2018 Topps Doctor Who Signature Series Checklist

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2018 Topps Doctor Who Signature Series are exactly what the title implies: signatures. Each pack contains one autographed trading card from the popular BBC franchise.

Packs are available exclusively online (see link on the sidebar).

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series and can be searched or sorted as needed.

2018 Topps Doctor Who Signature Seires Checklist
Total Set – 96 Cards
The Doctors (DWA) – 7 Cards
Companions (DWA) – 19 Cards
Guests & Recurring (DWA) – 52 Cards
Dual Auto (DWDA) – 11 Cards
Triple Auto (DWTA) – 7 Cards
DWA-DTDavid Tennant as The Tenth DoctorDoctors
DWA-JHJohn Hurt as The War DoctorDoctors
DWA-PDPeter Davison as The Fifth DoctorDoctors
DWA-CBColin Baker as The Sixth DoctorDoctors
DWA-SMSSylvester McCoy as The Seventh DoctorDoctors
DWA-SMCSylvester McCoy as The Seventh DoctorDoctors
DWA-PMGPaul McGann as The Eighth DoctorDoctors
DWA-BPRBillie Piper as Rose TylerCompanions
DWA-BPMBillie Piper as The MomentCompanions
DWA-JCCJenna Coleman as Clara OwaldCompanions
DWA-JCOJames Corden as Craig OwensCompanions
DWA-JCJames Corden as Craig OwensCompanions
DWA-AKRAlex Kingston as River SongCompanions
DWA-AKSAlex Kingston as River SongCompanions
DWA-ADRArthur Darvill as Rory WilliamsCompanions
DWA-ADArthur Darvill as Rory (Last Centurion)Companions
DWA-FAFreema Agyeman as Martha JonesCompanions
DWA-JBJohn Barrowman as Capt. Jack HarknessCompanions
DWA-NCNoel Clarke as Mickey SmithCompanions
DWA-IOIngrid Oliver as OsgoodCompanions
DWA-SASamuel Anderson as Danny PinkCompanions
DWA-SADSamuel Anderson as Danny PinkCompanions
DWA-BCBernard Cribbins as Wilfred MottCompanions
DWA-CAFCarol Anne Ford as Susan ForemanCompanions
DWA-KMKaty Manning as Jo GrantCompanions
DWA-FHFrazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmonCompanions
DWDA-PCBillie Piper & Camille CoduriDual Auto
DWDA-CRJenna Coleman & Jemma RedgraveDual Auto
DWDA-ACFreema Agyeman & Noel ClarkeDual Auto
DWDA-BMJohn Barrowman & Eve MylesDual Auto
DWDA-ABFreema Agyeman & John BarrowmanDual Auto
DWDA-MSNeve McIntosh & Catrin StewartDual Auto
DWDA-ORIngrid Oliver & Jemma RedgraveDual Auto
DWDA-CKBernard Cribbins & Jacqueline KingDual Auto
DWDA-TPRussell Tovey & Geoffrey PalmerDual Auto
DWDA-MBTerry Molloy & Nicholas BriggsDual Auto
DWDA-METerry Molloy & Barnaby EdwardsDual Auto
DWA-DJYDerek Jacobi as Professor YanaGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-DJMDerek Jacobi as The MasterGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-MGMark Gatiss as Captain StewartGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-MGGMark Gatiss as GantokGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-NFNick Frost as Santa ClausGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-CLKHChris Lew Kum Hoi as AlphonseGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-SHSonita Henry as MemeGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-LCLachele Carl as Trinity WellsGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-TKTommy Knight as Luke SmithGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-MGMMichelle Gomez as MissyGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-JKJacqueline King as Sylvia NobleGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-JBJJohn Simm as The MasterGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-NMNeve McIntosh as Madame VastraGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-CSCatrin Stewart as Jenny FlintGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-DSDan Starkey as StraxGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-JDJoe Dempsie as ClineGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-EFElizabeth Fost as SlitheenGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-KMJKemi-Bo Jacobs as Hila Tacorien Guest Stars & Recurring
DWA-JRQJami Reid-Quarrell as Colony SarffGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-SRStruan Ridger as the Face of BoeGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-MBMichael Brandon as General SanchezGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-MCMartha Cope as The ControllerGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-SDShaun Dingwall as Pete TylerGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-BRBen Righton as Oliver MorgensternGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-CCChipo Chung as ChanthoGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-SMStuart Milligan as Richard NixonGuest Stars & Recurring
DWTA-PACBillie Piper, Freema Agyemen & Noel ClarkTriple Autos
DWTA-PTWBillie Piper, Will Thorp & Gabriel WoolfTriple Autos
DWTA-CROJenna Coleman, Jemma Redgrave & Ingrid OliverTriple Autos
DWTA-CABJenna Coleman, Samuel Anderson & Nicholas BriggsTriple Autos
DWTA-KDMAlex Kingston, Arthur Darvill & Sarah Louise MadisonTriple Autos
DWTA-KDBAlex Kingston, Arthur Darvill & Frances BarberTriple Autos
DWTA-SABJohn Simm, Freema Agyeman & John BarrowmanTriple Autos
DWA-ASAdrian Scarborough as Kahler-JexGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-ASKAdrian Scarborough as Kahler-JexGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-LRLee Ross as Boatswain of The FancyGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-GMGeorgia Moffett as JennyGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-CCJCamille Coduri as Jackie TylerGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-RTRussell Tovey as Alonso FrameGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-ASHAnthony Head as Mr. FinchGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-JRJemma Redgrave as Kate StewartGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-NTWNina Toussaint-White as MelsGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-SFBSimon Fisher-Becker as Dorium MaldovarGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-SPEmpress of the Racnoss Guest Stars & Recurring
DWA-GPGeoffrey Palmer as Captain HardakerGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-EMEve Myles as Gwen CooperGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-GDLGareth David-Lloyd as Ianto JonesGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-FBFrances Barber as Madame KovarianGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-SLMSarah Louisse Madison as Weeping AngelGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-DCDebbie Chazen as Foon Van HoffGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-TMTerry Molloy as DavrosGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-MVDBMarnix van den Broeke as The SilenceGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-ABAndrew Brooke as Kahler-TekGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-NBNicholas Briggs as CybermenGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-HGHannah Gordon as Kirsty McLarenGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-KHKeeley Hawes as Ms. DelphoxGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-CRClaire Rushbrook as Ida ScottGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-JLJohn Levene as John BentonGuest Stars & Recurring
DWA-WTWill Thorp as Toby ZedGuest Stars & Recurring