2002 Inkworks Scooby Doo Checklist

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2002 Inkworks Scooby Doo series contains 72 base cards, 12 chase cards and a handful of promos and box loaders with imagery taken from the first Scooby Doo film.

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2002 Inkworks Scooby Doo Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards
Stickers – 72 Stickers
Foil Cards (SP) – 6 Cards
Lenticular Cards (L) – 6 Cards

Box Loaders – 4 Cards
Case Loaders (CL) – 1 Card
Promo Cards (SD) – 5 Cards

1Scooby Doo Movie Story Cards
2Another Mystery
3Daphne in Distress
4Behind You
6Two Years Later
7On to Spooky Island
8Chance Meeting
9Two Bags Only
10Helpless No More
11Shaggy’s Grandma
13Tourist Class
14Recent Activity
15Welcome to Spooky Island
16The Mission
17Island Rituals
18Angry Demons
19Yoodoo Hoodoo
20At Dead Mike’s Bar
21At Spooky Castle
22In the Dining Room
23Outta Here!
24Daphne Investigates
25In Danger
26Fred Finds a Secret
27Curious Artifact
29Deciphering Clues
30Panic at Dead Mike’s
31Gee, Thanks!
32On Defense
33The Next Day
35Suspicious Serenade
36Band on the Run
38Woman Trouble
39Scooby-Doo Snatched
40Soul Harvester
41Soul Man
43Point of View
44Back Again
45Plan of Action
46The Ritual Begins
47The Villain
48Willing Sacrifice
49Best Buddy
50Saved Soul
51Mortal Combat
54Fred Jones
55Daphne Blake
56Velma Dinkley
57Shaggy Rogers
59Mystery Machine
60Barge of the Damned
61Spooky Hotel
62Dead Mike’s Bar
63Spooky Castle Ride
64Voodoo Maestro
67Emile Mondavarious
68Scooby-Doo Stand-In
69Imaging Demons
70Demon Creation
71Collegial Cast
72Scooby Doo Checklist
BL1Fred Jones
BL2Daphne Blake
BL3Velma Dinkley
BL4Shaggy and Scooby Doo
CL1Another Mystery Solved
L1Scooby Doo
L2Scooby Doo and the Gang
L3Fred Jones
L4Daphne Blake
L5Shaggy Rogers and Scooby Doo
L6Scooby Doo and Fred
SD1Dealer Promo
SD2Dealer Promo
SD3UK Promo
SDIInternet Promo
SDWWSparkly Promo
SP1Fred Jones
SP2Daphne Blake
SP3Velma Dinkley
SP4Scooby Doo
SP5Shaggy Rogers
SP6The Mystery Machine