan Vogelbach
85BA-JBUJay Buhner
85BA-JDJustin DunnRC
85BA-SLShed Long
85TB-41Ken Griffey Jr.
ASSC-NCNelson Cruz
ASSC-RCRobinson Cano
BP-KLKyle LewisRC
BSA-RVDaniel Vogelbach
BSDA-GIKen Griffey Jr.
DB-42Randy Johnson
DBA-RJRandy Johnson
NG-10Ken Griffey Jr.
OTN-KSEKyle Seager
OTN-RCRobinson Cano
P-1Evan White
PA-EWEvan White
TBC-KLKyle LewisRC
U-9Ken Griffey Jr.HR Derby
U-21Kyle LewisRC Debut
U-85Felix HernandezAS
U-150Ken Griffey Jr.HR Derby
U-152Sam HaggertyRC
U-167Yoshi Hirano
U-190Ken Griffey Jr.AS
U-196Nestor CortesRC
U-214Kendall Graveman
U-254Taijuan Walker


85TB-50Lewis Brinson
ASJ-GSGiancarlo Stanton
ASSC-DGDee Gordon
ASSC-GSGiancarlo Stanton
ASSD-JSGiancarlo Stanton
BSA-CDCorey Dickerson
BSA-LBLewis Brinson
OTN-CYEChristian Yelich
OTN-DGDee Gordon
P-23Sixto Sanchez
TR-19Lewis Brinson
TRC-19Lewis Brinson
U-14Giancarlo StantonHR Derby
U-20Francisco Cervelli
U-71Jesus Aguilar
U-141Jonathan Villar
U-229Giancarlo StantonAS
U-298Magneuris Sierra


85A-DGODwight Gooden
85A-PAPete Alonso
85TB-26Dwight Gooden
85TB-27David Wright
85TB-28Pete Alonso
ASJ-BCBartolo Colon
ASJ-NSNoah Syndergaard
ASJA-JDJacob deGrom
ASJA-NSNoah Syndergaard
ASSA-JDJacob deGrom
ASSC-BCBartolo Colon
ASSC-DJEJacob deGrom
ASSC-MCOMichael Conforto
ASSD-DAPete Alonso
ASSD-DAJacob deGrom
ASSD-DCJacob deGrom
ASSD-DCBartolo Colon
ASST-KDSJacob deGrom
BCA-JDJacob deGrom
BCA-PAPete Alonso
BP-JDJacob deGrom
BP-PAPete Alonso
BSA-MSMarcus Stroman
BSDA-SADarryl Strawberry
BSDA-SAPete Alonso
DB-12Tom Seaver
DB-30New York Mets®
DB-35Dwight Gooden
DBA-DGDwight Gooden
MLA-NSNoah Syndergaard
MLA-PAPete Alonso
MLM-MCOMichael Conforto
NG-17Mike Piazza
OTN-JMNJeff McNeil
OTN-MHMatt Harvey
OTN-SYNNoah Syndergaard
P-16Andres Gimenez
RAP-JMJeff McNeil
TBC-JDJacob deGrom
TBC-PAPete Alonso
TR-18Gary Carter
TR-21Tom Seaver
TRAP-RALRoberto Alomar
TRC-18Gary Carter
TRC-21Tom Seaver
U-28Eduardo Nunez
U-92Jacob deGromActive Leaders
U-147Robinson CanoActive Leaders
U-148Pete AlonsoHR Derby
U-161Jake Marisnick
U-187Pete AlonsoAS
U-236Bartolo ColonActive Leaders
U-283Tomas Nido
U-299Jacob deGromAS


85A-MSMax Scherzer
85A-PCPatrick Corbin
85CA-JSOJuan Soto
85CA-SSStephen Strasburg
85TB-46Juan Soto
ASDA-SHBryce Harper
ASDA-SHStephen Strasburg
ASJ-BHBryce Harper
ASJ-MASMax Scherzer
ASJ-MAXMax Scherzer
ASJ-MSMax Scherzer
ASJ-RZRyan Zimmerman
ASJ-SSTStephen Strasburg
ASJA-BHBryce Harper
ASJA-SSStephen Strasburg
ASSA-BHBryce Harper
ASSA-SSStephen Strasburg
ASSC-BHBryce Harper
ASSC-BHABryce Harper
ASSC-MSMax Scherzer
ASSC-MSCMax Scherzer
ASSC-RZRyan Zimmerman
ASSC-SSStephen Strasburg
ASSD-THBryce Harper
ASST-KDSStephen Strasburg
ASST-ZSSStephen Strasburg
ASST-ZSSMax Scherzer
ASST-ZSSRyan Zimmerman
BCA-JSJuan Soto
BP-JSJuan Soto
BP-MSMax Scherzer
BSA-ETEric Thames
BSA-JSJuan Soto
BSDA-ASJuan Soto
BSDA-GSJuan Soto
CPC-31Stephen Strasburg
CPC-49Juan Soto
MLM-MSMax Scherzer
MLM-VRVictor Robles
OTN-AREAnthony Rendon
OTN-MAXMax Scherzer
OTN-SSStephen Strasburg
OTN-VRVictor Robles
P-29Luis Garcia
PA-LGLuis Garcia
TBC-JSJuan Soto
TBC-MSMax Scherzer
TR-23Trea Turner
TR-45Carter Kieboom
TRAP-MSMax Scherzer
TRC-23Trea Turner
TRC-45Carter Kieboom
U-5Starlin Castro
U-66Max ScherzerActive Leaders
U-107Eric Thames
U-185Max ScherzerAS
U-195Daniel Hudson
U-202Asdrubal Cabrera
U-255Bryce HarperHR Derby
U-279Bryce HarperAS


85TB-9Eddie Murray
ASJ-MAMManny Machado
ASJ-MMAManny Machado
ASSC-MMManny Machado
ASSC-MMAManny Machado
BSA-TETom EshelmanRC
DB-13Frank Robinson
DB-15Brooks Robinson
DB-22Baltimore Orioles®
DB-33Cal Ripken Jr.
DB-45Mike Mussina
DBA-CRCal Ripken Jr.
DBA-FRFrank Robinson
DBA-MMUMike Mussina
NG-16Cal Ripken Jr.
NGA-CRCal Ripken Jr.
OTN-TMTrey Mancini
P-15Ryan Mountcastle
PA-RMRyan Mountcasle
TR-34Eddie Murray
TR-38Mike Mussina
TR-42Brooks Robinson
TRC-34Eddie Murray
TRC-38Mike Mussina
TRC-42Brooks Robinson
U-98Jose Iglesias
U-120Stevie Wilkerson
U-130Richie Martin
U-160Richard Bleier
U-206Asher Wojciechowski
U-209Cal Ripken Jr.AS
U-230Cal Ripken Jr.HR Derby
U-244Wade LeBlanc


85CA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
85CA-TGRTrent GrishamRC
85TB-37Fernando Tatis Jr.
85TB-38Dave Winfield
BCA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
BCA-MMManny Machado
BP-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
BSA-TPTommy Pham
CPC-35Fernando Tatis Jr.
CPC-43Trent GrishamRC
MLA-EHEric Hosmer
MLA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
MLM-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
NG-15Tony Gwynn
P-6MacKenzie Gore
PA-MGMacKenzie Gore
TBC-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
TBC-MMManny Machado
TR-10Dave Winfield
TRC-10Dave Winfield
U-32Drew Pomeranz
U-68Greg Garcia
U-83Trent GrishamRC
U-138Tommy Pham
U-155Zach Davies
U-226Franchy Cordero
U-227Garrett Richards
U-242Ty France


85CA-RHRhys Hoskins
85TB-33Bryce Harper
85TB-34Ryan Howard
85TB-35Mike Schmidt
ASJ-ANAaron Nola
BCA-BHBryce Harper
BCA-RHRhys Hoskins
BP-AMAndrew McCutchen
BP-BHBryce Harper
BP-RHRhys Hoskins
BSA-AKAndrew Knapp
BSA-JHJ.D. Hammer
CPC-4Rhys Hoskins
DB-4Robin Roberts
DB-28Philadelphia Phillies®
DB-31Mike Schmidt
DB-39Steve Carlton
DB-55Philadelphia Phillies®
DB-64Ryan Howard
DBA-MSMike Schmidt
DBA-RHRyan Howard
DBA-SCSteve Carlton
MLA-JRJ.T. Realmuto
MLA-RHRhys Hoskins
MLM-AMCAndrew McCutchen
MLM-BHBryce Harper
MLM-JTRJ.T. Realmuto
MLM-RHRhys Hoskins
NG-23Mike Schmidt
NGA-MSMike Schmidt
OTN-ANAaron Nola
OTN-RHRhys Hoskins
P-12Alec Bohm
PA-ABAlec Bohm
RAP-RHRyan Howard
TBC-BHBryce Harper
TBC-RHRhys Hoskins
TR-13Andrew McCutchen
TRC-13Andrew McCutchen
U-45Zack Wheeler
U-59Ryan HowardHR Derby
U-86Josh Harrison
U-123Neil Walker
U-157Deivy GrullonRC
U-174Logan Forsythe


85A-BRBryan Reynolds
85A-JMAJames MarvelRC
85A-MKMitch Keller
85TB-36Willie Stargell
85TB-49Roberto Clemente
ASDA-MCAndrew McCutchen
ASDA-MCGerrit Cole
ASJ-GCGerrit Cole
ASSA-AMAndrew McCutchen
ASSC-GCGerrit Cole
BP-JBEJosh Bell
BSA-KNKevin Newman
DB-18Roberto Clemente
DB-23Pittsburgh Pirates®
DB-72Andrew McCutchen
NG-3Roberto Clemente
OTN-AMCAndrew McCutchen
OTN-GCGerrit Cole
OTN-SMStarling Marte
P-9Ke’Bryan Hayes
TR-48Willie Stargell
TRC-48Willie Stargell
U-69Derek Holland
U-112Nik TurleyRC
U-163JT Riddle
U-178Jarrod Dyson
U-260Kyle Crick
U-266Andrew McCutchenAS


85A-SCShin-Soo Choo
85CA-BBUBrock BurkeRC
85TB-44Nolan Ryan
ASJ-YDYu Darvish
ASSC-YDYu Darvish
BCA-JGJoey Gallo
BP-NSNick SolakRC
BSA-JGJoey Gallo
BSA-SHScott HeinemanRC
CPC-36Brock BurkeRC
MLA-EAElvis Andrus
MLA-JGJoey Gallo
MLM-EAElvis Andrus
NG-6Nolan Ryan
NGA-NRNolan Ryan
OTN-EAElvis Andrus
OTN-JGJoey Gallo
OTN-RORougned Odor
OTN-SCShin-soo Choo
P-8Josh Jung
PA-JJJosh Jung
TBC-JGJoey Gallo
TR-41Corey Kluber
TR-50Nolan Ryan
TRC-41Corey Kluber
TRC-50Nolan Ryan
U-26Kyle Gibson
U-73Todd Frazier
U-116Robinson Chirinos
U-149Nick SolakRC Debut
U-164Sam Travis
U-166Adolis Garcia
U-212Jordan Lyles


85A-YTYoshi Tsutsugo
85BA-MBMike BrosseauRC
85CA-MBRMichael Brosseu
85CA-YTYoshi Tsutsugo
85TB-3Yoshi Tsutsugo
85TB-48Austin Meadows
ASJ-BSBlake Snell
ASSC-BLBrandon Lowe
BCA-BMBrendan McKayRC
BP-BMBrendan McKayRC
BSA-BOBrian O’GradyRC
BSA-CMCharlie Morton
CPC-8Michael BrosseauRC
CPC-18Yoshi Tsutsugo
MLA-BMBrendan McKayRC
OTN-AMAustin Meadows
OTN-BLBrandon Lowe
OTN-BSBlake Snell
OTN-CAChris Archer
OTN-NLNate Lowe
P-3Wander Franco
PA-WFWander Franco
RAP-AMAustin Meadows
TBC-BMBrendan McKayRC
TR-24Yoshi Tsutsugo
TRC-24Yoshi Tsutsugo
U-13Jose Martinez
U-60Brendan McKayRC Debut
U-65Yoshi TsutsugoRC
U-77Jalen Beeks
U-175Diego Castillo
U-189Johnny DavisRC
U-198Hunter Renfroe
U-208Randy ArozarenaRC

Red Sox

85A-RDRafael Devers
85CA-ABAndrew Benintendi
85CA-RCRoger Clemens
ASJ-CHSChris Sale
ASJ-DODavid Ortiz
ASJ-JMJ.D. Martinez
ASJ-MBMookie Betts
ASJ-MBEMookie Betts
ASJ-MOBMookie Betts
ASJ-SALChris Sale
ASJ-XBXander Bogaerts
ASJA-CSChris Sale
ASJA-DODavid Ortiz
ASSA-CSChris Sale
ASSA-DODavid Ortiz
ASSA-XBXander Bogaerts
ASSC-CSAChris Sale
ASSC-DODavid Ortiz
ASSC-MBMookie Betts
ASSC-MBEMookie Betts
ASSC-XBXander Bogaerts
ASSC-XBOXander Bogaerts
ASST-PCODavid Ortiz
BCA-RDRafael Devers
BP-RDRafael Devers
BSA-EREduardo Rodriguez
BSDA-ODRafael Devers
BSDA-ODDavid Ortiz
CPC-25Roger Clemens
CPC-26Andrew Benintendi
DB-14Carl Yastrzemski
DB-25Boston Red Sox®
DB-37Roger Clemens
DB-41Roger Clemens
DB-44Pedro Martinez
DB-51Boston Red Sox®
DB-68David Ortiz
DB-75Mookie Betts
DBA-CYCarl Yastrzemski
DBA-DODavid Ortiz
DBA-PMPedro Martinez
DBA-RCLRoger Clemens
DBA-ROCRoger Clemens
MLA-RDRafael Devers
MLA-XBXander Bogaerts
MLM-DODavid Ortiz
MLM-RDRafael Devers
NG-14Ted Williams
OTN-CSAChris Sale
OTN-DODavid Ortiz
OTN-DPDustin Pedroia
OTN-JBJackie Bradley Jr.
OTN-MBMookie Betts
OTN-RDRafael Devers
OTN-XBXander Bogaerts
P-10Bobby Dalbec
PA-BDBobby Dalbec
TBC-RDRafael Devers
TR-46Wade Boggs
TRAP-RDRafael Devers
TRC-46Wade Boggs
U-25Josh TaylorRC
U-33Alex Verdugo
U-39Kevin Plawecki
U-47Jose Peraza
U-62David OrtizHR Derby
U-75Pedro MartinezAS
U-89Brian Johnson
U-124David OrtizAS
U-127Ryan Weber
U-181Mitch Moreland
U-268Mookie BettsAS
U-271Kevin Pillar
U-287Chris SaleAS
U-295Chris SaleActive Leaders


85A-SGSonny Gray
85CA-NCNick Castellanos
85CA-SAShogo Akiyama
85CA-SGSonny Gray
85TB-4Shogo Akiyama
85TB-16Frank Robinson
85TB-17Joe Morgan
ASJ-ESEugenio Suarez
ASJ-JVJoey Votto
ASJ-SGRSonny Gray
ASSA-JVJoey Votto
ASSA-JVOJoey Votto
ASSC-JVJoey Votto
ASSC-JVOJoey Votto
BCA-AAAristides AquinoRC
BCA-JVOJoey Votto
BP-AAAristides AquinoRC
BP-JVJoey Votto
BSA-MMMike Moustakas
BSA-NCNick Castellanos
BSA-SAShogo AkiyamaRC
CPC-10Sonny Gray
CPC-12Nick Castellanos
CPC-20Shogo Akiyama
DB-21Cincinnati Reds®
DB-73Joey Votto
DBA-JVJoey Votto
MLA-NCNick Castellanos
MLA-SGSonny Gray
MLM-AAAristides AquinoRC
MLM-JVOJoey Votto
MLM-SGSonny Gray
NG-24Johnny Bench
NGA-JBEJohnny Bench
OTN-AAAristides Aquino
OTN-JCJohnny Cueto
OTN-MLMichael Lorenzen
OTN-NSNick Senzel
OTN-RIRaisel Iglesias
OTN-TFRTodd Frazier
P-5Tyler Stephenson
TBC-AAAristides AquinoRC
TBC-JOVJoey Votto
TR-14Shogo Akiyama
TR-15Ken Griffey Jr.
TR-26Nick Castellanos
TR-31Johnny Bench
TR-39Trevor Bauer
TRC-14Shogo Akiyama
TRC-15Ken Griffey Jr.
TRC-26Nick Castellanos
TRC-31Johnny Bench
TRC-39Trevor Bauer
U-6Mike Moustakas
U-29Aristides AquinoRC Debut
U-31Curt Casali
U-35Kyle Farmer
U-43Alex Blandino
U-51Matt Davidson
U-109Pedro Strop
U-153Robert Stephenson
U-204Eric DavisHR Derby
U-215Joey VottoActive Leaders
U-258Todd FrazierHR Derby
U-272Joey VottoAS
U-281Joel KuhnelRC


85A-YDYonathan DazaRC
85CA-YDYonathan DazaRC
ASJ-CBCharlie Blackmon
ASJ-CBLCharlie Blackmon
ASJ-NANolan Arenado
ASJ-NARNolan Arenado
ASJ-TSTrevor Story
ASJA-NANolan Arenado
ASSA-NANolan Arenado
ASSC-CBCharlie Blackmon
ASSC-NANolan Arenado
ASSC-NARNolan Arenado
ASSC-NOANolan Arenado
ASSC-TSTrevor Story
BCA-NANolan Arenado
BP-NANolan Arenado
BP-TSTrevor Story
BSA-RMRyan McMahon
BSA-YDYonathan DazaRC
CPC-47Yonathan DazaRC
DB-69Todd Helton
DB-78Nolan Arenado
DBA-NANolan Arenado
DBA-THTodd Helton
MLM-NANolan Arenado
OTN-TSTTrevor Story
P-11Colton Welker
PA-CWColton Welker
TBC-NANolan Arenado
TR-47Larry Walker
TRC-47Larry Walker
U-11Chris Owings
U-16Phillip DiehlRC
U-17Josh Fuentes
U-40Antonio Senzatela
U-50Nolan ArenadoAS
U-72Drew Butera
U-151Jairo Diaz
U-179Jeff Hoffman
U-253Peter Lambert
U-297Jesus TinocoRC


85A-RMRyan McBroomRC
85BA-HDHunter Dozier
85BA-JSJorge Soler
85CA-JSJosh StaumontRC
ASJ-SPSalvador Perez
ASSC-SPSalvador Perez
BP-WMWhit Merrifield
CPC-17Josh StaumontRC
DB-29Kansas City Royals®
DB-47David Cone
DBA-DCDavid Cone
MLA-JSOJorge Soler
MLM-JSJorge Soler
OTN-HDHunter Dozier
OTN-ROHRyan O’Hearn
OTN-SPSalvador Perez
OTN-WMWhit Merrifield
P-17Brady Singer
PA-BSBrady Singer
RAP-JSOJorge Soler
TBC-WMWhit Merrifield
U-58Erick MejiaRC
U-101Nick DiniRC
U-105Jake NewberryRC
U-106Meibrys Viloria
U-207Jorge Lopez
U-210Gabe SpeierRC
U-222Scott Barlow
U-233Mike Montgomery
U-246Greg Holland


85A-MCAMiguel Cabrera
85A-TATyler AlexanderRC
85CA-WCAWilli CastroRC
ASJA-MCMiguel Cabrera
ASSA-MCMiguel Cabrera
ASSC-MCMiguel Cabrera
ASST-PCOMiguel Cabrera
BSA-DADario AgrazalRC
CPC-5Travis Demeritte
CPC-24Willi CastroRC
CS-HGHank Greenberg
DB-8Jim Bunning
DB-10Hal Newhouser
DB-63Miguel Cabrera
DB-76Miguel Cabrera
DBA-MCMiguel Cabrera
DBA-PGMiguel Cabrera
MLM-MCMiguel Cabrera
P-18Casey Mize
PA-CMCasey Mize
U-24Buck Farmer
U-55Miguel CabreraAS
U-67Michael Fulmer
U-78Joe Jimenez
U-104Grayson Greiner
U-117Cameron Maybin
U-118Frank SchwindelRC
U-135Brandon Dixon
U-136David McKay
U-180C.J. Cron
U-184Miguel CabreraActive Leaders
U-193Miguel CabreraActive Leaders
U-231Jordy Mercer
U-248Miguel CabreraActive Leaders
U-263Miguel CabreraActive Leaders
U-265Dario AgrazalRC


85A-JMJoe Mauer
85A-MAMax Kepler
85A-RDORandy DobnakRC
85TB-2Josh Donaldson
ASJ-JBJose Berrios
ASJ-MSAMiguel Sano
ASSA-JBEJose Berrios
ASSC-JBJose Berrios
ASSC-MSAMiguel Sano
BP-MKMax Kepler
BSA-KMAKenta Maeda
BSA-LWLaMonte Wade Jr.RC
CPC-34Josh Donaldson
DB-11Rod Carew
MLM-MKMax Kepler
OTN-JBEJose Berrios
OTN-JMJoe Mauer
OTN-MKMax Kepler
OTN-MSAMiguel Sano
P-19Alex Kirilloff
RAP-JMAJoe Mauer
TBC-JODJosh Donaldson
TR-44Byron Buxton
TRC-44Byron Buxton
U-22Cody StashakRC
U-44Jorge AlcalaRC
U-54Alex Avila
U-79Sean PoppenRC
U-111Rich Hill
U-126Jhoulys Chacin
U-205Kenta Maeda

White Sox

85A-LRLuis RobertRC
85CA-LRLuis RobertRC
85TB-14Luis RobertRC
85TB-15Yoan Moncada
ASJ-CSChris Sale
ASJ-CSAChris Sale
ASJ-JAJose Abreu
ASSC-CHSChris Sale
ASSC-SALChris Sale
BCA-LRLuis RobertRC
BP-EJEloy Jimenez
BP-LRLuis RobertRC
BSA-LRLuis RobertRC
BSA-YGYasmani Grandal
BSDA-ARLuis RobertRC
CPC-9Luis RobertRC
DB-57Chicago White Sox®
MLA-LGLucas GioliTo
MLA-LRLuis RobertRC
MLM-LGLucas Giolito
P-24Nick Madrigal
PA-NMNick Madrigal
TBC-EJEloy Jimenez
TBC-LRLuis RobertRC
TR-12Carlton Fisk
TR-27Luis RobertRC
TR-33Yasmani Grandal
TRAP-LRLuis RobertRC
TRC-12Carlton Fisk
TRC-27Luis RobertRC
TRC-33Yasmani Grandal
U-2Adam Engel
U-12Aaron Bummer
U-19Yasmani Grandal
U-23Cheslor Cuthbert
U-76Edwin EncarnacionActive Leaders
U-173Edwin Encarnacion
U-183Steve Cishek


20CA-00Derek Jeter
20CA-01Derek Jeter
20CA-02Derek Jeter
20CA-03Derek Jeter
20CA-04Derek Jeter
20CA-05Derek Jeter
20CA-06Derek Jeter
20CA-07Derek Jeter
20CA-08Derek Jeter
20CA-09Derek Jeter
20CA-10Derek Jeter
20CA-11Derek Jeter
20CA-12Derek Jeter
20CA-13Derek Jeter
20CA-14Derek Jeter
20CA-95Derek Jeter
20CA-96Derek Jeter
20CA-97Derek Jeter
20CA-98Derek Jeter
20CA-99Derek Jeter
20CPA-00Derek Jeter
20CPA-01Derek Jeter
20CPA-02Derek Jeter
20CPA-03Derek Jeter
20CPA-04Derek Jeter
20CPA-05Derek Jeter
20CPA-06Derek Jeter
20CPA-07Derek Jeter
20CPA-08Derek Jeter
20CPA-09Derek Jeter
20CPA-10Derek Jeter
20CPA-11Derek Jeter
20CPA-12Derek Jeter
20CPA-13Derek Jeter
20CPA-14Derek Jeter
20CPA-95Derek Jeter
20CPA-96Derek Jeter
20CPA-97Derek Jeter
20CPA-98Derek Jeter
20CPA-99Derek Jeter
20YCC-00Derek Jeter
20YCC-01Derek Jeter
20YCC-02Derek Jeter
20YCC-03Derek Jeter
20YCC-04Derek Jeter
20YCC-05Derek Jeter
20YCC-06Derek Jeter
20YCC-07Derek Jeter
20YCC-08Derek Jeter
20YCC-09Derek Jeter
20YCC-10Derek Jeter
20YCC-11Derek Jeter
20YCC-12Derek Jeter
20YCC-13Derek Jeter
20YCC-14Derek Jeter
20YCC-95Derek Jeter
20YCC-96Derek Jeter
20YCC-97Derek Jeter
20YCC-98Derek Jeter
20YCC-99Derek Jeter
85A-DJDerek Jeter
85BA-AOAdam Ottavino
85BA-GUGio Urshela
85CA-DJDerek Jeter
85CA-GCGerrit Cole
85CA-MRMariano Rivera
85TB-1Derek Jeter
85TB-29Aaron Judge
85TB-30Thurman Munson
ASDA-ATGleyber Torres
ASDA-RJDerek Jeter
ASDA-RJMariano Rivera
ASJ-ACAroldis Chapman
ASJ-CCSCC Sabathia
ASJ-GSAGary Sanchez
ASJ-GTGleyber Torres
ASJ-GTOGleyber Torres
ASJ-LSLuis Severino
ASJ-LSELuis Severino
ASJ-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
ASJA-AJAaron Judge
ASJA-DJDerek Jeter
ASJA-GTGleyber Torres
ASSA-AJAaron Judge
ASSA-DJDerek Jeter
ASSA-GTGleyber Torres
ASSA-MRMariano Rivera
ASSC-AJAaron Judge
ASSC-AJUAaron Judge
ASSC-BGBrett Gardner
ASSC-GSAGary Sanchez
ASSC-LSLuis Severino
ASSC-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
ASSD-JJDerek Jeter
ASSD-JJAaron Judge
ASSD-JSAaron Judge
ASST-TJAAaron Judge
BCA-AJAaron Judge
BCA-GCGerrit Cole
BCA-GTGleyber Torres
BP-AJAaron Judge
BP-GSGiancarlo Stanton
BP-GTGleyber Torres
BSA-GCGerrit Cole
BSDA-MJAaron Judge
BSDA-MJDon Mattingly
CPC-2Derek Jeter
CPC-3Mariano Rivera
CPC-22Gerrit Cole
CS-JDJoe DiMaggio
CS-JMJohnny Mize
DB-1Whitey Ford
DB-26New York Yankees®
DB-38Don Mattingly
DB-49Andy Pettitte
DB-50Mariano Rivera
DB-52New York Yankees®
DB-65Alex Rodriguez
DBA-APAndy Pettitte
DBA-ARAlex Rodriguez
DBA-DMADon Matingly
DBA-MRMariano Rivera
JFP-ASAlfonso Soriano
JFP-CSCC Sabathia
JFP-DJ1Derek Jeter
JFP-DJ2Derek Jeter
JFP-DJ3Derek Jeter
JFP-DJ4Derek Jeter
JFP-JGJoe Girardi
JFP-MTMark Teixeira
JFP-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
JFPA-ASAlfonso Soriano
JFPA-CSCC Sabathia
JFPA-DJ1Derek Jeter
JFPA-DJ2Derek Jeter
JFPA-DJ3Derek Jeter
JFPA-DJ4Derek Jeter
JFPA-MTMark Teixeira
JFPA-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
MLA-AJAaron Judge
MLA-GTGleyber Torres
MLM-CSCC Sabathia
MLM-GTGleyber Torres
NG-13Mariano Rivera
NG-22Derek Jeter
NGA-DJDerek Jeter
NGA-MRMariano Rivera
P-30Clarke Schmidt
PA-CSClarke Schmidt
RAP-GUGio Urshela
TBC-AJAaron Judge
TBC-GCGerrit Cole
TBC-GTGleyber Torres
TR-1CC Sabathia
TR-16Thurman Munson
TR-22Gerrit Cole
TR-28Andy Pettitte
TR-49Derek Jeter
TRAP-MAMiguel Andujar
TRC-1CC Sabathia
TRC-16Thurman Munson
TRC-22Gerrit Cole
TRC-28Andy Pettitte
TRC-49Derek Jeter
U-15Aaron JudgeAS
U-36Robinson CanoHR Derby
U-52Kyle Higashioka
U-122Tino MartinezHR Derby
U-133Chris Iannetta
U-134Gleyber TorresAS
U-154Mariano RiveraAS
U-172Tyler Wade
U-188Luis Severino
U-249Aroldis ChapmanActive Leaders
U-257Derek JeterAS
U-264Aaron JudgeHR Derby
U-274Jordan Montgomery
U-288Giancarlo StantonActive Leaders
U-293Mike KingRC
YOC-00Derek Jeter
YOC-01Derek Jeter
YOC-02Derek Jeter
YOC-03Derek Jeter
YOC-04Derek Jeter
YOC-05Derek Jeter
YOC-06Derek Jeter
YOC-07Derek Jeter
YOC-08Derek Jeter
YOC-09Derek Jeter
YOC-10Derek Jeter
YOC-11Derek Jeter
YOC-12Derek Jeter
YOC-13Derek Jeter
YOC-14Derek Jeter
YOC-95Derek Jeter
YOC-96Derek Jeter
YOC-97Derek Jeter
YOC-98Derek Jeter
YOC-99Derek Jeter