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2016 Topps Tier One baseball cards are a high-end collection with every hobby box guaranteed to provide a relic and two autograph cards.

Each pack contains three cards and there is one pack per hobby box. An Asia edition was also released through GTS Distribution which includes red ink parallel autographs numbered to five.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series and can be sorted by card number, player, team, or rookie status.

2016 Topps Tier One Checklist
Breakout Autographs (BOA) – 81 Cards, #/Up to 299
Copper – #/25
Silver – #/10
Red – #/5 (Asia Exclusive)
Gold – 1/1
Clear One Autographs (C1A) – 21 Cards, #/Up to 25
Cut Signatures (CS) – 19 Cards, 1/1
Cut Signature Relics (CSR)
Dual Autographs (DA) – 12 Cards, #/25
Limited Lumber (LL) – 108 Cards 1/1
Autographed Limited Lumber (ALL) – 38 Cards, 1/1
Prime Performers Auto (PP) – 88 Cards, #/Up to 299
Copper – #/25
Silver – #/10
Red – #/5 (Asia Exclusive)
Gold – 1/1
Prodigious Patches (PP) – 25 Cards, #/10
Autograph Prodigious Patches (APP) – 22 Cards, #/10
Platinum – #/5
Tier One All Star Relic (T1ASR) – 50 Cards, 1/1
Tier One Autographs (T1A) – 28 Cards, #/Up to 99
Copper – #/25
Silver – #/10
Gold – 1/1
Tier One Bat Knobs (T1BK) – 87 Cards, 1/1
Tier One Autograph Bat Knobs (T1ABK) – 43 Cards, 1/1
Tier One Relics (T1R) – 76 Cards, #/Up to 399
Dual – #/50
Triple – #/5
Tier One Relics Legends (T1RL) – 18 Cards, #/Up to 99
Dual – #/25
Triple – #/5
Tier One Auto Relics (AT1R) – 25 Cards, #/Up to 149
Dual – #/25
Triple – 1/1
Dual Auto Tier One Relic (DATOR) – 25 Cards, #/10
Tool of the Trade Auto Relic (TTAR) – 47 Cards, 1/1
Triple Auto (TA) – 5 Cards, #/10
T1A-BHBryce HarperNationals
T1A-BJBo JacksonRoyals
T1A-BPBuster PoseyGiants
T1A-CBCraig BiggioAstros
T1A-CCCarlos CorreaAstros
T1A-CJChipper JonesBraves
T1A-CKClayton KershawDodgers
T1A-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
T1A-CYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
T1A-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
T1A-GMGreg MadduxBraves
T1A-HAHank AaronBraves
T1A-JBJohnny BenchReds
T1A-KBKris BryantCubs
T1A-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
T1A-MMMark McGwireCardinals
T1A-MPMike PiazzaMets
T1A-MTMike TroutAngels
T1A-NRNolan RyanAngels
T1A-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
T1A-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
T1A-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
T1A-RJAReggie JacksonAthletics
T1A-RJORandy JohnsonMariners
T1A-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
T1A-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
T1A-YDYu DarvishRangers
BOA-ACAlex ColomeRays
BOA-ANLAaron NolaPhilliesRC
BOA-ANOAaron NolaPhilliesRC
BOA-BDBrandon DruryDiamondbacksRC
BOA-BDRBrandon DruryDiamondbacksRC
BOA-BHBrock HoltRed Sox
BOA-BJBrian JohnsonRed SoxRC
BOA-BSIBlake SwihartRed Sox
BOA-BSWBlake SwihartRed Sox
BOA-BYPByung-Ho ParkTwinsRC
BOA-CEDCarl Edwards Jr.CubsRC
BOA-CEJCarl Edwards Jr.CubsRC
BOA-CEWCarl Edwards Jr.CubsRC
BOA-CHEChris HestonGiants
BOA-CHSChris HestonGiants
BOA-CMCarlos MartinezCardinals
BOA-CRAColin ReaPadresRC
BOA-CREColin ReaPadresRC
BOA-CROCarlos RodonWhite Sox
BOA-CSACorey SeagerDodgersRC
BOA-CSECorey SeagerDodgersRC
BOA-DPDalton PompeyBlue Jays
BOA-DTDevon TravisBlue Jays
BOA-EREduardo RodriguezRed Sox
BOA-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
BOA-GBIGreg BirdYankeesRC
BOA-GBRGreg BirdYankeesRC
BOA-HOEHenry OwensRed SoxRC
BOA-HOIHector OliveraBravesRC
BOA-HOLHector OliveraBravesRC
BOA-HOWHenry OwensRed SoxRC
BOA-JDJacob deGromMets
BOA-JFAJeurys FamiliaMets
BOA-JGRJon GrayRockiesRC
BOA-JHAJesse HahnAthletics
BOA-JPAJoe PanikGiants
BOA-JPDJoc PedersonDodgers
BOA-JRJ.T. RealmutoMarlins
BOA-JSJorge SolerCubs
BOA-KMKetel MarteMarinersRC
BOA-KMAKenta MaedaDodgers
BOA-KPKevin PlaweckiMets
BOA-KSCKyle SchwarberCubsRC
BOA-KWAKyle WaldropRedsRC
BOA-KWLKyle WaldropRedsRC
BOA-KWOKolten WongCardinals
BOA-LJLuke JacksonRangersRC
BOA-LSELuis SeverinoYankeesRC
BOA-MALMiguel AlmonteRoyalsRC
BOA-MCNMichael ConfortoMetsRC
BOA-MDFMatt DuffyGiants
BOA-MDUMatt DuffyGiants
BOA-MREMichael ReedBrewersRC
BOA-MRYMatt ReynoldsMetsRC
BOA-MSAMiguel SanoTwinsRC
BOA-MSEMarcus SemienAthletics
BOA-MSHMatt ShoemakerAngels
BOA-MSNMiguel SanoTwinsRC
BOA-MTMichael TaylorNationals
BOA-MWIMatt WislerBraves
BOA-MWMMac WilliamsonGiantsRC
BOA-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
BOA-POBPeter O'BrienDiamondbacksRC
BOA-RMORaul MondesiRoyalsRC
BOA-RRFRob RefsnyderYankeesRC
BOA-RRSRob RefsnyderYankeesRC
BOA-RSARichie ShafferRaysRC
BOA-RSHRichie ShafferRaysRC
BOA-SGSonny GrayAthletics
BOA-SHSlade HeathcottYankees
BOA-SMASteven MatzMets
BOA-SMTSteven MatzMets
BOA-SPIStephen PiscottyCardinalsRC
BOA-SPSStephen PiscottyCardinalsRC
BOA-THT.J. HouseIndians
BOA-TMUTom MurphyRockiesRC
BOA-TTRTrea TurnerNationalsRC
BOA-TTUTrea TurnerNationalsRC
BOA-ZLZach LeeDodgersRC
BOA-ZLEZach LeeDodgersRC
BOA-ZWZack WheelerMets
PP-ADAndre DawsonCubs
PP-AEAlcides EscobarRoyals
PP-AGAAndres GalarragaExpos
PP-AGNAdrian GonzalezDodgers
PP-AGOAlex GordonRoyals
PP-AJAdam JonesOrioles
PP-AKAl KalineTigers
PP-AMIAndrew MillerYankees
PP-BBOBret BooneMariners
PP-BLBarry LarkinReds
PP-BMCBrian McCannYankees
PP-BMOBrandon MossCardinals
PP-BPBrandon PhillipsReds
PP-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
PP-CDECarlos DelgadoBlue Jays
PP-CDLCarlos DelgadoBlue Jays
PP-CFCarlton FiskWhite Sox
PP-CHACole HamelsRangers
PP-CHEChase HeadleyYankees
PP-CKCorey KluberIndians
PP-CSAChris SaleWhite Sox
PP-CSLChris SaleWhite Sox
PP-CYChristian YelichMarlins
PP-DEDennis EckersleyAthletics
PP-DGODee GordonMarlins
PP-DGRDidi GregoriusYankees
PP-DKEDallas KeuchelAstros
PP-DMADon MattinglyYankees
PP-DMEDevin MesoracoReds
PP-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
PP-DWRDavid WrightMets
PP-EEEdwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
PP-ELEvan LongoriaRays
PP-EMEdgar MartinezMariners
PP-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
PP-FMFred McGriffBraves
PP-FRFrank RobinsonOrioles
PP-FVAFernando ValenzuelaDodgers
PP-FVLFernando ValenzuelaDodgers
PP-GRGarrett RichardsAngels
PP-HRHanley RamirezRed Sox
PP-JAJose AltuveAstros
PP-JGJuan GonzalezRangers
PP-JHAJosh HarrisonPirates
PP-JPAJimmy ParedesOrioles
PP-JRJim RiceRed Sox
PP-JSHJames ShieldsPadres
PP-JSMJohn SmoltzBraves
PP-KSEKyle SeagerMariners
PP-KSUKurt SuzukiTwins
PP-LDLucas DudaMets
PP-LGLuis GonzalezDiamondbacks
PP-MCAMatt CainGiants
PP-MMAMike MathenyCardinals
PP-MMCManny MachadoOrioles
PP-MPMark PriorCubs
PP-MTMark TeixeiraYankees
PP-MWIMatt WilliamsGiants
PP-MZMike ZuninoMariners
PP-NEONathan EovaldiYankees
PP-NEVNathan EovaldiYankees
PP-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
PP-OCOrlando CepedaGiants
PP-OVIOmar VizquelIndians
PP-OVZOmar VizquelIndians
PP-PMOPaul MolitorBrewers
PP-PNPhil NiekroBraves
PP-POPaul O'NeillYankees
PP-PSPablo SandovalRed Sox
PP-RARoberto AlomarBlue Jays
PP-RBRyan BraunBrewers
PP-RCARod CarewAngels
PP-RCNRobinson CanoMariners
PP-RPARafael PalmeiroRangers
PP-RPORick PorcelloRed Sox
PP-RSRyne SandbergCubs
PP-RYRobin YountBrewers
PP-SGEShawn GreenBlue Jays
PP-SGRShawn GreenBlue Jays
PP-SMAStarling MartePirates
PP-SMTStarling MartePirates
PP-TGTom GlavineBraves
PP-TTTroy TulowitzkiBlue Jays
PP-VCOVince ColemanCardinals
PP-VVVince ColemanCardinals
PP-WMYWil MyersPadres
PP-YGOYan GomesIndians
PP-YGRYasmani GrandalDodgers
C1A-AJAdam JonesOrioles
C1A-AMAndrew MillerYankees
C1A-BLBarry LarkinReds
C1A-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
C1A-CCCarlos CorreaAstros
C1A-CSCorey SeagerDodgers
C1A-DKDallas KeuchelAstros
C1A-DMDon MattinglyYankees
C1A-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
C1A-HOHector OliveraBraves
C1A-JAJose AbreuWhite Sox
C1A-JCJose CansecoAthletics
C1A-JFJeurys FamiliaMets
C1A-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
C1A-LSLuis SeverinoYankees
C1A-MSMiguel SanoTwins
C1A-MTMike TroutAngels
C1A-PMPaul MolitorBrewers
C1A-PSPablo SandovalRed Sox
C1A-RCRod CarewAngels
C1A-TTTroy TulowitzkiBlue Jays
DA-AGMoises AlouExpos
DA-AGAndres GalarragaExpos
DA-BACraig BiggioAstros
DA-BAJose AltuveAstros
DA-CAJose AltuveAstros
DA-CACarlos CorreaAstros
DA-ETEdwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
DA-ETTroy TulowitzkiBlue Jays
DA-GJAlex GordonRoyals
DA-GJBo JacksonRoyals
DA-JRAdam JonesOrioles
DA-JRFrank RobinsonOrioles
DA-KKClayton KershawDodgers
DA-KKSandy KoufaxDodgers
DA-LPBarry LarkinReds
DA-LPBrandon PhillipsReds
DA-OJChipper JonesBraves
DA-OJHector OliveraBraves
DA-RGDidi GregoriusYankees
DA-RGRob RefsnyderYankees
DA-SMNoah SyndergaardMets
DA-SMSteven MatzMets
DA-TAHank AaronBraves
DA-TAMike TroutAngels
TA-CBLCarlos CorreaAstros
TA-CBLFrancisco LindorIndians
TA-CBLKris BryantCubs
TA-HDSNoah SyndergaardMets
TA-HDSMatt HarveyMets
TA-HDSJacob deGromMets
TA-KPSCorey SeagerDodgers
TA-KPSClayton KershawDodgers
TA-KPSJoc PedersonDodgers
TA-MRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
TA-MRJAdam JonesOrioles
TA-MRJManny MachadoOrioles
TA-OPRDustin PedroiaRed Sox
TA-OPRDavid OrtizRed Sox
TA-OPRHanley RamirezRed Sox
TTAR-AGAlex GordonRoyals
TTAR-BHBryce HarperNationals
TTAR-BJBo JacksonRoyals
TTAR-BLBarry LarkinReds
TTAR-BPBuster PoseyGiants
TTAR-CCCarlos CorreaAstros
TTAR-CJChipper JonesBraves
TTAR-CKEClayton KershawDodgers
TTAR-CKLCorey KluberIndians
TTAR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
TTAR-CSAChris SaleWhite Sox
TTAR-CSECorey SeagerDodgers
TTAR-DKDallas KeuchelAstros
TTAR-DWDavid WrightMets
TTAR-EEEdwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
TTAR-FRFrank RobinsonOrioles
TTAR-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
TTAR-GMGreg MadduxBraves
TTAR-HAHank AaronBraves
TTAR-JBJohnny BenchReds
TTAR-JDJacob deGromMets
TTAR-JPJoc PedersonDodgers
TTAR-KBKris BryantCubs
TTAR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
TTAR-KSCKyle SchwarberCubs
TTAR-KSUKurt SuzukiTwins
TTAR-LSLuis SeverinoYankees
TTAR-MMMark McGwireCardinals
TTAR-MPMike PiazzaMets
TTAR-MSMiguel SanoTwins
TTAR-MTRMike TroutAngels
TTAR-NRNolan RyanAngels
TTAR-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
TTAR-OVOmar VizquelIndians
TTAR-PNPhil NiekroBraves
TTAR-POPaul O'NeillYankees
TTAR-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
TTAR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
TTAR-RJAReggie JacksonAthletics
TTAR-RJORandy JohnsonMariners
TTAR-RPRafael PalmeiroRangers
TTAR-RYRobin YountBrewers
TTAR-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
TTAR-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
TTAR-WMWil MyersPadres
TTAR-YDYu DarvishRangers
AT1R-AGAlex GordonRoyals
AT1R-AJAdam JonesOrioles
AT1R-BBByron BuxtonTwins
AT1R-BPBuster PoseyGiants
AT1R-CKClayton KershawDodgers
AT1R-CSAChris SaleWhite Sox
AT1R-CSECorey SeagerDodgers
AT1R-DGDidi GregoriusYankees
AT1R-DKDallas KeuchelAstros
AT1R-DLDJ LeMahieuRockies
AT1R-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
AT1R-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
AT1R-DWDavid WrightMets
AT1R-HOHenry OwensRed Sox
AT1R-KBKris BryantCubs
AT1R-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
AT1R-MCAMatt CainGiants
AT1R-MHMatt HarveyMets
AT1R-MMManny MachadoOrioles
AT1R-MTMike TroutAngels
AT1R-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
AT1R-RBRyan BraunBrewers
AT1R-RRRob RefsnyderYankees
AT1R-SPStephen PiscottyCardinals
AT1R-WMWil MyersPadres
DATOR-AKJose AltuveAstros
DATOR-AKDallas KeuchelAstros
DATOR-BPBrandon BeltGiants
DATOR-BPJoe PanikGiants
DATOR-BPOA.J. PollockDiamondbacks
DATOR-BPOArchie BradleyDiamondbacks
DATOR-BSKris BryantCubs
DATOR-BSJorge SolerCubs
DATOR-BSCKyle SchwarberCubs
DATOR-BSCJavier BaezCubs
DATOR-BTGreg BirdYankees
DATOR-BTMark TeixeiraYankees
DATOR-CHRobinson CanoMariners
DATOR-CHFelix HernandezMariners
DATOR-CWDavid WrightMets
DATOR-CWMichael ConfortoMets
DATOR-ETTroy TulowitzkiBlue Jays
DATOR-ETEdwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
DATOR-FMSteven MatzMets
DATOR-FMJeurys FamiliaMets
DATOR-FOHector OliveraBraves
DATOR-FOFreddie FreemanBraves
DATOR-LKFrancisco LindorIndians
DATOR-LKCorey KluberIndians
DATOR-LPBarry LarkinReds
DATOR-LPBrandon PhillipsReds
DATOR-MJAdam JonesOrioles
DATOR-MJManny MachadoOrioles
DATOR-OBHenry OwensRed Sox
DATOR-OBMatt BarnesRed Sox
DATOR-OJChipper JonesBraves
DATOR-OJHector OliveraBraves
DATOR-PODavid OrtizRed Sox
DATOR-PODustin PedroiaRed Sox
DATOR-PSJoc PedersonDodgers
DATOR-PSCorey SeagerDodgers
DATOR-RGDidi GregoriusYankees
DATOR-RGAndrew MillerYankees
DATOR-SBMiguel SanoTwins
DATOR-SBByron BuxtonTwins
DATOR-SBOWade BoggsRed Sox
DATOR-SBOPablo SandovalRed Sox
DATOR-SDJacob deGromMets
DATOR-SDNoah SyndergaardMets
DATOR-SMWil MyersPadres
DATOR-SMJames ShieldsPadres
DATOR-THBryce HarperNationals
DATOR-THMike TroutAngels
DATOR-WPStephen PiscottyCardinals
DATOR-WPKolten WongCardinals
APP-AGAdrian GonzalezDodgers
APP-AJAdam JonesOrioles
APP-BPBuster PoseyGiants
APP-CBCraig BiggioAstros
APP-CSAChris SaleWhite Sox
APP-CSECorey SeagerDodgers
APP-CSLChris SaleWhite Sox
APP-DKDallas KeuchelAstros
APP-DLDJ LeMahieuRockies
APP-JALJose AltuveAstros
APP-JBJeff BagwellAstros
APP-JDJacob deGromMets
APP-KBKris BryantCubs
APP-MCAMatt CainGiants
APP-MCOMichael ConfortoMets
APP-MMManny MachadoOrioles
APP-MTMike TroutAngels
APP-NGNomar GarciaparraDodgers
APP-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
APP-RCRobinson CanoMariners
APP-WMWil MyersPadres
T1ABK-AGAdrian GonzalezDodgers
T1ABK-AJAdam JonesOrioles
T1ABK-BLBarry LarkinReds
T1ABK-BPHBrandon PhillipsReds
T1ABK-BPOBuster PoseyGiants
T1ABK-CJChipper JonesBraves
T1ABK-DGDee GordonMarlins
T1ABK-DMDevin MesoracoReds
T1ABK-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
T1ABK-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
T1ABK-DTDevon TravisBlue Jays
T1ABK-DWDavid WrightMets
T1ABK-EEEdwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
T1ABK-ELEvan LongoriaRays
T1ABK-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
T1ABK-FMFred McGriffBraves
T1ABK-FRFrank RobinsonOrioles
T1ABK-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
T1ABK-GMGreg MadduxBraves
T1ABK-HAHank AaronBraves
T1ABK-HRHanley RamirezRed Sox
T1ABK-JCJose CansecoAthletics
T1ABK-JGJuan GonzalezRangers
T1ABK-JRJ.T. RealmutoMarlins
T1ABK-JSJorge SolerCubs
T1ABK-KBKris BryantCubs
T1ABK-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
T1ABK-MGMark GraceCubs
T1ABK-MMMark McGwireCardinals
T1ABK-MPMike PiazzaMets
T1ABK-MSMarcus SemienAthletics
T1ABK-MTEMark TeixeiraYankees
T1ABK-MTRMike TroutAngels
T1ABK-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
T1ABK-NRNolan RyanAstros
T1ABK-OVOmar VizquelIndians
T1ABK-PMPaul MolitorBrewers
T1ABK-POPaul O'NeillYankees
T1ABK-PSPablo SandovalGiants
T1ABK-RARoberto AlomarBlue Jays
T1ABK-RJRandy JohnsonDiamondbacks
T1ABK-RSRyne SandbergCubs
T1ABK-RYRobin YountBrewers
ALL-ADAndre DawsonCubs
ALL-AGNAdrian GonzalezDodgers
ALL-AGOAdrian GonzalezDodgers
ALL-BHBryce HarperNationals
ALL-BLBarry LarkinReds
ALL-BPHBrandon PhillipsReds
ALL-BPLBrandon PhillipsReds
ALL-BPOBuster PoseyGiants
ALL-BPSBuster PoseyGiants
ALL-CHCole HamelsPhillies
ALL-DEDennis EckersleyCubs
ALL-DMADon MattinglyYankees
ALL-DMEDevin MesoracoReds
ALL-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
ALL-DWIDavid WrightMets
ALL-DWRDavid WrightMets
ALL-ELEvan LongoriaRays
ALL-FMFred McGriffBraves
ALL-FRFrank RobinsonOrioles
ALL-HAHank AaronBraves
ALL-JCJose CansecoAthletics
ALL-JRJ.T. RealmutoMarlins
ALL-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
ALL-KBKris BryantCubs
ALL-KWKolten WongCardinals
ALL-MGMark GraceCubs
ALL-MPMike PiazzaMets
ALL-MTOMike TroutAngels
ALL-MTRMike TroutAngels
ALL-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
ALL-OVOmar VizquelIndians
ALL-RALRoberto AlomarBlue Jays
ALL-RAORoberto AlomarIndians
ALL-TGTom GlavineBraves
ALL-TTLTroy TulowitzkiBlue Jays
ALL-TTUTroy TulowitzkiBlue Jays
ALL-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
ALL-ZWZack WheelerMets
CS-BDBobby DoerrRed Sox
CS-BLBuck Leonard
CS-CBCool Papa Bell
CS-CFCurt FloodCardinals
CS-DSDuke SniderDodgers
CS-EBErnie BanksCubs
CS-EFElmer FlickNaps
CS-GHGabby HartnettCubs
CS-GKGeorge KellTigers
CS-HGHank GreenbergTigers
CS-HKHigh Pockets KellyGiants
CS-JBJack BrickhouseCubs
CS-JDJoe DiMaggioYankees
CS-JMJoe McCarthyYankees
CS-JSJoe SewellIndians
CS-KCKiki CuylerCubs
CS-LDLeo DurocherYankees
CS-WHWaite HoytYankees
CS-WMWillie McCoveyGiants
CSR-BFBob FellerIndians
CSR-BTBobby ThomsonGiants
CSR-EMEddie MathewsBraves
CSR-ESEnos SlaughterCardinals
CSR-HWAHonus WagnerPirates
CSR-HWIHoyt WilhelmWhite Sox
CSR-LGLou GehrigYankees
CSR-PRPee Wee ReeseDodgers
CSR-RFRick FerrellRed Sox
CSR-RKRalph KinerPirates
CSR-RMRoger MarisYankees
CSR-RSRon SantoCubs
CSR-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
CSR-WSPWarren SpahnBraves
CSR-WSTWillie StargellPirates
T1R-AGNAdrian GonzalezDodgers
T1R-AGRAlex GordonRoyals
T1R-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
T1R-APOA.J. PollockDiamondbacks
T1R-APUAlbert PujolsAngels
T1R-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
T1R-ARUAddison RussellCubs
T1R-AWAdam WainwrightCardinals
T1R-BGBrett GardnerYankees
T1R-BHBryce HarperNationals
T1R-BMBrian McCannYankees
T1R-BPHBrandon PhillipsReds
T1R-BPOBuster PoseyGiants
T1R-CBECarlos BeltranYankees
T1R-CKEClayton KershawDodgers
T1R-CMCarlos MartinezCardinals
T1R-CSACarlos SantanaIndians
T1R-CYChristian YelichMarlins
T1R-DKDallas KeuchelAstros
T1R-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
T1R-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
T1R-DWDavid WrightMets
T1R-EEEdwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
T1R-ELEvan LongoriaRays
T1R-FHFelix HernandezMariners
T1R-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
T1R-GSPGeorge SpringerAstros
T1R-GSTGiancarlo StantonMarlins
T1R-HPHunter PenceGiants
T1R-HRHanley RamirezRed Sox
T1R-JABJose AbreuWhite Sox
T1R-JBUJose BautistaBlue Jays
T1R-JBZJavier BaezCubs
T1R-JCJose CansecoAthletics
T1R-JDAJohnny DamonYankees
T1R-JDEJacob deGromMets
T1R-JEJacoby EllsburyYankees
T1R-JFJose FernandezMarlins
T1R-JHJosh HarrisonPirates
T1R-JKJung Ho KangPirates
T1R-JLEJon LesterCubs
T1R-JLUJonathan LucroyBrewers
T1R-JSJorge SolerCubs
T1R-JVEJustin VerlanderTigers
T1R-JVOJoey VottoReds
T1R-KBKris BryantCubs
T1R-KCKole CalhounAngels
T1R-KPKevin PlaweckiMets
T1R-KSEKyle SeagerMariners
T1R-KSUKurt SuzukiTwins
T1R-KWKolten WongCardinals
T1R-MCAMiguel CabreraTigers
T1R-MCRMatt CarpenterCardinals
T1R-MHMatt HarveyMets
T1R-MMAManny MachadoOrioles
T1R-MMCMark McGwireCardinals
T1R-MPIMichael PinedaYankees
T1R-MTAMasahiro TanakaYankees
T1R-MTEMark TeixeiraYankees
T1R-MTRMike TroutAngels
T1R-NANolan ArenadoRockies
T1R-PFPrince FielderRangers
T1R-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
T1R-PSPablo SandovalRed Sox
T1R-RCARobinson CanoMariners
T1R-RCLRoger ClemensRed Sox
T1R-RCSRusney CastilloRed Sox
T1R-RHRyan HowardPhillies
T1R-SCShin-Soo ChooRangers
T1R-SMSteven MatzMets
T1R-TTTroy TulowitzkiBlue Jays
T1R-VGVladimir GuerreroAngels
T1R-VMVictor MartinezTigers
T1R-YMYadier MolinaCardinals
T1R-ZWZack WheelerMets
T1RL-BDBobby DoerrRed Sox
T1RL-BFBob FellerIndians
T1RL-CBCraig BiggioAstros
T1RL-CFCarlton FiskWhite Sox
T1RL-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
T1RL-GBGeorge BrettRoyals
T1RL-HAHank AaronBraves
T1RL-JGJosh Gibson
T1RL-RARoberto AlomarIndians
T1RL-RCRoberto ClementePirates
T1RL-RFERick FerrellRed Sox
T1RL-RFIRollie FingersBrewers
T1RL-RMRoger MarisYankees
T1RL-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
T1RL-TGWTony GwynnPadres
T1RL-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
T1RL-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
T1RL-WSPWarren SpahnBraves
PP-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
PP-APAlbert PujolsAngels
PP-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
PP-CBClay BuchholzRed Sox
PP-CKClayton KershawDodgers
PP-DKDallas KeuchelAstros
PP-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
PP-EHEric HosmerRoyals
PP-GSGiancarlo StantonMarlins
PP-HPHunter PenceGiants
PP-JAJose AltuveAstros
PP-JBJose BautistaBlue Jays
PP-JEJacoby EllsburyYankees
PP-JFJose FernandezMarlins
PP-JVEJustin VerlanderTigers
PP-MBMadison BumgarnerGiants
PP-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
PP-MHMatt HarveyMets
PP-MMCMark McGwireAthletics
PP-NCNelson CruzMariners
PP-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
PP-SPSalvador PerezRoyals
PP-TGTony GwynnPadres
PP-VMVictor MartinezTigers
PP-YDYu DarvishRangers
T1BK-ABAdrian BeltreRangers
T1BK-AGNAdrian GonzalezDodgers
T1BK-AGOAdrian GonzalezDodgers
T1BK-AJAAustin JacksonTigers
T1BK-AJNAdam JonesOrioles
T1BK-AJOAdam JonesOrioles
T1BK-APJAlbert PujolsAngels
T1BK-APUAlbert PujolsAngels
T1BK-ARAAlexei RamirezPadres
T1BK-AREAnthony RendonNationals
T1BK-ARNAnthony RendonNationals
T1BK-BDBrian DozierTwins
T1BK-BGBrett GardnerYankees
T1BK-BJBo JacksonWhite Sox
T1BK-BLABarry LarkinReds
T1BK-BLRBarry LarkinReds
T1BK-BPBuster PoseyGiants
T1BK-BZBen ZobristCubs
T1BK-CBCarlos BeltranMets
T1BK-CSACarlos SantanaIndians
T1BK-CSECorey SeagerDodgers
T1BK-DDEDavid DeJesusAngels
T1BK-DDJDelino DeShields Jr.Rangers
T1BK-DGDee GordonDodgers
T1BK-DMDaniel MurphyNationals
T1BK-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
T1BK-DPDDustin PedroiaRed Sox
T1BK-DPEDustin PedroiaRed Sox
T1BK-DSNDuke SniderDodgers
T1BK-DSPDenard SpanGiants
T1BK-DVDanny ValenciaAthletics
T1BK-ELGEvan LongoriaRays
T1BK-ELNEvan LongoriaRays
T1BK-ELOEvan LongoriaRays
T1BK-EMEddie MathewsBraves
T1BK-GBGeorge BrettRoyals
T1BK-GSIGrady SizemoreRays
T1BK-GSTGiancarlo StantonMarlins
T1BK-HRAHanley RamirezRed Sox
T1BK-HRIHanley RamirezDodgers
T1BK-HRMHanley RamirezRed Sox
T1BK-IDIke DavisRangers
T1BK-JABJose AbreuWhite Sox
T1BK-JAEJose AbreuWhite Sox
T1BK-JARJose AbreuWhite Sox
T1BK-JBRJay BruceReds
T1BK-JBUJay BruceReds
T1BK-JDJosh DonaldsonBlue Jays
T1BK-JFJose FernandezMarlins
T1BK-JGJosh Gibson
T1BK-JHJosh HamiltonRangers
T1BK-JLJames LoneyDodgers
T1BK-JMAJake MarisnickMarlins
T1BK-JMOJoe MorganReds
T1BK-JRJ.T. RealmutoMarlins
T1BK-KMKendrys MoralesRoyals
T1BK-KSKyle SeagerMariners