2020 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball Checklist

2020 Topps Diamond Icons is packed with hits and has the price tag to prove it.

Every Hobby box promises seven autographs, two autographed relics, and one relic card. Autographs are all on-card and numbered no higher than 25 while relic cards are numbered no higher than 10.

This set is considered incredibly high end with each 10 card box retailing for over $2,000. Collectors on a budget would be advised to search for the specific cards they desire via the secondary market where, although still expensive, prices will be a bit more accessible.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball Checklist
Autographs (AC) – 89 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Purple – #/10
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Autographed Diamond Relics (ADR) – 16 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Gold – 1/1
Autographed Jumbo Patches (AJP) – 40 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Purple – #/10
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Autographed Preeminent Pieces Relics (APP) – 8 Cards
Base – #/3
Gold – 1/1
Cut Signatures (CS) – 135 Cards
Base – #/4
Gold – 1/1
Diamond Icons Autographs (DIA) – 46 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Purple – #/10
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Diamond Relics (DR) – 12 Cards
Base – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Dual-Player Autographed Relics (DPDA) – 11 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Dual-Player Dual Book Relics (DPDR) – 13 Cards
Base – #/10
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Dual Autographed Diamond Book Relics (DPDA) – 8 Cards
Base – #/3
Gold – 1/1
Immortal Cut Signatures (ICS) – 22 Cards
Base – 1/1
MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patches (BLP) – 35 Cards
Base – 1/1
Preeminent Pieces Relics (PP) – 22 Cards
Base – #/10
Spikes – 1/1
Red Ink Autographs (RI) – 62 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Purple – #/10
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Silver Ink Autographs (SI) – 35 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Purple – #/10
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Single-Player Autographed Relics (SPA) – 46 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Single-Player Dual Autographed Relics (SDP) – 8 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Single-Player Dual Team Autographed Relics (SPDT) – 8 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
Single-Player Relics (SPR) – 53 Cards
Base – #/10
Red – #/5
Gold – 1/1
AC-AAQAristides AquinoRedsRC
AC-ADAndre DawsonCubs
AC-AJUAaron JudgeYankees
AC-AKAl KalineTigers
AC-APAndy PettitteYankees
AC-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
AC-AROAlex RodriguezYankees
AC-BICBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
AC-BGBob GibsonCardinals
AC-BLBarry LarkinReds
AC-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
AC-CJChipper JonesBraves
AC-CKEClayton KershawDodgers
AC-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
AC-CSChris SaleRed Sox
AC-DEDennis EckersleyAthletics
AC-DJDerek JeterYankees
AC-DMADon MattinglyYankees
AC-DMUDale MurphyBraves
AC-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
AC-DWRDavid WrightMets
AC-EJEloy JimenezWhite Sox
AC-EMEdgar MartinezMariners
AC-FMFred McGriffBraves
AC-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
AC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
AC-GCOGerrit ColeYankees
AC-GLUGavin LuxDodgersRC
AC-GSPGeorge SpringerAstros
AC-GTGleyber TorresYankees
AC-HAHank AaronBraves
AC-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
AC-JAJose AltuveAstros
AC-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
AC-JBEJohnny BenchReds
AC-JCJose CansecoAthletics
AC-JDJacob deGromMets
AC-JDAJohnny DamonRed Sox
AC-JLUJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
AC-JMJuan MarichalGiants
AC-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
AC-JSOJuan SotoNationals
AC-JTHJim ThomePhillies
AC-JVJoey VottoReds
AC-JVAJason VaritekRed Sox
AC-KBKris BryantCubs
AC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
AC-KHChristian YelichBrewers
AC-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
AC-LBLou BrockCardinals
AC-LROLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
AC-LSDJ LeMahieuYankees
AC-LUXGavin LuxDodgersRC
AC-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
AC-MMCMark McGwireCardinals
AC-MSCMike SchmidtPhillies
AC-MTMike TroutAngels
AC-MTAMasahiro TanakaYankees
AC-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
AC-NHNico HoernerCubsRC
AC-NRNolan RyanRangers
AC-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
AC-PAPete AlonsoMets
AC-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
AC-RARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
AC-RALRoberto AlomarIndians
AC-RCRod CarewAngels
AC-RCLRoger ClemensRed Sox
AC-RDERafael DeversRed Sox
AC-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
AC-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
AC-RJReggie JacksonYankees
AC-RJORandy JohnsonMariners
AC-RSRyne SandbergCubs
AC-RYRobin YountBrewers
AC-SBIShane BieberIndians
AC-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
AC-SCHMax ScherzerNationals
AC-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
AC-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
AC-TGTom GlavineBraves
AC-VGVladimir GuerreroExpos
AC-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
AC-WBUWalker BuehlerDodgers
AC-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
AC-WCLWill ClarkGiants
AC-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
AC-YALYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
RI-AAAristides AquinoRedsRC
RI-AJUAaron JudgeYankees
RI-AKAAl KalineTigers
RI-APAndy PettitteYankees
RI-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
RI-BGBob GibsonCardinals
RI-BHBryce HarperPhillies
RI-BLBarry LarkinReds
RI-BPBuster PoseyGiants
RI-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
RI-CJChipper JonesBraves
RI-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
RI-CSChris SaleRed Sox
RI-DEDennis EckersleyAthletics
RI-DMADon MattinglyYankees
RI-DORDavid OrtizRed Sox
RI-EJIEloy JimenezWhite Sox
RI-EMAEdgar MartinezMariners
RI-FEFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
RI-FTHFrank ThomasWhite Sox
RI-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
RI-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
RI-GTGleyber TorresYankees
RI-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
RI-JAJose AltuveAstros
RI-JBJohnny BenchReds
RI-JDJacob deGromMets
RI-JMAJuan MarichalGiants
RI-JSJuan SotoNationals
RI-JVJoey VottoReds
RI-KBRKris BryantCubs
RI-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
RI-LBLou BrockCardinals
RI-LROLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
RI-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
RI-MMMark McGwireAthletics
RI-MMUMike MussinaOrioles
RI-MTMasahiro TanakaYankees
RI-MTRMike TroutAngels
RI-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
RI-NHONico HoernerCubsRC
RI-NRYNolan RyanAngels
RI-OZMOzzie SmithCardinals
RI-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
RI-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
RI-RALRoberto AlomarBlue Jays
RI-RCARod CarewTwins
RI-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
RI-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
RI-RHERickey HendersonAthletics
RI-RJReggie JacksonAthletics
RI-RJORandy JohnsonMariners
RI-RSARyne SandbergCubs
RI-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
RI-TGTom GlavineBraves
RI-TLTim LincecumGiants
RI-VGVladimir GuerreroExpos
RI-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
RI-WBUWalker BuehlerDodgers
RI-WIWill ClarkGiants
RI-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
SI-AJUAaron JudgeYankees
SI-AKAAl KalineTigers
SI-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
SI-BLBarry LarkinReds
SI-BSBlake SnellRays
SI-DMDon MattinglyYankees
SI-DORDavid OrtizRed Sox
SI-DSDarryl StrawberryMets
SI-FTHFrank ThomasWhite Sox
SI-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
SI-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
SI-GTGleyber TorresYankees
SI-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
SI-JDJacob deGromMets
SI-JMJuan MarichalGiants
SI-JSJuan SotoNationals
SI-KBKris BryantCubs
SI-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
SI-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
SI-LRLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
SI-MSMax ScherzerNationals
SI-MTMasahiro TanakaYankees
SI-NRNolan RyanMets
SI-OZOzzie SmithCardinals
SI-PAPete AlonsoMets
SI-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
SI-RCRod CarewAngels
SI-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
SI-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
SI-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
SI-RSRyne SandbergCubs
SI-VGVladimir GuerreroExpos
SI-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
SI-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DIA-AAQAristides AquinoRedsRC
DIA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
DIA-ANOAaron NolaPhillies
DIA-ARAlex RodriguezYankees
DIA-BBIBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DIA-BHBryce HarperPhillies
DIA-BLBarry LarkinReds
DIA-CCCC SabathiaYankees
DIA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
DIA-CYChristian YelichBrewers
DIA-DMDon MattinglyYankees
DIA-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
DIA-DSDarryl StrawberryMets
DIA-DWDavid WrightMets
DIA-EJEloy JimenezWhite Sox
DIA-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DIA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DIA-GCOGerrit ColeYankees
DIA-GLUGavin LuxDodgersRC
DIA-GTGleyber TorresYankees
DIA-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
DIA-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
DIA-JFJack FlahertyCardinals
DIA-JSJuan SotoNationals
DIA-JTHJim ThomeIndians
DIA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Reds
DIA-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
DIA-LRLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
DIA-MMMark McGwireAthletics
DIA-MSMax ScherzerNationals
DIA-MSCMike SchmidtPhillies
DIA-MTMike TroutAngels
DIA-NRNolan RyanAstros
DIA-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
DIA-PAPete AlonsoMets
DIA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DIA-RCRoger ClemensBlue Jays
DIA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
DIA-RYRobin YountBrewers
DIA-SCASteve CarltonPhillies
DIA-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
DIA-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
DIA-TLTim LincecumGiants
DIA-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
DIA-YALYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
AJP-ABEAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
AJP-AJAaron JudgeYankees
AJP-ANAaron NolaPhillies
AJP-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
AJP-BHBryce HarperPhillies
AJP-BPBuster PoseyGiants
AJP-CLClayton KershawDodgers
AJP-CPChris PaddackPadres
AJP-CYChristian YelichBrewers
AJP-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
AJP-EMAEdgar MartinezMariners
AJP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
AJP-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
AJP-GTGleyber TorresYankees
AJP-JAJose AltuveAstros
AJP-JFLJack FlahertyCardinals
AJP-JRJose RamirezIndians
AJP-JVJoey VottoReds
AJP-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
AJP-KHIKeston HiuraBrewers
AJP-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
AJP-MAXMax ScherzerNationals
AJP-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
AJP-MHMasahiro TanakaYankees
AJP-MTMike TroutAngels
AJP-MTEMark TeixeiraYankees
AJP-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
AJP-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
AJP-RALRoberto AlomarMets
AJP-RHERickey HendersonMets
AJP-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
AJP-SBIShane BieberIndians
AJP-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
AJP-TLTim LincecumGiants
AJP-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
AJP-WBOWade BoggsDevil Rays
AJP-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
AJP-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
AJP-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
AJP-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
SPA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
SPA-ARAlex RodriguezMariners
SPA-AZAnthony RizzoCubs
SPA-BHBryce HarperPhillies
SPA-BLBarry LarkinReds
SPA-CJChipper JonesBraves
SPA-CKClayton KershawDodgers
SPA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
SPA-CSChris SaleRed Sox
SPA-CYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
SPA-DMDon MattinglyYankees
SPA-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
SPA-DWDavid WrightMets
SPA-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
SPA-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
SPA-GTGleyber TorresYankees
SPA-HAHank AaronBraves
SPA-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
SPA-JAJose AltuveAstros
SPA-JBJohnny BenchReds
SPA-JDJacob deGromMets
SPA-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
SPA-JVJoey VottoReds
SPA-KBKris BryantCubs
SPA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
SPA-MMMark McGwireAthletics
SPA-MRMariano RiveraYankees
SPA-MSMasahiro TanakaYankees
SPA-MSCMike SchmidtPhillies
SPA-MTMike TroutAngels
SPA-NRNolan RyanRangers
SPA-NRYNolan RyanAstros
SPA-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
SPA-PAPete AlonsoMets
SPA-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
SPA-PMPedro MartinezRed Sox
SPA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
SPA-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
SPA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
SPA-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
SPA-RSRyne SandbergCubs
SPA-RYRobin YountBrewers
SPA-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
SPA-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
SPA-WCWill ClarkGiants
SPD-AJAaron JudgeYankees
SPD-BHBryce HarperPhillies
SPD-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
SPD-MTMike TroutAngels
SPD-PAPete AlonsoMets
SPD-RARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
SPD-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
DPDA-GTRMike TroutAngels
DPDA-GTRKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DPDA-IMHideki MatsuiYankees
DPDA-IOShohei OhtaniAngels
DPDA-JARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DPDA-JAChipper JonesBraves
DPDA-JTAaron JudgeYankees
DPDA-JTGleyber TorresYankees
DPDA-LPBuster PoseyGiants
DPDA-LPTim LincecumGiants
DPDA-SBRRyne SandbergCubs
DPDA-SBRKris BryantCubs
DPDA-SHABryce HarperPhillies
DPDA-SHAMike SchmidtPhillies
DPDA-TOMike TroutAngels
DPDA-TOShohei OhtaniAngels
DPDA-WAPete AlonsoMets
DPDA-WADavid WrightMets
DPDA-YODavid OrtizRed Sox
DPDA-YOCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
ADR-AJAaron JudgeYankees
ADR-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
ADR-BHBryce HarperPhillies
ADR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
ADR-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
ADR-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
ADR-KBKris BryantCubs
ADR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
ADR-MTMike TroutAngels
ADR-PAPete AlonsoMets
ADR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
ADR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
ADR-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
ADR-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
ADR-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DPDA-AGJHank AaronBravesRelic Book
DPDA-AGJKen Griffey Jr.MarinersRelic Book
DPDA-GTRMike TroutAngelsRelic Book
DPDA-GTRKen Griffey Jr.MarinersRelic Book
DPDA-IMIchiroMarinersRelic Book
DPDA-IMHideki MatsuiYankeesRelic Book
DPDA-IOIchiroMarinersRelic Book
DPDA-IOShohei OhtaniAngelsRelic Book
DPDA-JALPete AlonsoMetsRelic Book
DPDA-JALAaron JudgeYankeesRelic Book
DPDA-KAHank AaronBravesRelic Book
DPDA-KASandy KoufaxDodgersRelic Book
DPDA-MTAMasahiro TanakaYankeesRelic Book
DPDA-MTAHideki MatsuiYankeesRelic Book
DPDA-TAJMike TroutAngelsRelic Book
DPDA-TAJRonald Acuña Jr.BravesRelic Book
APP-ABAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
APP-AROAlex RodriguezMariners
APP-BMBrendan McKayRaysRC
APP-KBKris BryantCubs
APP-KSCKyle SchwarberCubs
APP-TANTim AndersonWhite Sox
APP-WBWade BoggsYankees
SPDT-ARAlex RodriguezMariners
SPDT-BHBryce HarperNationals
SPDT-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Reds
SPDT-MCMiguel CabreraMarlins
SPDT-MMCMark McGwireCardinals
SPDT-NRNolan RyanAstros
SPDT-RJReggie JacksonAthletics
SPR-ABAlex BregmanAstros
SPR-AJAaron JudgeYankees
SPR-ARAlex RodriguezYankees
SPR-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
SPR-BHBryce HarperPhillies
SPR-BLBarry LarkinReds
SPR-BPBuster PoseyGiants
SPR-CBECody BellingerDodgers
SPR-CCYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
SPR-CJChipper JonesBraves
SPR-CKClayton KershawDodgers
SPR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
SPR-CYChristian YelichBrewers
SPR-DMDon MattinglyYankees
SPR-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
SPR-EMEddie MathewsBraves
SPR-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
SPR-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
SPR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
SPR-GBGeorge BrettRoyals
SPR-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
SPR-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
SPR-HWHonus WagnerPirates
SPR-JBJohnny BenchReds
SPR-JOAJose AltuveAstros
SPR-JVJoey VottoReds
SPR-KBKris BryantCubs
SPR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
SPR-KGJRKen Griffey Jr.Reds
SPR-MAMManny MachadoPadres
SPR-MBEMookie BettsRed Sox
SPR-MMMark McGwireAthletics
SPR-MRMariano RiveraYankees
SPR-MSCMike SchmidtPhillies
SPR-MTMasahiro TanakaYankees
SPR-MTRMike TroutAngels
SPR-NRNolan RyanAstros
SPR-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
SPR-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
SPR-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
SPR-PMPedro MartinezRed Sox
SPR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
SPR-RCLRoberto ClementePirates
SPR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
SPR-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
SPR-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
SPR-RSRyne SandbergCubs
SPR-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
SPR-TGTony GwynnPadres
SPR-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
SPR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
SPR-WCWill ClarkGiants
SPR-WMWillie MaysGiants
DR-AJAaron JudgeYankees
DR-BRBabe RuthYankees
DR-HAHank AaronBraves
DR-JRJackie RobinsonDodgers
DR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DR-LGLou GehrigYankees
DR-MTMike TroutAngels
DR-RCRoberto ClementePirates
DR-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
DR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
DR-WMAWillie MaysGiants
BLP-ABAlex BregmanAstros
BLP-AJAaron JudgeYankees
BLP-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
BLP-BHBryce HarperPhillies
BLP-BPBuster PoseyGiants
BLP-CCCarlos CorreaAstros
BLP-CHSChris SaleRed Sox
BLP-CJChipper JonesBraves
BLP-CKClayton KershawDodgers
BLP-CSCorey SeagerDodgers
BLP-CYChristian YelichBrewers
BLP-DJCody BellingerDodgers
BLP-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
BLP-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
BLP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
BLP-GISGiancarlo StantonYankees
BLP-GSGary SanchezYankees
BLP-GSPGeorge SpringerAstros
BLP-JAJose AltuveAstros
BLP-JBJavier BaezCubs
BLP-JDJacob deGromMets
BLP-JVJoey VottoReds
BLP-KBKris BryantCubs
BLP-MATMasahiro TanakaYankees
BLP-MBMookie BettsRed Sox
BLP-MSMax ScherzerNationals
BLP-MTMike TroutAngels
BLP-NANolan ArenadoRockies
BLP-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
BLP-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
BLP-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
BLP-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
BLP-TTTrea TurnerNationals
BLP-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
BLP-YMYadier MolinaCardinals
DPDR-ASJuan SotoNationals
DPDR-ASRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DPDR-GTKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DPDR-GTMike TroutAngels
DPDR-IOShohei OhtaniAngels
DPDR-JSGiancarlo StantonYankees
DPDR-JSAaron JudgeYankees
DPDR-MAHank AaronBraves
DPDR-MAWillie MaysGiants
DPDR-MGJWillie MaysGiants
DPDR-MGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DPDR-MIHideki MatsuiYankees
DPDR-MJDon MattinglyYankees
DPDR-MJAaron JudgeYankees
DPDR-SBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
DPDR-SBFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DPDR-TAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DPDR-TAJMike TroutAngels
DPDR-THBryce HarperPhillies
DPDR-THMike TroutAngels
DPDR-TOMike TroutAngels
DPDR-TOShohei OhtaniAngels
DPDR-WYTed WilliamsRed Sox
DPDR-WYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
PP-ABEAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
PP-ABRAlex BregmanAstros
PP-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
PP-ARODAlex RodriguezMariners
PP-BMCBrendan McKayRaysRC
PP-CBCody BellingerDodgers
PP-CCOCarlos CorreaAstros
PP-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
PP-JABJose AbreuWhite Sox
PP-JDAJohnny DamonYankees
PP-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
PP-KBRKris BryantCubs
PP-KSCKyle SchwarberCubs
PP-MSCMax ScherzerNationals
PP-PGOPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
PP-PMAPedro MartinezMets
PP-RCRobinson CanoMets
PP-RHRyan HowardPhillies
PP-TATim AndersonWhite Sox
PP-TSTrevor StoryRockies
PP-WBWade BoggsYankees
CS-ABAl BarlickMLB
CS-ADAlvin DarkGiants
CS-ALAl LopezWhite Sox
CS-BDBill DickeyYankees
CS-BFBob FriendPirates
CS-BFEBob FellerIndians
CS-BFELBob FellerIndians
CS-BGBurleigh GrimesDodgers
CS-BHBilly HermanCubs
CS-BHABucky HarrisSenators
CS-BLBob LemonIndians
CS-BLEBuck Leonard
CS-BMBobby MurcerYankees
CS-BODBobby DoerrRed Sox
CS-BOTBobby ThomsonGiants
CS-BRBobby RichardsonYankees
CS-BTBill TerryGiants
CS-BTHBobby ThomsonGiants
CS-BUHBucky HarrisSenators
CS-BVBill VeeckIndians
CS-CAHCarl HubbellGiants
CS-CFCarl FurilloDodgers
CS-CFLCurt FloodCardinals
CS-CGCharlie GehringerTigers
CS-CHCarl HubbellGiants
CS-CHAChick HafeyCardinals
CS-DBDave BancroftGiants
CS-DDDon DrysdaleDodgers
CS-DGDick GroatPirates
CS-DSDuke SniderDodgers
CS-DSIDuke SniderDodgers
CS-DWDick WilliamsAthletics
CS-EAEarl AverillIndians
CS-EBAErnie BanksCubs
CS-EFElmer FlickPhillies
CS-EHErnie HarwellTigers
CS-EJEddie Joost