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2020 Topps Series 2 Baseball Checklist

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2020 Topps Series 2 baseball trading cards features a mix of autographs and relics.

The set, a continuation of Topps Series 1 Baseball, offers many of the same inserts, parallels, and retail exclusives. Also included are an additional 25 “special tickets” to Topps Celebration of the Decades experience.

2020 Topps Baseball Series 2 brings new inserts including WARriors of the Diamond which highlights leader in WAR and dWAR, and Topps Player of the Decade: Mike Trout. Additionally, Hobby exclusive insert sets are Topps 2030, Decades’ Best Chrome, Jumbo Special Event Jersey Sleeve Patch relics, Draft Day Medallions. Lastly, 2020 Topps Baseball Coin Commemorative relics is a retail relic box exclusive.

Unannounced retail exclusive subsets include Empire State Awards Winners (Walmart), and Fernando Tatis Jr. Highlights (Target). Also found outside hobby boxes are Turkey Red 2020 and Turkey Red 2020 Chrome Variation cards.

Hobby boxes include one autograph or relic per box. Each Hobby Jumbo box contains one autograph and two relics. The release continues the Topps Silver Pack program with one pack inserted into every Hobby box and two in every Jumbo box. Numbered autographs and parallels are randomly inserted into packs.

Release Date: June 24, 2020

This checklist is separated by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Topps Series 2 Baseball Checklist

Base – 350 Cards
Rainbow Foil – 1:10 packs
Gold Foil – 1:2 packs (Jumbo)
Gold – #/2020
Vintage Stock – #/99
Independence Day – #/76
Black – #/69 (Hobby/Jumbo)
Mother’s Day Hot Pink – #/50
Father’s Day Powder Blue – #/50
Memorial Day Camo – #/25
Clear – #/10 (Hobby)
Platinum – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

1985 Topps Baseball (85TB) – 50 Cards
Base – Overall 1:4 packs
Blue – Limited
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

1985 Topps Baseball All-Stars (85AS) – 50 Cards
Base – Overall 1:4 packs
Blue – Limited
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

1985 Topps Baseball Chrome (85TC) – 50 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo Silver Pack)

1985 Topps Baseball Chrome Autos (85CA) – 32 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo Silver Pack)

1985 Topps Baseball All-Stars Autographs (85ASA) – 46 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)

1985 Topps Baseball All-Stars Relics (85ASR) – 50 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)

1985 Topps Baseball Autographs (85BA) – 51 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)

1985 Topps Baseball Relics (85TR) – 49 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)

2020 Topps Baseball Commemorative Coins – (Retail)
Black – #/99
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

2020 Topps Baseball Commemorative Coin Autos – (Retail)
Base – #/10

Baseball Stars Autographs (BSA) – 53 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

Baseball Stars Dual Autographs (BSDA) – 24 Cards
Base – #/5 or less

Best of Topps NOW (BTN) – 10 Cards

Cut Signatures (CS) – 47 Cards
Base – 1/1

Decades’ Best (DB) – 100 Cards
Blue – Limited
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

Decades’ Best Autographs (DBA) – 30 Cards
Base – #/25 or less

Decades’ Best Chrome (DBC) – 100 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)
Base – 2 per pack as box loader

Draft Day Commemorative Medallions (DDM) – 50 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)
Black – #/50
Gold – #/25
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

Draft Day Commemorative Medallion Autos (DDMA) – 37 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)
Base – #/10 or less

Empire State Awards Winners (ESAW) – 30 Cards (Walmart)

Empire State Awards Winners Autos (ESAWA) – 30 Cards (Walmart)

Fernando Tatis Jr. Highlights (FTH) – 30 Cards (Target)

Fernando Tatis Jr. Highlights Autos (FTJHA) – 30 Cards (Target)

Home Run Challenge (HRC) – 30 Cards

In the Name Relics (ITNR) – 50 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)
Base – 1/1

Jumbo Jersey Sleeve Commemorative Team Patch (JSES) – 50 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)
Black – #/50
Gold – #/25
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

Jumbo Jersey Sleeve Commemorative Team Patch Autos (JSEAR) 36 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)
Base – #/10 or less

Major League Material Autographs (MJMA) – 42 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Red – #/25 or less
Platinum – 1/1

Major League Material Relics (MLM) – 40 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)

Significant Statistics (SS) – 25 Cards
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

Significant Statistics Autographs (SSA) – 16 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Red – #/25 or less
Platinum – 1/1

Significant Statistics Relic Autographs (SSAR) – 13 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Red – #/25 or less
Platinum – 1/1

Significant Statistics Relics (SSR) – 20 Cards
Base – #/99 or less
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

Turkey Red 2020 (TR) – 100 Cards (Retail)

Chrome Turkey Red 2020 (TRC) – 100 Cards (Retail)

Topps 2030 (T2030) – 20 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)
Base – 1:6 Hobby packs; 1 per Jumbo box

Topps Player of the Decade: Mike Trout (MT) – 25 Cards
Blue – Limited
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

Topps Player of the Decade: Mike Trout Autos (TMTA) – 25 Cards
Base – #/25 or less

Topps Player Medallions (TPM) – 50 Cards (Relic Box)

Topps Player Medallion Autos (TPMA) – 30 Cards (Relic Box)

Topps Reverence Patch Autos (RAP/TRAP) – 32 Cards (Hobby/Jumbo)

WARriors of the Diamond (WOD) – 50 Cards
Blue – Limited
Black – #/299
Gold – #/50
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

WARriors of the Diamond Autos (WARA) 17 Cards
Base – #/25 or less

Sketches (Hobby/Jumbo)
Base – 1/1


85A-GCAGriffin Canning
85A-MTHMatt Thaiss
85AS-1Mike Trout
85ASA-MTMike Trout
85ASR-APAlbert Pujols
85ASR-MTRMike Trout
85TB-1Anthony Rendon
85TR-MTMike Trout
85TR-SOShohei Ohtani
360Luis Rengifo
391Justin Upton
391Justin UptonClear
423Andrelton Simmons
428Jaime Barria
447Griffin Canning
447Griffin CanningClear
484Brian Goodwin
497Albert Pujols
497Albert PujolsClear
503Dylan Bundy
678Jose RodriguezRC
678Jose RodriguezRCClear
BSA-DFDavid Fletcher
BSDA-IOShohei Ohtani
BSDA-OTShohei Ohtani
BTN-5Mike Trout
BTN-7Anthony Rendon
DDM-AREAnthony Rendon
DDM-MTMike Trout
DDMA-MTMike Trout
HRC-24Mike Trout
ITNR-MTMike Trout
JSEAR-MTMike Trout
JSES-MTMike Trout
MJMA-MTMike Trout
MLM-MTRMike Trout
MLM-SOShohei Ohtani
MT-1Mike Trout
MT-2Mike Trout
MT-3Mike Trout
MT-4Mike Trout
MT-5Mike Trout
MT-6Mike Trout
MT-7Mike Trout
MT-8Mike Trout
MT-9Mike Trout
MT-10Mike Trout
MT-11Mike Trout
MT-12Mike Trout
MT-13Mike Trout
MT-14Mike Trout
MT-15Mike Trout
MT-16Mike Trout
MT-17Mike Trout
MT-18Mike Trout
MT-19Mike Trout
MT-20Mike Trout
MT-21Mike Trout
MT-22Mike Trout
MT-23Mike Trout
MT-24Mike Trout
MT-25Mike Trout
RAP-MTMike Trout
SS-3Mike Trout
SS-4Mike Trout
SS-5Mike Trout
SS-12Mike Trout
SS-15Mike Trout
SSA-MTMike Trout
SSA-MT2Mike Trout
SSA-MT3Mike Trout
SSA-MT4Mike Trout
SSA-MT5Mike Trout
SSAR-MTMike Trout
SSAR-MT2Mike Trout
SSR-MTMike Trout
SSR-MT2Mike Trout
SSR-MT3Mike Trout
SSR-MT4Mike Trout
SSR-MT5Mike Trout
T2030-1Mike Trout
T2030-20Shohei Ohtani
TPM-ARAnthony Rendon
TPM-MTMike Trout
TPM-SOShohei Ohtani
TR-10Matt ThaissRC
TRC-10Matt ThaissRC
WARA-MTMike Trout
WOD-16Albert Pujols
WOD-19Mike Trout


85A-JUJose Urquidy
85A-KTKyle Tucker
85AS-25Jose Altuve
85AS-37George Springer
85ASA-GSGeorge Springer
85ASA-JALJose Altuve
85ASR-ABAlex Bregman
85ASR-GSGeorge Springer
85ASR-JAJose Altuve
85ASR-NRNolan Ryan
85CA-ATAbraham ToroRC
85CA-JUJose UrquidyRC
85TB-19Carlos Correa
85TC-17Alex Bregman
85TC-18Justin Verlander
85TC-19Abraham ToroRC
85TC-20Jose UrquidyRC
85TR-JAJose Altuve
85TR-JVEJustin Verlander
85TR-YAYordan AlvarezRC
421Garrett StubbsRC
421Garrett StubbsRCClear
473Lance McCullers Jr.
485Jack MayfieldRC
485Jack MayfieldRCClear
512Josh James
513Michael Brantley
585Kyle Tucker
585Kyle TuckerClear
602Jose Altuve
602Jose AltuveClear
606Martin Maldonado
659Aledmys Diaz
686Josh Reddick
BSA-BABryan AbreuRC
BSA-RARogelio ArmenterosRC
BSA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
BSDA-JYAJose Altuve
BSDA-JYAYordan Alvarez
BTN-4Justin Verlander
BTN-6Yordan AlvarezRC
DB-65Nolan Ryan
DB-71Houston Astros
DB-91Justin Verlander
DB-97Zack Greinke
DBC-65Nolan Ryan
DBC-71Houston Astros
DBC-91Justin Verlander
DBC-97Zack Greinke
DDM-ABAlex Bregman
DDM-CCCarlos Correa
DDM-GSAGeorge Springer
DDMA-ABAlex Bregman
DDMA-GSPGeorge Springer
HRC-14George Springer
HRC-26Alex Bregman
HRC-27Yordan Alvarez
ITNR-ABAlex Bregman
ITNR-GSGeorge Springer
JSEAR-GSGeorge Springer
JSEAR-JAJose Altuve
JSES-CCCarlos Correa
JSES-GSGeorge Springer
JSES-JAJose Altuve
MJMA-LMLance McCullers Jr.
MLM-ABAlex Bregman
MLM-JVJustin Verlander
RAP-YAYordan AlvarezRC
T2030-15Alex Bregman
TPM-ABAlex Bregman
TPM-JAJose Altuve
TPM-JVJustin Verlander
TPM-YAYordan AlvarezRC
TPMA-ABAlex Bregman
TPMA-JAJose Altuve
TPMA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
TR-40Nolan Ryan
TR-41Jeff Bagwell
TRAP-ABEAlex Bregman
TRC-40Nolan Ryan
TRC-41Jeff Bagwell
WOD-26Justin Verlander


85A-JLJesus LuzardoAthletics
85AS-5Reggie JacksonAthletics
85AS-6Rickey HendersonAthletics
85AS-8Mark McGwireAthletics
85ASA-MMMark McGwireAthletics
85ASA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
85ASR-MMMark McGwireAthletics
85ASR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
85CA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
85CA-SNSheldon NeuseAthleticsRC
85TB-31Matt OlsonAthletics
85TB-33Marcus SemienAthletics
85TB-44Jose CansecoAthletics
85TC-29A.J. PukAthleticsRC
85TC-30Sheldon NeuseAthleticsRC
85TC-31Matt ChapmanAthletics
85TC-32Rickey HendersonAthletics
85TR-MOMatt OlsonAthletics
85TR-MSMarcus SemienAthletics
356Franklin BarretoAthletics
366Marcus SemienAthletics
366Marcus SemienAthleticsClear
462Tony KempAthletics
463Frankie MontasAthletics
474Mark CanhaAthletics
527Khris DavisAthletics
527Khris DavisAthleticsClear
558Sean ManaeaAthletics
560Chad PinderAthletics
578Chris BassittAthletics
587Lou TrivinoAthletics
593Stephen PiscottyAthletics
699Sheldon NeuseAthleticsRC
699Sheldon NeuseAthleticsRCClear
BSA-DMDaniel MengdenAthletics
BSA-MMCMark McGwireAthletics
BSA-SBSeth BrownAthleticsRC
BSA-SMSean MurphyAthleticsRC
BSA-SNSheldon NeuseAthleticsRC
BSDA-MCMark McGwireAthletics
BSDA-ZLJesus LuzardoAthletics
BSDA-ZLBarry ZitoAthletics
CS-CMConnie MackAthletics
CS-JHJim “Catfish” HunterAthletics
CS-LGLefty GroveAthletics
DB-40Catfish HunterAthletics
DB-46Reggie JacksonAthletics
DB-52Oakland AthleticsAthletics
DB-70Dennis EckersleyAthletics
DB-89Barry ZitoAthletics
DBA-BZBarry ZitoAthletics
DBA-DEDennis EckersleyAthletics
DBC-40Catfish HunterAthletics
DBC-46Reggie JacksonAthletics
DBC-52Oakland AthleticsAthletics
DBC-70Dennis EckersleyAthletics
DBC-89Barry ZitoAthletics
DDM-MCHMatt ChapmanAthletics
DDMA-MCHMatt ChapmanAthletics
ITNR-MOMatt OlsonAthletics
JSEAR-MCMatt ChapmanAthletics
JSEAR-MOMatt OlsonAthletics
JSES-MCMatt ChapmanAthletics
JSES-MOMatt OlsonAthletics
JSES-MSMarcus SemienAthletics
MJMA-BZBarry ZitoAthletics
MJMA-SMSean MurphyAthleticsRC
MLM-MOMatt OlsonAthletics
MLM-MSEMarcus SemienAthletics
TPM-JLJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
TPM-MCMatt ChapmanAthletics
TPMA-JLJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
TPMA-MCMatt ChapmanAthletics
TR-61Rickey HendersonAthletics
TR-62Mark McGwireAthletics
TR-63Seth BrownAthleticsRC
TR-64Sheldon NeuseAthleticsRC
TRAP-JLJesus LuzardoAthletics
TRC-61Rickey HendersonAthletics
TRC-62Mark McGwireAthletics
TRC-63Seth BrownAthleticsRC
TRC-64Sheldon NeuseAthleticsRC
WARA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
WOD-7Rickey HendersonAthletics

Blue Jays

85A-DJDanny Jansen
85A-LGLourdes Gurriel Jr.
85A-TJZT.J. Zeuch
85CA-AKAnthony KayRC
85CA-SYShun YamaguchiRC
85TB-48Roberto Alomar
85TC-27Shun YamaguchiRC
85TC-47Anthony KayRC
85TR-BBBo BichetteRC
85TR-LGLourdes Gurriel Jr.
352Tanner Roark
400Hyun-Jin Ryu
400Hyun-Jin RyuClear
407T.J. ZeuchRC
407T.J. ZeuchRCClear
449Shun YamaguchiRC
449Shun YamaguchiRCClear
505Billy McKinney
536Elvis Luciano
563Danny Jansen
604Derek Fisher
608Sam Gaviglio
629Blue Jays
642Ryan Borucki
644Teoscar Hernandez
BSA-SYShun YamaguchiRC
BSA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
BSDA-AGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
DB-76Toronto Blue Jays
DBC-76Toronto Blue Jays
DDM-BBIBo BichetteRC
HRC-13Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
ITNR-CBCavan Biggio
ITNR-LGLourdes Gurriel Jr.
ITNR-RTRowdy Tellez
MJMA-BBBo BichetteRC
MJMA-CBCavan Biggio
MJMA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
MLM-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
RAP-BBBo BichetteRC
SS-1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SSA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
SSAR-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
SSR-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
T2030-8Bo BichetteRC
T2030-18Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
TPM-BBBo BichetteRC
TPM-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
TPMA-BBBo BichetteRC
TPMA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
TR-44Hyun-Jin Ryu
TR-90Roberto Alomar
TR-91Anthony KayRC
TR-92T.J. ZeuchRC
TR-93Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
TRC-44Hyun-Jin Ryu
TRC-90Roberto Alomar
TRC-91Anthony KayRC
TRC-92T.J. ZeuchRC
TRC-93Lourdes Gurriel Jr.


85A-AJOAndruw Jones
85A-CJChipper Jones
85A-DMUDale Murphy
85A-TTOTouki Toussaint
85AS-15Tom Glavine
85AS-28Dale Murphy
85AS-33Ozzie Albies
85AS-39Ronald Acuña Jr.
85ASA-DMUDale Murphy
85ASA-MSOMike Soroka
85ASA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
85ASR-CJChipper Jones
85ASR-DMUDale Murphy
85ASR-RARonald Acuña Jr.
85CA-CJChipper Jones
85TB-3Freddie Freeman
85TB-4Austin Riley
85TC-3Chipper Jones
85TC-4Ozzie Albies
85TR-OAOzzie Albies
85TR-RARonald Acuña Jr.
355Max Fried
355Max FriedClear
411Mark Melancon
422Will Smith
425Mike Foltynewicz
436Travis d’Arnaud
443Johan Camargo
480Ozzie Albies
480Ozzie AlbiesClear
482Adam Duvall
521Felix Hernandez
521Felix HernandezClear
529Ender Inciarte
537Marcell Ozuna
538Walk-off Winner
549Freddie Freeman
549Freddie FreemanClear
610Cole Hamels
635Sean Newcomb
BSA-JSMJohn Smoltz
BSDA-AGRonald Acuña Jr.
BSDA-MJDale Murphy
BSDA-MJChipper Jones
CS-EMEddie Mathews
CS-WSPWarren Spahn
DB-8Milwaukee Braves
DB-16Warren Spahn
DB-19Phil Niekro
DB-21Hank Aaron
DB-50Hank Aaron
DB-74Atlanta Braves
DBC-8Milwaukee Braves
DBC-16Warren Spahn
DBC-19Phil Niekro
DBC-21Hank Aaron
DBC-50Hank Aaron
DBC-74Atlanta Braves
DDM-DSDansby Swanson
DDM-FFFreddie Freeman
DDM-MSOMike Soroka
DDMA-DSDansby Swanson
DDMA-FFFreddie Freeman
DDMA-MSOMike Soroka
HRC-2Ronald Acuña Jr.
HRC-4Freddie Freeman
ITNR-DSDansby Swanson
ITNR-FFFreddie Freeman
ITNR-OAOzzie Albies
JSEAR-FFFreddie Freeman
JSES-FFFreddie Freeman
MJMA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
T2030-7Ronald Acuña Jr.
TPM-FFFreddie Freeman
TPM-RARonald Acuña Jr.
TPMA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
TR-14Chipper Jones
TR-15Hank Aaron
TRAP-RACRonald Acuña Jr.
TRC-14Chipper Jones
TRC-15Hank Aaron
WARA-TGTom Glavine
WOD-3Hank Aaron
WOD-18Warren Spahn
WOD-30Tom Glavine
WOD-33Chipper Jones
WOD-46Eddie Mathews


85A-CYChristian Yelich
85A-TGTrent Grisham
85AS-19Christian Yelich
85AS-22Robin Yount
85ASA-CYEChristian Yelich
85ASA-RYORobin Yount
85ASR-CYChristian Yelich
85ASR-PMPaul Molitor
85CA-RYRobin Yount
85TB-23Lorenzo Cain
85TC-25Robin Yount
85TR-CYChristian Yelich
85TR-LCLorenzo Cain
399Adrian Houser
410Luis Urias
410Luis UriasClear
471Lorenzo Cain
471Lorenzo CainClear
477Brent Suter
520Justin Smoak
535Avisail Garcia
539Tyrone TaylorRC
539Tyrone TaylorRCClear
559Josh Hader
559Josh HaderClear
570Manny Pina
571Keston HiuraRC Cup
589Eric Lauer
611Roll Out The Barrel
682Ronny Rodriguez
697Eric Sogard
BSA-CYChristian Yelich
BSA-FPFreddy Peralta
DB-67Rollie Fingers
DBA-RFRollie Fingers
DBC-67Rollie Fingers
DDM-CYChristian Yelich
DDMA-CYChristian Yelich
HRC-23Christian Yelich
ITNR-JHJosh Hader
ITNR-KHKeston Hiura
MLM-CYChristian Yelich
MLM-KHKeston Hiura
SS-14Christian Yelich
SS-16Josh Hader
SS-22Lorenzo Cain
SSA-CYChristian Yelich
SSA-JHJosh Hader
SSAR-CYChristian Yelich
SSAR-JHJosh Hader
SSR-CYChristian Yelich
SSR-LCLorenzo Cain
T2030-5Christian Yelich
TPM-CYChristian Yelich
TPM-KHKeston Hiura
TPMA-CYChristian Yelich
TR-51Robin Yount
TRAP-CYChristian Yelich
TRC-51Robin Yount
WARA-CYChristian Yelich
WARA-RYRobin Yount
WOD-36Christian Yelich
WOD-48Robin Yount


CS-RFRick Ferrell


369Kolten Wong
369Kolten WongClear
386Dakota Hudson
386Dakota HudsonClear
459Kwang-Hyun KimRC
459Kwang-Hyun KimRCClear
461Harrison Bader
479Dexter Fowler
492Paul DeJong
492Paul DeJongClear
508Carlos Martinez
511Jordan Hicks
615Junior FernandezRC
615Junior FernandezRCClear
676Rangel RaveloRC
676Rangel RaveloRCClear
700Adam Wainwright
85A-DHDakota Hudson
85A-LBLou Brock
85AS-24Ozzie Smith
85AS-26Bob Gibson
85AS-36Paul Goldschmidt
85ASA-BGIBob Gibson
85ASA-OSOzzie Smith
85ASA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
85ASR-OSOzzie Smith
85ASR-YMYadier Molina
85BA-AKNAndrew Knizner
85BA-LTHLane Thomas
85CA-KHKKwang-Hyun KimRC
85TB-43Jack Flaherty
85TC-14Kwang-Hyun KimRC
85TC-42Yadier Molina
85TR-JFJack Flaherty
85TR-PDPaul DeJong
85TR-YMYadier Molina
BSA-JFJunior FernandezRC
BSA-KKKwang-Hyun KimRC
BSA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
BSA-TETommy Edman
BSDA-MGMark McGwire
BSDA-MGPaul Goldschmidt
CS-DDEDizzy Dean
CS-ESEnos Slaughter
CS-FFFrankie Frisch
CS-JMJohnny Mize
CS-RHRogers Hornsby
CS-SMStan Musial
DB-14Bob Gibson
DB-3St. Louis Cardinals
DB-53St. Louis Cardinals
DB-69Bruce Sutter
DB-81Albert Pujols
DB-86Albert Pujols
DBA-BGBob Gibson
DBA-BSBruce Sutter
DBC-14Bob Gibson
DBC-3St. Louis Cardinals
DBC-53St. Louis Cardinals
DBC-69Bruce Sutter
DBC-81Albert Pujols
DBC-86Albert Pujols
DDM-JFJack Flaherty
DDM-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DDMA-JFJack Flaherty
DDMA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
HRC-17Paul Goldschmidt
ITNR-JFJack Flaherty
ITNR-KWKolten Wong
MJMA-MMMiles Mikolas
MLM-JFJack Flaherty
MLM-KWKolten Wong
MLM-PGPaul Goldschmidt
MLM-YMYadier Molina
SS-17Jordan Hicks
SS-20Harrison Bader
SSR-HBHarrison Bader
TPM-PGPaul Goldschmidt
TPM-YMYadier Molina
TPMA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
TR-6Jack Flaherty
TR-82Junior FernandezRC
TR-84Ozzie Smith
TR-85Tommy Edman
TR-97Stan Musial
TRAP-JFJack Flaherty
TRAP-MMMark McGwire
TRAP-YMYadier Molina
TRC-6Jack Flaherty
TRC-82Junior FernandezRC
TRC-84Ozzie Smith
TRC-85Tommy Edman
TRC-97Stan Musial
WARA-BGBob Gibson
WOD-11Stan Musial
WOD-22Bob Gibson


371Victor Caratini
448Ian Happ
455Kris Bryant
455Kris BryantClear
469Rev’d Up
494Rowan Wick
552Yu Darvish
552Yu DarvishClear
573Jason Heyward
665Willson Contreras
665Willson ContrerasClear
698Tyler Chatwood
85A-AAAdbert Alzolay
85A-ARZAnthony Rizzo
85A-KBKris Bryant
85A-MGMark Grace
85AS-12Ryne Sandberg
85AS-16Willson Contreras
85AS-50Kris Bryant
85ASA-KBKris Bryant
85ASA-RSRyne Sandberg
85ASA-WCWillson Contreras
85ASR-JBJavier Baez
85ASR-KBKris Bryant
85ASR-RSRyne Sandberg
85ASR-WCWillson Contreras
85CA-AAAdbert AlzolayRC
85CA-ARAnthony Rizzo
85TB-8Javier Baez
85TC-7Adbert AlzolayRC
85TC-8Anthony Rizzo
85TC-9Javier Baez
85TR-ARAnthony Rizzo
85TR-KSKyle Schwarber
BSA-KBKris Bryant
BSA-NHNico HoernerRC
BSDA-RBAnthony Rizzo
BSDA-RBKris Bryant
BSDA-WPMark Prior
BSDA-WPKerry Wood
BSDA-WRAnthony Rizzo
BSDA-WRKerry Wood
CS-BHBilly Herman
CS-EBErnie Banks
DB-100Jon Lester
DB-18Fergie Jenkins
DBC-100Jon Lester
DBC-18Fergie Jenkins
DDM-ARAnthony Rizzo
DDM-JBJavier Baez
DDM-KBKris Bryant
DDM-KSKyle Schwarber
DDMA-ARIAnthony Rizzo
DDMA-KBKris Bryant
DDMA-KSKyle Schwarber
HRC-7Javier Baez
HRC-8Kris Bryant
HRC-9Anthony Rizzo
ITNR-JLJon Lester
ITNR-KSKyle Schwarber
JSEAR-ARAnthony Rizzo
JSEAR-KBKris Bryant
JSEAR-WCWillson Contreras
JSES-ARAnthony Rizzo
JSES-JBJavier Baez
JSES-JB2Javier Baez
JSES-KBKris Bryant
JSES-WCWillson Contreras
MJMA-KHKyle Hendricks
MJMA-NHNico HoernerRC
MJMA-WCWillson Contreras
MLM-JBJavier Baez
MLM-KBKris Bryant
RAP-NHNico HoernerRC
T2030-19Javier Baez
T2030-9Kris Bryant
TPM-ARZAnthony Rizzo
TPM-JBAJavier Baez
TPM-KBKris Bryant
TPMA-ARZAnthony Rizzo
TR-23Robel GarciaRC
TR-24Adbert AlzolayRC
TR-25Anthony Rizzo
TR-26Ryne Sandberg
TR-27Ernie Banks
TRAP-ARZAnthony Rizzo
TRAP-KBKris Bryant
TRC-23Robel GarciaRC
TRC-24Adbert AlzolayRC
TRC-25Anthony Rizzo
TRC-26Ryne Sandberg
TRC-27Ernie Banks
WOD-34Ernie Banks


354Luke Weaver
359Domingo LeybaRC
359Domingo LeybaRCClear
373Kevin Cron
382Archie Bradley
493Christian Walker
532Robbie Ray
595Eduardo Escobar
605Stephen Vogt
648Mike Leake
680Nick Ahmed
85A-DPEDavid Peralta
85AS-41Ketel Marte
85ASA-KMAKetel Marte
85TB-2Ketel Marte
85TC-1Ketel Marte
85TC-45Josh RojasRC
DB-87Randy Johnson
DBA-RJORandy Johnson
DBC-87Randy Johnson
TPM-KMKetel Marte
TPMA-KMKetel Marte
TR-11Randy Johnson
TR-12Alex YoungRC
TR-13Josh RojasRC
TRC-11Randy Johnson
TRC-12Alex YoungRC
TRC-13Josh RojasRC
WOD-15Randy Johnson


381Kyle GarlickRC
381Kyle GarlickRCClear
416Chris Taylor
420Mookie Betts
420Mookie BettsClear
432Walker Buehler
432Walker BuehlerClear
434Brusdar GraterolRC
434Brusdar GraterolRCClear
491Will SmithRC Cup
546Ross Stripling
564Matt Beaty
620Corey Seager
620Corey SeagerClear
628Julio Urias
641A.J. Pollock
681Edwin RiosRC
681Edwin RiosRCClear
85A-WBUWalker Buehler
85AS-49Clayton Kershaw
85ASA-CKClayton Kershaw
85ASA-MMUMax Muncy
85ASR-CBCody Bellinger
85ASR-CKClayton Kershaw
85BA-MBEMatt Beaty
85TB-21Cody Bellinger
85TB-22Corey Seager
85TB-32Mookie Betts
85TC-23Cody Bellinger
85TR-CKClayton Kershaw
85TR-CSCorey Seager
85TR-WBWalker Buehler
BSA-CKClayton Kershaw
BSA-TGTony GonsolinRC
BSDA-JKClayton Kershaw
BSDA-KLClayton Kershaw
BSDA-KLGavin Lux
BTN-10Mookie Betts
CS-BGBurleigh Grimes
CS-DDDon Drysdale
CS-DSDuke Snider
CS-JRJackie Robinson
CS-PREPee Wee Reese
DB-15Sandy Koufax
DB-20Don Sutton
DB-57Los Angeles Dodgers
DB-7Brooklyn Dodgers
DB-92Clayton Kershaw
DBA-CKClayton Kershaw
DBC-15Sandy Koufax
DBC-20Don Sutton
DBC-57Los Angeles Dodgers
DBC-7Brooklyn Dodgers
DBC-92Clayton Kershaw
DDM-CBCody Bellinger
DDM-CKClayton Kershaw
DDM-CSCorey Seager
DDM-MBMookie Betts
DDM-WBWalker Buehler
DDMA-CKClayton Kershaw
DDMA-WBWalker Buehler
HRC-25Cody Bellinger
HRC-29Max Muncy
HRC-5Mookie Betts
ITNR-CTChris Taylor
JSEAR-CKClayton Kershaw
JSEAR-WBWalker Buehler
JSES-CBECody Bellinger
JSES-CKClayton Kershaw
JSES-WBWalker Buehler
MLM-CKClayton Kershaw
SS-11Cody Bellinger
SSR-CBCody Bellinger
T2030-16Mookie Betts
T2030-17Cody Bellinger
T2030-6Gavin LuxRC
TPM-CBCody Bellinger
TPM-CKClayton Kershaw
TPM-MBMookie Betts
TR-20Jackie Robinson
TR-45Corey Seager
TR-46Joc Pederson
TR-47Sandy Koufax
TR-52Brusdar GraterolRC
TR-75Max Muncy
TRAP-WBWalker Buehler
TRC-20Jackie Robinson
TRC-45Corey Seager
TRC-46Joc Pederson
TRC-47Sandy Koufax
TRC-52Brusdar GraterolRC
TRC-75Max Muncy
WOD-24Sandy Koufax
WOD-29Clayton Kershaw
WOD-32Mookie Betts
WOD-35Cody Bellinger
WOD-41Jackie Robinson


85A-VGJVladimir Guerrero
85AS-13Andre Dawson
85ASA-ADAndre Dawson
85ASR-TRTim Raines
DB-33Andre Dawson
DB-72Montréal Expos
DBA-ADAndre Dawson
DBC-33Andre Dawson
DBC-72Montréal Expos
TR-54Vladimir Guerrero
TRC-54Vladimir Guerrero


362Chris Shaw
393Dereck Rodriguez
405San Francisco Giants
418Alex Dickerson
457Kevin Gausman
472Steven Duggar
490Austin Slater
514Logan WebbRC
514Logan WebbRCClear
540Kean WongRC
540Kean WongRCClear
85A-JDAJaylin Davis
85A-MDMauricio Dubon
85AS-29Will Clark
85ASA-WCLWill Clark
85ASR-BPBuster Posey
85ASR-WCLWill Clark
85CA-BPBuster Posey
85CA-JDJaylin DavisRC
85CA-MDMauricio DubonRC
85TB-39Buster Posey
85TB-40Mike Yastrzemski
85TC-36Mauricio DubonRC
85TC-37Jaylin DavisRC
85TC-38Buster Posey
85TR-MYMike Yastrzemski
BSA-DRDereck Rodriguez
BSA-JDJaylin DavisRC
BSDA-CPWill Clark
BSDA-CPBuster Posey
BSDA-MCWill Clark
CS-GKEGeorge “High Pockets” Kelly
CS-MIMonte Irvin
CS-MOMel Ott
CS-WMWillie McCovey
DB-12Juan Marichal
DB-26Willie Mays
DB-27Willie McCovey
DB-28Orlando Cepeda
DB-48Willie McCovey
DB-5New York Giants
DB-88Tim Lincecum
DBA-JMAJuan Marichal
DBA-OCOrlando Cepeda
DBA-TLTim Lincecum
DBC-12Juan Marichal
DBC-26Willie Mays
DBC-27Willie McCovey
DBC-28Orlando Cepeda
DBC-48Willie McCovey
DBC-5New York Giants
DBC-88Tim Lincecum
DDM-ELEvan Longoria
DDM-TLTim Lincecum
DDMA-TLTim Lincecum
JSEAR-BPBuster Posey
JSEAR-ELEvan Longoria
JSES-BPBuster Posey
JSES-ELEvan Longoria
MJMA-MYMike Yastrzemski
MJMA-TLITim Lincecum
MJMA-WCLWill Clark
TPM-BPBuster Posey
TR-71Mauricio DubonRC
TR-72Jaylin DavisRC
TR-76Will Clark
TR-77Willie Mays
TRAP-BPBuster Posey
TRC-73Mauricio DubonRC
TRC-74Jaylin DavisRC
TRC-76Will Clark
TRC-77Willie Mays
WOD-4Willie Mays


374Jose Ramirez
374Jose RamirezClear
380James KarinchakRC
380James KarinchakRCClear
384Carlos Carrasco
390Emmanuel ClaseRC
390Emmanuel ClaseRCClear
441Nick Wittgren
506Delino DeShields
565Jordan Luplow
590Yu ChangRC
590Yu ChangRCClear
636Jake Bauers
653Zach Plesac
85A-CCCarlos Carrasco
85A-JBJake Bauers
85A-JRAJose Ramirez
85A-SBShane Bieber
85AS-18Francisco Lindor
85AS-47Shane Bieber
85ASA-CSACarlos Santana
85ASA-SBShane Bieber
85ASR-FLFrancisco Lindor
85BA-ZPZach Plesac
85CA-ACAaron CivaleRC
85TB-14Mike Clevinger
85TB-15Carlos Santana
85TC-13Aaron CivaleRC
85TR-CSOCarlos Santana
85TR-SBShane Bieber
BSA-JRAJose Ramirez
CS-BFBob Feller
CS-BLBob Lemon
CS-EAEarl Averill
CS-JSJoe Sewell
CS-LBLou Boudreau
CS-SCStan Coveleski
CS-SPSatchel Paige
DB-61Bert Blyleven
DB-73Cleveland Indians
DB-9Cleveland Indians
DB-99Corey Kluber
DBA-BBLBert Blyleven
DBA-CKLCorey Kluber
DBC-61Bert Blyleven
DBC-73Cleveland Indians
DBC-9Cleveland Indians
DBC-99Corey Kluber
DDM-FLFrancisco Lindor
HRC-10Francisco Lindor
ITNR-CSCarlos Santana
MJMA-CCCarlos Carrasco
MJMA-SBShane Bieber
MLM-SBShane Bieber
T2030-4Francisco Lindor
TPM-FLFrancisco Lindor
TR-34Shane Bieber
TR-35Jim Thome
TRAP-FLFrancisco Lindor
TRAP-TBTrevor Bauer
TRC-34Shane Bieber
TRC-35Jim Thome


363Shed Long
401Jake FraleyRC
401Jake FraleyRCClear
439Dee Gordon
451Justus Sheffield
499Sam Tuivailala
517Dylan Moore
542Tom Murphy
566Seattle Mariners
575Kyle Seager
654Tim LopesRC
654Tim LopesRCClear
661Justin DunnRC
661Justin DunnRCClear
85A-JFRJake Fraley
85AS-31Edgar Martinez
85AS-40Ken Griffey Jr.
85ASA-EMEdgar Martinez
85ASA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
85ASR-KGKen Griffey Jr.
85CA-JDUJustin DunnRC
85CA-RJRandy Johnson
85TB-41Kyle LewisRC
85TB-42Randy Johnson
85TC-39Justin DunnRC
85TC-40Randy Johnson
85TR-DVDan Vogelbach
BSA-ANAustin NolaRC
BSA-JDUJustin DunnRC
BSA-SLShed Long
BSDA-JKRandy Johnson
DB-95Felix Hernandez
DBC-95Felix Hernandez
DDM-KLKyle LewisRC
ITNR-KSEKyle Seager
JSEAR-DVDaniel Vogelbach
JSEAR-MHMitch Haniger
JSES-DVDaniel Vogelbach
JSES-FHFelix Hernandez
JSES-MHMitch Haniger
TPM-KLKyle LewisRC
TR-1Ken Griffey Jr.
TR-78Ichiro Ichiro
TR-79Edgar Martinez
TR-80Justin DunnRC
TR-81Jake FraleyRC
TRAP-KGKen Griffey Jr.
TRC-1Ken Griffey Jr.
TRC-79Edgar Martinez
TRC-80Justin DunnRC
TRC-81Jake FraleyRC
WOD-39Ken Griffey Jr.


396Miami Marlins
453Miguel Rojas
475Robert DuggerRC
475Robert DuggerRCClear
504Pablo Lopez
528Harold Ramirez
592Corey Dickerson
600Drew Steckenrider
658Chad WallachRC
658Chad WallachRCClear
693Jon BertiRC
693Jon BertiRCClear
85CA-IDIsan DiazRC
85TC-24Isan DiazRC
TR-48Isan DiazRC
TR-49Jordan YamamotoRC
TRC-48Isan DiazRC
TRC-49Jordan YamamotoRC


426Yoenis Cespedes
427Edwin Diaz
433Noah Syndergaard
433Noah SyndergaardClear
522J.D. Davis
534Michael Wacha
555Marcus Stroman
555Marcus StromanClear
580Dellin Betances
619Rick Porcello
643Wilson Ramos
649Jed Lowrie
660Brandon Nimmo
85AS-17Jacob deGrom
85AS-30Darryl Strawberry
85AS-44Pete Alonso
85AS-45Jeff McNeil
85ASA-DSDarryl Strawberry
85ASA-JMJeff McNeil
85ASA-PAPete Alonso
85ASR-DGDwight Gooden
85ASR-DSDarryl Strawberry
85ASR-DWDavid Wright
85ASR-PAPete Alonso
85CA-NSNoah Syndergaard
85TB-26Robinson Cano
85TB-27Marcus Stroman
85TC-26Noah Syndergaard
85TR-JdJacob deGrom
85TR-MCOMichael Conforto
85TR-NSNoah Syndergaard
85TR-RCRobinson Cano
BSA-DSRDarryl Strawberry
BSA-NSNoah Syndergaard
BSA-PAPete Alonso
BSDA-SAPete Alonso
BSDA-SANoah Syndergaard
BSDA-WAPete Alonso
BSDA-WADavid Wright
BTN-6Pete AlonsoRC
DB-38Tom Seaver
DB-55New York Mets
DB-63Dwight Gooden
DB-98Jacob deGrom
DBA-DGDwight Gooden
DBA-JdJacob deGrom
DBC-38Tom Seaver
DBC-55New York Mets
DBC-63Dwight Gooden
DBC-98Jacob deGrom
DDM-JdGJacob deGrom
DDM-MCMichael Conforto
DDM-PAPete Alonso
DDMA-JdGJacob deGrom
DDMA-MCMichael Conforto
DDMA-PAPete Alonso
ESAW-1Pete Alonso
ESAW-10Pete Alonso
ESAW-11Pete Alonso
ESAW-12Pete Alonso
ESAW-13Pete Alonso
ESAW-14Pete Alonso
ESAW-15Pete Alonso
ESAW-16Pete Alonso
ESAW-17Pete Alonso
ESAW-18Pete Alonso
ESAW-19Pete Alonso
ESAW-2Pete Alonso
ESAW-20Pete Alonso
ESAW-21Pete Alonso
ESAW-22Pete Alonso
ESAW-23Pete Alonso
ESAW-24Pete Alonso
ESAW-25Pete Alonso
ESAW-26Pete Alonso
ESAW-27Pete Alonso
ESAW-28Pete Alonso
ESAW-29Pete Alonso
ESAW-3Pete Alonso
ESAW-30Pete Alonso
ESAW-4Pete Alonso
ESAW-5Pete Alonso
ESAW-6Pete Alonso
ESAW-7Pete Alonso
ESAW-8Pete Alonso
ESAW-9Pete Alonso
ESAWA-1Pete Alonso
ESAWA-10Pete Alonso
ESAWA-11Pete Alonso
ESAWA-12Pete Alonso
ESAWA-13Pete Alonso
ESAWA-14Pete Alonso
ESAWA-15Pete Alonso
ESAWA-16Pete Alonso
ESAWA-17Pete Alonso
ESAWA-18Pete Alonso
ESAWA-19Pete Alonso
ESAWA-2Pete Alonso
ESAWA-20Pete Alonso
ESAWA-21Pete Alonso
ESAWA-22Pete Alonso
ESAWA-23Pete Alonso
ESAWA-24Pete Alonso
ESAWA-25Pete Alonso
ESAWA-26Pete Alonso
ESAWA-27Pete Alonso
ESAWA-28Pete Alonso
ESAWA-29Pete Alonso
ESAWA-3Pete Alonso
ESAWA-30Pete Alonso
ESAWA-4Pete Alonso
ESAWA-5Pete Alonso
ESAWA-6Pete Alonso
ESAWA-7Pete Alonso
ESAWA-8Pete Alonso
ESAWA-9Pete Alonso
HRC-21Pete Alonso
MJMA-DWDavid Wright
MJMA-NSYNoah Syndergaard
MJMA-PAPete Alonso
MLM-RCRobinson Cano
SS-18Jacob deGrom
SSA-JdJacob deGrom
SSAR-JdJacob deGrom
SSR-JdJacob deGrom
T2030-11Pete Alonso
TPM-JdJacob deGrom
TPM-PAPete Alonso
TPMA-JdJacob deGrom
TPMA-PAPete Alonso
TR-4Noah Syndergaard
TR-55Michael Conforto
TR-56Darryl Strawberry
TRAP-JdJacob deGrom
TRC-4Noah Syndergaard
TRC-55Michael Conforto
TRC-56Darryl Strawberry
WARA-DGDwight Gooden
WARA-JdJacob deGrom
WOD-20Dwight Gooden
WOD-25Jacob deGrom
WOD-6Tom Seaver


385Ryan Zimmerman
440Carter Kieboom
440Carter KieboomClear
454Austin Voth
470Yan Gomes
547Victor RoblesRC Cup
568Adam Eaton
581Michael Taylor
631Stephen Strasburg
631Stephen StrasburgClear
640NY State of Mind
647Joe Ross
655Howie Kendrick
670Aaron Barrett
85AS-38Max Scherzer
85ASA-MSMax Scherzer
85ASR-MSMax Scherzer
85TB-49Stephen Strasburg
85TB-50Trea Turner
85TC-49Carter Kieboom
85TC-50Max Scherzer
85TR-SSStephen Strasburg
BSA-JSOJuan Soto
BTN-1Juan Soto
BTN-2Howie Kendrick
BTN-3Juan Soto
DB-93Max Scherzer
DB-94Stephen Strasburg
DBA-MSCMax Scherzer
DBC-93Max Scherzer
DBC-94Stephen Strasburg
DDM-CKICarter Kieboom
DDM-MSMax Scherzer
DDM-SSStephen Strasburg
DDM-TTTrea Turner
DDMA-CKICarter Kieboom
DDMA-MSMax Scherzer
HRC-15Juan Soto
ITNR-ARAnthony Rendon
ITNR-SSStephen Strasburg
JSEAR-MSCMax Scherzer
JSES-MSCMax Scherzer
JSES-RZRyan Zimmerman
JSES-SSStephen Strasburg
JSES-TTTrea Turner
MJMA-JSJuan Soto
MJMA-PCPatrick Corbin
MLM-JSOJuan Soto
MLM-MSMax Scherzer
SS-19Victor Robles
SS-24Trea Turner
SSA-VRVictor Robles
SSAR-VRVictor Robles
SSR-TTTrea Turner
SSR-VRVictor Robles
T2030-12Juan Soto
TPM-JSJuan Soto
TPM-MSMax Scherzer
TPMA-JSJuan Soto
TPMA-MSMax Scherzer
TR-2Stephen Strasburg
TR-94Victor Robles
TR-95Patrick Corbin
TR-96Ryan Zimmerman
TRAP-PCPatrick Corbin
TRC-2Stephen Strasburg
TRC-94Victor Robles
TRC-95Patrick Corbin
TRC-96Ryan Zimmerman
WARA-MSMax Scherzer
WOD-27Max Scherzer


353DJ Stewart
358Rio Ruiz
364Hunter HarveyRC
364Hunter HarveyRCClear
442Tom EshelmanRC
442Tom EshelmanRCClear
458Trey Mancini
458Trey ManciniClear
550John MeansRC Cup
586Stevie Wilkerson
624Renato Nunez
632Austin Hays
652Pedro Severino
656Alex Cobb
694Baltimore Orioles
85A-MMike Mussina
85AS-4Cal Ripken Jr.
85ASA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.
85ASA-JMEJohn Means
85ASR-CRCal Ripken Jr.
85ASR-EMEddie Murray
85CA-HHHunter HarveyRC
85TB-5Trey Mancini
85TC-5Hunter HarveyRC
BSA-HHHunter HarveyRC
DB-23Brooks Robinson
DB-31Eddie Murray
DB-39Jim Palmer
DB-60Baltimore Orioles
DBC-23Brooks Robinson
DBC-31Eddie Murray
DBC-39Jim Palmer
DBC-60Baltimore Orioles
ITNR-TMTrey Mancini
JSEAR-TMTrey Mancini
JSES-TMTrey Mancini
TPM-TMTrey Mancini
TPMA-TMTrey Mancini
TR-16Hunter HarveyRC
TR-9Cal Ripken Jr.
TRC-16Hunter HarveyRC
TRC-9Cal Ripken Jr.
WARA-CRCal Ripken Jr.
WOD-31Cal Ripken Jr.
WOD-43Frank Robinson


370Seth Mejias-BreanRC
370Seth Mejias-BreanRCClear
524Jurickson Profar
531David BednarRC
531David BednarRCClear
544Wil Myers
556Josh Naylor
603Dinelson Lamet
607Cal Quantrill
627Eric Hosmer
627Eric HosmerClear
630Francisco Mejia
634San Diego Padres
85A-CPChris Paddack
85A-MBMichel Baez
85ASR-DWIDave Winfield
85ASR-TGTony Gwynn
85TB-38Trent GrishamRC
85TC-34Tony Gwynn
85TR-CPChris Paddack
BSA-AMAndres MuñozRC
BSA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
BSA-MMAManny Machado
CS-TGTony Gwynn
DDM-MMManny Machado
DDMA-MMManny Machado
FTH-1Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-10Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-11Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-12Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-13Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-14Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-15Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-16Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-17Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-18Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-19Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-2Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-20Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-21Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-22Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-23Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-24Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-25Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-26Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-27Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-28Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-29Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-3Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-30Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-4Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-5Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-6Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-7Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-8Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTH-9Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-1Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-10Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-11Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-12Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-13Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-14Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-15Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-16Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-17Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-18Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-19Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-2Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-20Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-21Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-22Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-23Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-24Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-25Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-26Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-27Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-28Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-29Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-3Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-30Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-4Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-5Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-6Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-7Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-8Fernando Tatis Jr.
FTJHA-9Fernando Tatis Jr.
HRC-18Manny Machado
HRC-19Fernando Tatis Jr.
ITNR-CPChris Paddack
JSEAR-CPChris Paddack
JSEAR-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
JSEAR-MMManny Machado
JSES-CPChris Paddack
JSES-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
JSES-MMManny Machado
MJMA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
MJMA-KYKirby Yates
MLM-CPChris Paddack
MLM-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
MLM-MMManny Machado
RAP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
SS-25Austin Hedges
SSA-AMUAndres Muñoz
SSAR-AMAndres Muñoz
T2030-13Fernando Tatis Jr.
TPM-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
TPMA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
TR-100Andres MuñozRC
TR-5Chris Paddack
TR-50Trent GrishamRC
TR-70Tony Gwynn
TRAP-CPChris Paddack
TRC-100Andres MuñozRC
TRC-5Chris Paddack
TRC-50Trent GrishamRC
TRC-70Tony Gwynn


361Zach Eflin
402Vince Velazquez
446Braves New World
467Andrew McCutchen
467Andrew McCutchenClear
519Didi Gregorius
662Andrew Knapp
667Adam Haseley
675David Robertson
687Rhys Hoskins
687Rhys HoskinsClear
85A-RHORhys Hoskins
85TB-34Aaron Nola
85TB-35J.T. Realmuto
85TB-36Andrew McCutchen
85TR-AMAndrew McCutchen
85TR-ANAaron Nola
85TR-JRJ.T. Realmuto
BSDA-MRMike Schmidt
BSDA-MRRhys Hoskins
BSDA-SHMike Schmidt
BSDA-SHBryce Harper
DB-13Jim Bunning
DB-2Philadelphia Phillies
DB-37Steve Carlton
DB-47Mike Schmidt
DB-58Philadelphia Phillies
DB-62Steve Carlton
DB-83Ryan Howard
DBA-MSMike Schmidt
DBA-RHRyan Howard
DBA-SCSteve Carlton
DBA-SCASteve Carlton
DBC-13Jim Bunning
DBC-2Philadelphia Phillies
DBC-37Steve Carlton
DBC-47Mike Schmidt
DBC-58Philadelphia Phillies
DBC-62Steve Carlton
DBC-83Ryan Howard
DDM-BHBryce Harper
DDM-RHRhys Hoskins
DDMA-BHBryce Harper
DDMA-RHRhys Hoskins
HRC-1Bryce Harper
HRC-30Rhys Hoskins
ITNR-ANAaron Nola
ITNR-RHRhys Hoskins
MJMA-JRJ.T. Realmuto
MJMA-RHRyan Howard
MJMA-RHORhys Hoskins
MLM-BHBryce Harper
MLM-RHRhys Hoskins
RAP-JTRJ.T. Realmuto
SS-23J.T. Realmuto
SSA-JRJ.T. Realmuto
SSAR-JRJ.T. Realmuto
SSAR-JR2J.T. Realmuto
SSR-JRJ.T. Realmuto
T2030-14Bryce Harper
TPM-BHBryce Harper
TPM-RHRhys Hoskins
TPMA-RHRhys Hoskins
TR-65Mike Schmidt
TR-66J.T. Realmuto
TR-67Steve Carlton
TRAP-RHORhys Hoskins
TRC-65Mike Schmidt
TRC-66J.T. Realmuto
TRC-67Steve Carlton
WARA-MSCMike Schmidt
WARA-SCSteve Carlton
WOD-14Mike Schmidt
WOD-21Steve Carlton
WOD-38Bryce Harper


375Jose Osuna
383Steven Brault
394Keone Kela
429Joe Musgrove
435Mitch Keller
476James MarvelRC
476James MarvelRCClear
478Cole Tucker
489Colin Moran
561Trevor Williams
579Kevin Kramer
594Pittsburgh Pirates
598Jacob Stallings
617Bryan ReynoldsRC Cup
646Kevin Newman
646Kevin NewmanClear
85TB-37Josh Bell
85TC-33Roberto Clemente
CS-RKRalph Kiner
CS-WSWillie Stargell
DB-29Roberto Clemente
DB-43Willie Stargell
DB-78Pittsburgh Pirates
DBC-29Roberto Clemente
DBC-43Willie Stargell
DBC-78Pittsburgh Pirates
HRC-20Josh Bell
ITNR-SMStarling Marte
TPM-JBJosh Bell
TR-68Bryan Reynolds
TR-69Roberto Clemente
TR-74Honus Wagner
TRC-68Bryan Reynolds
TRC-69Roberto Clemente
TRC-72Honus Wagner
WOD-10Honus Wagner
WOD-42Roberto Clemente


365Philly Special
403Jose Trevino
415Joey Gallo
415Joey GalloClear
437Scott HeinemanRC
437Scott HeinemanRCClear
516Texas Rangers
518Shin-Soo Choo
523Corey Kluber
523Corey KluberClear
577Elvis Andrus
577Elvis AndrusClear
582Willie Calhoun
597Jonathan HernandezRC
597Jonathan HernandezRCClear
609Ronald Guzman
613Isiah Kiner-Falefa
633Lance Lynn
639Kolby Allard
645Jeff Mathis
657Rougned Odor
684Mike Minor
691Brock BurkeRC
691Brock BurkeRCClear
695Danny Santana
85CA-NSONick SolakRC
85TB-46Joey Gallo
85TC-44Nick SolakRC
85TR-EAElvis Andrus
85TR-JGJoey Gallo
BSDA-RBEAdrian Beltre
BSDA-RBEIvan Rodriguez
DB-79Texas Rangers
DBC-79Texas Rangers
HRC-16Joey Gallo
ITNR-EAElvis Andrus
ITNR-JGJoey Gallo
ITNR-RORougned Odor
ITNR-SCShin-soo Choo
JSES-EAElvis Andrus
JSES-JGJoey Gallo
MJMA-SCShin-Soo Choo
MLM-EAElvis Andrus
SS-9Joey Gallo
SSR-JGJoey Gallo
TPM-JGJoey Gallo
TR-87Nick SolakRC
TR-88Brock BurkeRC
TR-89Elvis Andrus
TRC-87Nick SolakRC
TRC-88Brock BurkeRC
TRC-89Elvis Andrus


406Charlie Morton
487Yandy Diaz
500Nick AndersonRC Cup
501Tampa Bay Rays
507Blake Snell
507Blake SnellClear
545Kevin Kiermaier
548Brian O’GradyRC
548Brian O’GradyRCClear
554Mike Zunino
572Manuel Margot
574Brandon Lowe
574Brandon LoweClear
618Joey Wendle
626Nate Lowe
664Yonny Chirinos
677Ji-Man Choi
85A-BLBrandon Lowe
85A-BMBrendan McKay
85AS-32Blake Snell
85ASA-BSBlake Snell
85CA-RARandy ArozarenaRC
85TB-45Tyler Glasnow
85TC-41Randy ArozarenaRC
85TC-43Brandon Lowe
BSA-MBMichael BrosseauRC
BSA-RARRandy ArozarenaRC
BSA-RYRyan Yarbrough
ITNR-AMAustin Meadows
ITNR-BLBrandon Lowe
ITNR-BSBlake Snell
ITNR-NLNate Lowe
JSEAR-AMAustin Meadows
JSEAR-BLBrandon Lowe
JSEAR-BSBlake Snell
JSES-AMEAustin Meadows
JSES-BLBrandon Lowe
JSES-BSBlake Snell
MJMA-BSBlake Snell
TPM-BMBrendan McKayRC
TPMA-BMBrendan McKayRC
TR-83Randy ArozarenaRC
TR-86Tyler Glasnow
TRAP-BSBlake Snell
TRC-83Randy ArozarenaRC
TRC-86Tyler Glasnow

Red Sox

378Nathan Eovaldi
388Dustin Pedroia
430Darwinzon Hernandez
444Martin Perez
498Brandon Workman
530Xander Bogaerts
530Xander BogaertsClear
672Chris Sale
672Chris SaleClear
85A-DHADarwinzon Hernandez
85A-JMAJ.D. Martinez
85A-JRIJim Rice
85AS-14Chris Sale
85AS-21Wade Boggs
85AS-27Carlton Fisk
85AS-3Roger Clemens
85AS-34Jim Rice
85AS-7Carl Yastrzemski
85ASA-CSChris Sale
85ASA-CYCarl Yastrzemski
85ASA-RCRoger Clemens
85ASA-WBWade Boggs
85ASR-DODavid Ortiz
85ASR-JRJim Rice
85ASR-RCRoger Clemens
85ASR-WBWade Boggs
85CA-XBXander Bogaerts
85TB-6Andrew Benintendi
85TB-7David Ortiz
85TC-6Xander Bogaerts
85TR-CSAChris Sale
85TR-JMJ.D. Martinez
BSA-MMMitch Moreland
BSDA-BDXander Bogaerts
BSDA-BDRafael Devers
BSDA-BMWade Boggs
BSDA-OVDavid Ortiz
BSDA-OVJason Varitek
CS-TSTris Speaker
CS-TWTed Williams
DB-24Carl Yastrzemski
DB-32Carlton Fisk
DB-4Boston Red Sox
DB-42Jim Rice
DB-64Roger Clemens
DB-80Boston Red Sox
DB-90Pedro Martinez
DB-96Chris Sale
DBA-CFCarlton Fisk
DBA-CSChris Sale
DBA-CYCarl Yastrzemski
DBA-JRJim Rice
DBA-PMPedro Martinez
DBC-24Carl Yastrzemski
DBC-32Carlton Fisk
DBC-4Boston Red Sox
DBC-42Jim Rice
DBC-64Roger Clemens
DBC-80Boston Red Sox
DBC-90Pedro Martinez
DBC-96Chris Sale
DDM-ABEAndrew Benintendi
DDM-CSAChris Sale
DDMA-ABEAndrew Benintendi
DDMA-CSAChris Sale
HRC-3J.D. Martinez
ITNR-DODavid Ortiz
ITNR-DPDustin Pedroia
ITNR-JBJackie Bradley Jr.
ITNR-MBMookie Betts
ITNR-XBXander Bogaerts
JSEAR-JDMJ.D. Martinez
JSEAR-RDRafael Devers
JSEAR-XBXander Bogaerts
JSES-JMJ.D. Martinez
JSES-RDRafael Devers
JSES-XBXander Bogaerts
MJMA-MCMichael Chavis
MJMA-MVMo Vaughn
MJMA-RDRafael Devers
MJMA-XBXander Bogaerts
MLM-DODavid Ortiz
SS-10Rafael Devers
SSA-RDRafael Devers
SSAR-RDRafael Devers
SSR-RDRafael Devers
TPM-RDRafael Devers
TPMA-RDRafael Devers
TR-17Andrew Benintendi
TR-18Roger Clemens
TR-19Ted Williams
TRAP-JMAJ.D. Martinez
TRC-17Andrew Benintendi
TRC-18Roger Clemens
TRC-19Ted Williams
WARA-CYACarl Yastrzemski
WARA-WBWade Boggs
WOD-12Ted Williams
WOD-17Carl Yastrzemski
WOD-23Pedro Martinez
WOD-5Roger Clemens
WOD-50Wade Boggs


368Wade Miley
376Shogo AkiyamaRC
376Shogo AkiyamaRCClear
377Phillip Ervin
431Cincinnati Reds
460Tyler Mahle
465Eugenio Suarez
465Eugenio SuarezClear
496Lucas Sims
510Michael Lorenzen
533Nick Castellanos
533Nick CastellanosClear
601Tucker Barnhart
673Anthony DeSclafani
685Freddy Galvis
85A-NSENick Senzel
85A-TBTrevor Bauer
85AS-9Johnny Bench
85ASA-JBJohnny Bench
85ASR-BLBarry Larkin
85CA-JVJoey Votto
85CA-SAKShogo AkiyamaRC
85TB-11Sonny Gray
85TB-12Eugenio Suarez
85TB-13Barry Larkin
85TC-12Joey Votto
85TC-2Shogo AkiyamaRC
85TR-ESEugenio Suarez
85TR-JVJoey Votto
85TR-SGSonny Gray
BSA-SAShogo AkiyamaRC
BSA-TBTrevor Bauer
BSDA-SAQNick Senzel
BSDA-SAQAristides Aquino
DB-22Frank Robinson
DB-34Johnny Bench
DB-35Joe Morgan
DB-41Johnny Bench
DB-45Joe Morgan
DB-49George Foster
DB-77Cincinnati Reds
DBA-GFGeorge Foster
DBC-22Frank Robinson
DBC-34Johnny Bench
DBC-35Joe Morgan
DBC-41Johnny Bench
DBC-45Joe Morgan
DBC-49George Foster
DBC-77Cincinnati Reds
DDM-NSNick Senzel
DDMA-NSNick Senzel
ITNR-AAAristides AquinoRC
ITNR-NSNick Senzel
ITNR-RIRaisel Iglesias
JSEAR-AAAristides Aquino
JSEAR-JVJoey Votto
JSEAR-NSNick Senzel
JSES-AAAristides AquinoRC
JSES-JVJoey Votto
JSES-NSNick Senzel
JSES-SGSonny Gray
MJMA-NSENick Senzel
MLM-AAAristides AquinoRC
MLM-ESEugenio Suarez
MLM-JVOJoey Votto
MLM-NCNick Castellanos
RAP-AAAristides AquinoRC
TPM-AAAristides AquinoRC
TPMA-AAAristides AquinoRC
TR-3Joey Votto
TR-31Barry Larkin
TR-32Sonny Gray
TR-33Eugenio Suarez
TRC-3Joey Votto
TRC-31Barry Larkin
TRC-32Sonny Gray
TRC-33Eugenio Suarez
WARA-JBJohnny Bench
WOD-2Joe Morgan
WOD-45Johnny Bench


387Tony Wolters
395Scott Oberg
397Charlie Blackmon
397Charlie BlackmonClear
404Raimel Tapia
408Brendan Rodgers
408Brendan RodgersClear
417Colorado Rockies
456Dom NuñezRC
456Dom NunezRCClear
466Garrett Hampson
567Yonathan DazaRC
567Yonathan DazaRCClear
599Ryan McMahon
637Trevor Story
637Trevor StoryClear
666Kyle Freeland
85AS-42Nolan Arenado
85ASA-NANolan Arenado
85CA-SHSam HilliardRC
85TB-16Trevor Story
85TB-17Charlie Blackmon
85TC-15Sam HilliardRC
85TR-TSTrevor Story
BSA-SHSam HilliardRC
DDM-BRBrendan Rodgers
DDM-NANolan Arenado
DDM-TSTrevor Story
DDMA-BRBrendan Rodgers
DDMA-NANolan Arenado
HRC-6Nolan Arenado
JSEAR-CBLCharlie Blackmon
JSEAR-NANolan Arenado
JSES-CBCharlie Blackmon
JSES-NANolan Arenado
JSES-TSTrevor Story
MLM-NANolan Arenado
T2030-10Nolan Arenado
TPM-NANolan Arenado
TPMA-NANolan Arenado
TR-36Trevor Story
TR-37Sam HilliardRC
TR-38David Dahl
TRC-36Trevor Story
TRC-37Sam HilliardRC
TRC-38David Dahl


389Ryan O’Hearn
438Danny Duffy
450Jorge Soler
450Jorge SolerClear
515Maikel Franco
553Salvador Perez
583Josh StaumontRC
583Josh StaumontRCClear
616Cam Gallagher
622Brett Phillips
668Kansas City Royals
671Ryan McBroomRC
671Ryan McBroomRCClear
679Glenn Sparkman
683Jakob Junis
85AS-11Bo Jackson
85ASA-BJABo Jackson
85ASR-GBGeorge Brett
85TB-20Jorge Soler
85TC-21George Brett
85TC-22Jorge Soler
85TR-JSJorge Soler
BSA-JSTJosh StaumontRC
DB-56Kansas City Royals
DBC-56Kansas City Royals
ITNR-HDHunter Dozier
ITNR-SPSalvador Perez
ITNR-WMWhit Merrifield
JSEAR-JSJorge Soler
JSEAR-WMWhit Merrifield
JSES-JSJorge Soler
JSES-WMWhit Merrifield
MLM-JSJorge Soler
SS-7Jorge Soler
SSA-JSJorge Soler
SSAR-JSJorge Soler
SSR-JSJorge Soler
TPM-WMWhit Merrifield
TPMA-WMWhit Merrifield
TR-42George Brett
TR-43Jorge Soler
TRC-42George Brett
TRC-43Jorge Soler
WOD-40George Brett


379Ivan Nova
445Spencer Turnbull
452Joe Jimenez
481Victor Reyes
486Dawel Lugo
509Willi CastroRC
509Willi CastroRCClear
543Harold Castro
596Daniel Norris
688Austin Romine
692Jonathan Schoop
85A-WCAWilli Castro
85ASR-MCMiguel Cabrera
85CA-JRJake RogersRC
85TC-16Jake RogersRC
BSA-JRJake RogersRC
BSA-TDTravis DemeritteRC
CS-CGCharlie Gehringer
CS-GKGeorge Kell
CS-HGHank Greenberg
DB-1Detroit Tigers
DB-54Detroit Tigers
DB-66Jack Morris
DBA-JMOJack Morris
DBC-1Detroit Tigers
DBC-54Detroit Tigers
DBC-66Jack Morris
MLM-MCMiguel Cabrera
TPM-MCAMiguel Cabrera
TPMA-MCAMiguel Cabrera
TR-39Jake RogersRC
TR-73Ty Cobb
TRAP-MCAMiguel Cabrera
TRC-39Jake RogersRC
TRC-71Ty Cobb
WOD-13Ty Cobb
WOD-49Al Kaline


357Homer Bailey
372Josh Donaldson
372Josh DonaldsonClear
409Jake Odorizzi
412Bomba Brothers
413Rich Hill
424Miguel Sano
464Randy DobnakRC
464Randy DobnakRCClear
483Eddie Rosario
495Lamonte Wade Jr.RC
495LaMonte Wade Jr.RCClear
502Willians Astudillo
525Jake Cave
526Byron Buxton
526Byron BuxtonClear
576Sergio Romo
612Luis Arraez
612Luis ArraezClear
690Ehire Adrianza
85A-BBUByron Buxton
85AS-35Rod Carew
85AS-48Jose Berrios
85ASR-JMJoe Mauer
85BA-LALuis Arraez
85TB-24Nelson Cruz
85TB-25Miguel Sano
85TR-EREddie Rosario
85TR-MSAMiguel Sano
BSA-LTHLewis ThorpeRC
CS-HKHarmon Killebrew
DB-25Harmon Killebrew
DB-36Rod Carew
DB-44Rod Carew
DB-59Minnesota Twins
DB-82Joe Mauer
DBC-25Harmon Killebrew
DBC-36Rod Carew
DBC-44Rod Carew
DBC-59Minnesota Twins
DBC-82Joe Mauer
DDM-BBByron Buxton
DDM-JDJosh Donaldson
DDMA-BBByron Buxton
HRC-28Max Kepler
ITNR-BBByron Buxton
ITNR-JMJoe Mauer
ITNR-MSMiguel Sano
MJMA-JMJoe Mauer
MJMA-MGMitch Garver
MLM-MKMax Kepler
SS-21Byron Buxton
SS-6Miguel Sano
SS-8Nelson Cruz
SSA-BBByron Buxton
SSR-MSMiguel Sano
SSR-NCNelson Cruz
TPM-MKMax Kepler
TPMA-MKMax Kepler
TR-53Jose Berrios
TR-99Joe Mauer
TRC-53Jose Berrios
TRC-99Joe Mauer
WOD-47Rod Carew

White Sox

392Luis RobertRC
392Luis RobertRCClear
414Gio Gonzalez
488Reynaldo Lopez
541Danny MendickRC
541Danny MendickRCClear
569Role Reversal
584Michael Kopech
621Dallas Keuchel
638Nomar Mazara
650Kelvin Herrera
663Chicago White Sox
674Jose Abreu
674Jose AbreuClear
689James McCann
85A-LRLuis Robert
85AS-46Lucas Giolito
85ASA-CFICarlton Fisk
85ASA-LGLucas Giolito
85ASR-CFCarlton Fisk
85ASR-FTFrank Thomas
85CA-DMDanny MendickRC
85CA-EJEloy Jimenez
85CA-LRLuis RobertRC
85CA-ZCZack CollinsRC
85TB-10Jose Abreu
85TB-47Luis RobertRC
85TB-9Tim Anderson
85TC-10Eloy Jimenez
85TC-11Zack CollinsRC
85TC-46Danny MendickRC
85TC-48Luis RobertRC
BSA-DMEDanny MendickRC
BSA-LRLuis RobertRC
BSDA-TRFrank Thomas
BSDA-TRLuis Robert
BTN-9Luis RobertRC
CS-HWHoyt Wilhelm
CS-LALuke Appling
CS-NFNellie Fox
DB-10Chicago White Sox
DB-17Hoyt Wilhelm
DBC-10Chicago White Sox
DBC-17Hoyt Wilhelm
DDM-LGLucas Giolito
DDM-TATim Anderson
DDMA-LGLucas Giolito
DDMA-TATim Anderson
MJMA-EJEloy Jimenez
MLM-EJEloy Jimenez
MLM-LGLucas Giolito
SS-13Nomar Mazara
T2030-3Luis RobertRC
TPM-EJEloy Jimenez
TPM-LRLuis RobertRC
TPMA-EJEloy Jimenez
TPMA-LRLuis RobertRC
TR-28Dylan CeaseRC
TR-29Zack CollinsRC
TR-30Lucas Giolito
TR-8Frank Thomas
TRAP-LRLuis RobertRC
TRC-28Dylan CeaseRC
TRC-29Zack CollinsRC
TRC-30Lucas Giolito
TRC-8Frank Thomas
WARA-FTFrank Thomas
WOD-44Frank Thomas


351Gerrit Cole
351Gerrit ColeClear
367Giancarlo Stanton
367Giancarlo StantonClear
398Miguel Andujar
419J.A. Happ
468Chad Green
551Clint Frazier
551Clint FrazierClear
557Adam Ottavino
562Gio Urshela
562Gio UrshelaClear
588Tommy Kahnle
591South Side Swag
614Brett Gardner
623Mike Ford
669Luis Severino
669Luis SeverinoClear
85A-LSLuis Severino
85AS-10Hideki Matsui
85AS-2Aaron Judge
85AS-20Luis Severino
85AS-23Don Mattingly
85AS-43Gleyber Torres
85ASA-AJAaron Judge
85ASA-DJLDJ LeMahieu
85ASA-DMDon Mattingly
85ASA-HMHideki Matsui
85ASR-AJAaron Judge
85ASR-DMDon Mattingly
85ASR-GTGleyber Torres
85ASR-MTMasahiro Tanaka
85BA-DJDerek Jeter
85CA-MTMasahiro Tanaka
85TB-18Gerrit Cole
85TB-28Masahiro Tanaka
85TB-29Giancarlo Stanton
85TB-30DJ LeMahieu
85TC-28Masahiro Tanaka
85TC-35Giancarlo Stanton
85TR-AJAaron Judge
85TR-GSGary Sanchez
85TR-GSAGiancarlo Stanton
85TR-LSLuis Severino
BSA-JMJordan Montgomery
BSA-TKTommy Kahnle
BSDA-BMDon Mattingly
BSDA-OTMasahiro Tanaka
BTN-8Gerrit Cole
CS-BDBill Dickey
CS-DJoe DiMaggio
CS-DLDon Larsen
CS-PRPhil Rizzuto
CS-WHWaite Hoyt
DB-11Whitey Ford
DB-30Roger Maris
DB-51New York Yankees
DB-6New York Yankees
DB-68Goose Gossage
DB-75New York Yankees
DB-84Alex Rodriguez
DBA-GGGoose Gossage
DBC-11Whitey Ford
DBC-30Roger Maris
DBC-51New York Yankees
DBC-6New York Yankees
DBC-68Goose Gossage
DBC-75New York Yankees
DBC-84Alex Rodriguez
DDM-AJAaron Judge
DDM-GCGerrit Cole
DDM-GSGiancarlo Stanton
DDMA-AJAaron Judge
DDMA-GCGerrit Cole
HRC-11Aaron Judge
HRC-12Giancarlo Stanton
HRC-22Gleyber Torres
JSEAR-AJAaron Judge
JSEAR-GSAGary Sanchez
JSES-AJAaron Judge
JSES-GSAGary Sanchez
JSES-GTGleyber Torres
MJMA-CFClint Frazier
MLM-CSCC Sabathia
MLM-GTGleyber Torres
MLM-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
RAP-GTGleyber Torres
SS-2Aaron Judge
SSA-AJAaron Judge
SSAR-AJAaron Judge
SSR-AJAaron Judge
T2030-2Aaron Judge
TPM-AJAaron Judge
TPM-GCGerrit Cole
TPM-GTGleyber Torres
TR-57Luis Severino
TR-58Babe Ruth
TR-59Reggie Jackson
TR-60Lou Gehrig
TR-7Don Mattingly
TR-98Mariano Rivera
TRAP-ARAlex Rodriguez
TRC-57Luis Severino
TRC-58Babe Ruth
TRC-59Reggie Jackson
TRC-60Lou Gehrig
TRC-7Don Mattingly
TRC-98Mariano Rivera
WOD-1Babe Ruth
WOD-8Lou Gehrig
WOD-9Alex Rodriguez