2020 Topps Dynasty Baseball Checklist

2020 Topps Dynasty Baseball cards are a high watermark for collectors of relics and autograph cards. Every box of Dynasty includes one encased auto relic, cut signature, or dual auto numbered to 10 or less.

Each card features a simple design with a black and white image that allows the signatures and relics to jump off of the card front.

All autographs, except cut signatures, are signed on-card. There is no base set to collect as all of the cards are hits.

Our checklist includes all of the cards included in this set and can be searched or sorted as needed. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

Release date – 11/4/2020
Cards per pack – 1
Packs per box – 1
Boxes per case – 5

2020 Topps Dynasty Checklist

Base Set – 0
Autograph Patch (NNO) – 106 Cards
Base – #/10
Silver – #/5
Gold – 1/1
On This Day Auto Patch (OTD) – 9 Cards
Base – #/10
Silver – #/5
Gold – 1/1
MLB Logo Auto Patch (AMLB) – 70 Cards
Base – 1/1
Autographed Dual Relics (ADR) – 38 Cards
Base – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Dual Autograph Patch (DAP) – 10 Cards
Base – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Triple Autograph Patch (TAP) – 10 Cards
Base – #/5
Gold – 1/1

Autographed Special Event Baseball Leather (ASEBL) – 10 Cards
Base – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Autographed Batting Glove (ABG) – 6 Cards
Base – #/5
Wrist Strap – 1/1
Jumbo Logo – 1/1
Legendary Dual Auto (LDA) – 5 Cards
Base – #/5
Silver – #/3
Gold – 1/1
Dual Relic Cut Signature (DRCS) – 8 Cards
Base – 1/1
Cut Signatures (CS) – 90 Cards
Base – 1/1

NNOA.J. PukAthleticsRC
NNOAaron JudgeYankees
NNOAaron NolaPhillies
NNOAdrian BeltreRangers
NNOAdrian BeltreDodgers
NNOAdrian BeltreRed Sox
NNOAlbert PujolsAngels
NNOAlbert PujolsCardinals
NNOAlex BregmanAstros
NNOAlex RodriguezRangers
NNOAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
NNOAndy PettitteYankees
NNOAnthony RizzoCubs
NNOAristides AquinoRedsRC
NNOAustin MeadowsRays
NNOBarry LarkinReds
NNOBlake SnellRays
NNOBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
NNOBryce HarperPhillies
NNOBuster PoseyGiants
NNOCarlton FiskWhite Sox
NNOCC SabathiaYankees
NNOChipper JonesBraves
NNOChris SaleRed Sox
NNOChristian YelichBrewers
NNOCody BellingerDodgers
NNOCorey SeagerDodgers
NNODavid OrtizRed Sox
NNODavid WrightMets
NNODeion SandersBraves
NNODerek JeterYankees
NNODJ LeMahieuYankees
NNOElvis AndrusRangers
NNOFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
NNOFrank ThomasWhite Sox
NNOFreddie FreemanBraves
NNOGeorge SpringerAstros
NNOGleyber TorresYankees
NNOGreg MadduxBraves
NNOHank AaronBraves
NNOJ.T. RealmutoPhillies
NNOJack FlahertyCardinals
NNOJacob deGromMets
NNOJeff BagwellAstros
NNOJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
NNOJim ThomeWhite Sox
NNOJoey VottoReds
NNOJohn SmoltzBraves
NNOJose AltuveAstros
NNOJuan SotoNationals
NNOKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
NNOKen Griffey Jr.Reds
NNOKeston HiuraBrewers
NNOKyle LewisMarinersRC
NNOKyle SchwarberCubs
NNOLarry WalkerRockies
NNOLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
NNOMariano RiveraYankees
NNOMark McGwireAthletics
NNOMasahiro TanakaYankees
NNOMatt ChapmanAthletics
NNOMax MuncyDodgers
NNOMiguel CabreraTigers
NNOMike SorokaBraves
NNOMike TroutAngels
NNONolan ArenadoRockies
NNOPedro MartinezPhillies
NNOPedro MartinezMets
NNOPete AlonsoMets
NNORafael DeversRed Sox
NNOReggie JacksonAngels
NNORhys HoskinsPhillies
NNORickey HendersonMariners
NNORickey HendersonDodgers
NNORickey HendersonMets
NNORickey HendersonPadres
NNORickey HendersonAthletics
NNORoberto AlomarMets
NNORoberto AlomarWhite Sox
NNORoberto AlomarIndians
NNORoberto AlomarBlue Jays
NNORobin YountBrewers
NNORod CarewAngels
NNORoger ClemensYankees
NNORoger ClemensAstros
NNORonald Acuña Jr.Braves
NNOShohei OhtaniAngels
NNOSonny GrayReds
NNOStephen StrasburgNationals
NNOSteve CarltonPhillies
NNOTom GlavineMets
NNOTom GlavineBraves
NNOTrevor BauerReds
NNOTrevor StoryRockies
NNOVictor RoblesNationals
NNOWade BoggsDevil Rays
NNOWade BoggsYankees
NNOWalker BuehlerDodgers
NNOWhit MerrifieldRoyals
NNOWill ClarkGiants
NNOWillson ContrerasCubs
NNOXander BogaertsRed Sox
NNOYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
NNOZac GallenDiamondbacksRC
OTD-AAAristides AquinoReds
OTD-ABAlex BregmanAstros
OTD-AJAaron JudgeYankees
OTD-BHBryce HarperPhillies
OTD-CYChristian YelichBrewers
OTD-JAJose AltuveAstros
OTD-MAMasahiro TanakaYankees
OTD-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
OTD-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
AMLB-AAAristides AquinoRedsRC
AMLB-ABEAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
AMLB-ABRAlex BregmanAstros
AMLB-AJAaron JudgeYankees
AMLB-ANAaron NolaPhillies
AMLB-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
AMLB-ARENolan ArenadoRockies
AMLB-AROAlex RodriguezYankees
AMLB-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
AMLB-BHBryce HarperPhillies
AMLB-BLBarry LarkinReds
AMLB-BMBrendan McKayRaysRC
AMLB-BPBuster PoseyGiants
AMLB-BP2Buster PoseyGiants
AMLB-CBCody BellingerDodgers
AMLB-CJChipper JonesBraves
AMLB-CSChris SaleRed Sox
AMLB-DJDerek JeterYankees
AMLB-DJLDJ LeMahieuYankees
AMLB-DMDustin MayDodgersRC
AMLB-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
AMLB-DWDavid WrightMets
AMLB-EJEloy JimenezWhite Sox
AMLB-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
AMLB-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
AMLB-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
AMLB-GTGleyber TorresYankees
AMLB-JAJose AltuveAstros
AMLB-JFJack FlahertyCardinals
AMLB-JLJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
AMLB-JMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
AMLB-JMAJoe MauerTwins
AMLB-JRJose RamirezIndians
AMLB-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
AMLB-JTJim ThomeWhite Sox
AMLB-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhillies
AMLB-JVJoey VottoReds
AMLB-JV2Joey VottoReds
AMLB-JdJacob deGromMets
AMLB-KGKen Griffey Jr.Reds
AMLB-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
AMLB-KLKyle LewisMarinersRC
AMLB-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
AMLB-LRLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
AMLB-MAMiguel AndujarYankees
AMLB-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
AMLB-MRMariano RiveraYankees
AMLB-MTMike TroutAngels
AMLB-MT2Mike TroutAngels
AMLB-MTAMasahiro TanakaYankees
AMLB-NHNico HoernerCubsRC
AMLB-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
AMLB-RARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
AMLB-RCLRoger ClemensYankees
AMLB-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
AMLB-RHRyan HowardPhillies
AMLB-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
AMLB-SBShane BieberIndians
AMLB-SMSean MurphyAthleticsRC
AMLB-SSSammy SosaCubs
AMLB-TLTim LincecumGiants
AMLB-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
AMLB-VRVictor RoblesNationals
AMLB-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
AMLB-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
AMLB-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
AMLB-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
AMLB-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
ADR-BGBob GibsonCardinals
ADR-BG2Bob GibsonCardinals
ADR-BJMike SchmidtPhillies
ADR-BJ2Mike SchmidtPhillies
ADR-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
ADR-CF2Carlton FiskRed Sox
ADR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
ADR-CR2Cal Ripken Jr.Orioles
ADR-CR3Cal Ripken Jr.Orioles
ADR-CYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
ADR-CY2Carl YastrzemskiRed Sox
ADR-DMDon MattinglyYankees
ADR-DM2Don MattinglyYankees
ADR-DM3Don MattinglyYankees
ADR-EMEdgar MartinezMariners
ADR-EM2Edgar MartinezMariners
ADR-HA1Hank AaronBraves
ADR-HA2Hank AaronBraves
ADR-JBJohnny BenchReds
ADR-JB2Johnny BenchReds
ADR-JB3Johnny BenchReds
ADR-LBLou BrockCardinals
ADR-LB2Lou BrockCardinals
ADR-NR2Nolan RyanRangers
ADR-NR3Nolan RyanAstros
ADR-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
ADR-OS2Ozzie SmithPadres
ADR-RCRod CarewAngels
ADR-RC2Rod CarewTwins
ADR-RCLRoger ClemensBlue Jays
ADR-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
ADR-RJ2Randy JohnsonDiamondbacks
ADR-RJAReggie JacksonYankees
ADR-RJA2Reggie JacksonAthletics
ADR-RSRyne SandbergCubs
ADR-RS2Ryne SandbergCubs
ADR-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
ADR-WB2Wade BoggsRed Sox
DAP-ASRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DAP-ASJuan SotoNationals
DAP-BAAlex BregmanAstros
DAP-BAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DAP-GJBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DAP-GJBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
DAP-GTKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DAP-GTMike TroutAngels
DAP-HBBryce HarperPhillies
DAP-HBKris BryantCubsRC
DAP-HHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DAP-HHBryce HarperPhillies
DAP-JAChipper JonesBraves
DAP-JARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DAP-PDPete AlonsoMets
DAP-PDJacob deGromMets
DAP-TJAaron JudgeYankees
DAP-TJMike TroutAngels
DAP-TOShohei OhtaniAngels
DAP-TOMike TroutAngels
TAP-AGBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
TAP-AGBRoberto AlomarBlue Jays
TAP-AGBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
TAP-AGTRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
TAP-AGTFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
TAP-AGTVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
TAP-ASAJose AltuveAstros
TAP-ASAGeorge SpringerAstros
TAP-ASAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
TAP-ASTJuan SotoNationals
TAP-ASTGleyber TorresYankees
TAP-ASTRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
TAP-BSAGeorge SpringerAstros
TAP-BSAAlex BregmanAstros
TAP-BSAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
TAP-CPLTim LincecumGiants
TAP-CPLWill ClarkGiants
TAP-CPLBuster PoseyGiants
TAP-HHNAaron NolaPhillies
TAP-HHNRhys HoskinsPhillies
TAP-HHNBryce HarperPhillies
TAP-JFAFreddie FreemanBraves
TAP-JFAChipper JonesBraves
TAP-JFARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
TAP-PTOMike TroutAngels
TAP-PTOShohei OhtaniAngels
TAP-PTOAlbert PujolsAngels
TAP-WADDavid WrightMets
TAP-WADJacob deGromMets
TAP-WADPete AlonsoMets
ASEBL-ABAlex BregmanAstros
ASEBL-AJAaron JudgeYankees
ASEBL-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
ASEBL-JDJacob deGromMets
ASEBL-JSJuan SotoNationals
ASEBL-MTMike TroutAngels
ASEBL-PAPete AlonsoMets
ASEBL-RARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
ASEBL-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
ABG-APAlbert PujolsAngels
ABG-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
ABG-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
ABG-JVJoey VottoReds
ABG-MTMike TroutAngels
ABG-NHNico HoernerCubsRC
LDA-AARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
LDA-AAHank AaronBraves
LDA-AGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
LDA-AGJHank AaronBraves
LDA-IMHideki MatsuiYankees
LDA-IOShohei OhtaniAngels
LDA-KRNolan RyanAngels
LDA-KRSandy KoufaxDodgers
DRCS-BRBabe RuthYankees
DRCS-EMEddie MathewsBraves
DRCS-HWHonus WagnerPirates
DRCS-RCRoberto ClementePirates
DRCS-RMRoger MarisYankees
DRCS-TMThurman MunsonYankees
DRCS-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
DRCS-WSWarren SpahnBraves
CS-ABAl BarlickMajor League Baseball
CS-ADAlvin DarkGiants
CS-ALAl LopezWhite Sox
CS-BDBill DickeyYankees
CS-BDOBobby DoerrRed Sox
CS-BFBob FellerIndians
CS-BGBurleigh GrimesDodgers
CS-BHEBilly HermanCubs
CS-BKBowie KuhnMajor League Baseball
CS-BLBuck Leonard
CS-BMBobby MurcerYankees
CS-BONBuck O'Neil
CS-BTBill TerryGiants
CS-BTHBobby ThomsonGiants
CS-BVBill VeeckWhite Sox
CS-CFCarl FurilloDodgers
CS-CGCharlie GehringerTigers
CS-CHACatfish HunterYankees
CS-CHUCarl HubbellGiants
CS-CSCasey StengelYankees
CS-CYCy YoungRed Sox
CS-DBDave BancroftGiants
CS-DDDizzy DeanCardinals
CS-DDRDon DrysdaleDodgers
CS-DSDuke SniderDodgers
CS-DWDick WilliamsOrioles
CS-EAVEarl AverillIndians
CS-EBErnie BanksCubs
CS-ECEarle CombsYankees
CS-EHErnie HarwellTigers
CS-EMEddie MathewsBraves
CS-ESLEnos SlaughterCardinals
CS-EWEarl WeaverOrioles
CS-EWYEarly WynnIndians
CS-FCFrank CrosettiYankees
CS-FFFrankie FrischCardinals
CS-GCGary CarterMets
CS-GHGil HodgesDodgers
CS-GHKGeorge "High Pockets" KellyGiants
CS-GKEGeorge KellTigers
CS-HCHappy ChandlerMajor League Baseball
CS-HGHank GreenbergTigers
CS-HNHal NewhouserTigers
CS-HWHoyt WilhelmWhite Sox
CS-JBUJim BunningTigers
CS-JCJoe CroninRed Sox
CS-JDJoe DiMaggioYankees
CS-JFJimmie FoxxRed Sox
CS-JHJesse HainesCardinals
CS-JJJudy Johnson
CS-JMJoe McCarthyYankees
CS-JMEJoe MedwickCardinals
CS-JMIJohnny MizeCardinals
CS-JNJoe NiekroAstros
CS-KPKirby PuckettTwins
CS-LAPLuke ApplingWhite Sox
CS-LBOLou BoudreauIndians
CS-LDLeo DurocherGiants
CS-LDOLarry DobyIndians
CS-LGLefty GroveRed Sox
CS-LGOLefty GomezYankees
CS-MCMax CareyPirates
CS-MIRMonte IrvinGiants
CS-PRPhil RizzutoYankees
CS-PWRPee Wee ReeseDodgers
CS-RARichie AshburnPhillies
CS-RBRed BarberDodgers
CS-RCARoy CampanellaDodgers
CS-RFRick FerrellBrowns
CS-RKRalph KinerPirates
CS-RMRube MarquardGiants
CS-RRORobin RobertsPhillies
CS-RRURed RuffingYankees
CS-RSRon SantoCubs
CS-RSCRed SchoendienstCardinals
CS-SCStan CoveleskiIndians
CS-SJWSmoky Joe WoodRed Sox
CS-SMStan MusialCardinals
CS-SOSadaharu Oh
CS-SPSatchel PaigeIndians
CS-TJTravis JacksonGiants
CS-TLTed LyonsWhite Sox
CS-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
CS-WAWalter AlstonDodgers
CS-WGWarren GilesMajor League Baseball
CS-WHWaite HoytYankees
CS-WMCWillie McCoveyGiants
CS-WSWillie StargellPirates
CS-WSPWarren SpahnBraves
CS-ZWZack WheatDodgers