1995 Fleer Casper trading card checklist

1995 Fleer Casper Checklist

Cards per Pack: 6

Release Year Archive: 1995

Manufacturer Archive: Fleer

Tag Archive: Casper the Friendly Ghost

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1995 Fleer Casper trading cards chronicle the film of the same name. This also marks the first time in 35 years that Casper the Friendly Ghost appeared as a subject of trading cards, the previous set also being produced by Fleer in 1960.

The set contains 119 cards with full bleed imagery taken directly from the film. There are no insert sets but the base set is duplicated for the 1995 Fleer Ultra Casper series which does include inserts.

1995 Fleer Casper Checklist

Base Set – 119 Cards

2Kat Harvey
3Dr. James Harvey
7Carrigan Crittenden
9Double Dare
10The Will to Succeed
11Money To Burn
12Is Any BODY Home?!
14Good Deal On a Car
15Bug Off, Doctor
16A BOO-quet of Flowers
18He’s Not Too Bad!
19The Ghost Turns Paler
20Getting Boxed In
21Sock In the Mouth
22Frightful First Impression
23Seeing Is Boo-lieving
24Getting Acquainted
25Ghostly Horseplay
26Making Contact
27The Jokers Are Wild
28Facing the Enemy
29Special Boo-Livery
31A Surprise Shower
32Looking Sharp
33Making a Point
34Taking the Plunger!
35A Sorta Sword Play
36Stretch the In-specter
37Plenty of Nothing
38Sucking Up to the Trio
39Moonlight Reflection
40Who ya gonna call? Dustbuster?!
41Well, Shut My Mouth
42Flipping Over Breakfast
43A Touching Moment
44Compliments to the Chef
45Wicket Ghosts of the East
46Sunbathing Specters
47Here Comes the Junk
48Breakfast in Bed-Lam
49Food For Thought
50In One Fell Sweep
51Dissin’ the Dead
52All Messed Up
53The Teen-Queen of Mean
54She’s Just His Speed
55Missing His Missus
56We’ll Deal Ya For Amelia
57Spectral Delivery
58A No-Ghost Toast!
59America, the Boo-tiful
60Give Her a Hand
61Dead Ringer
62Show Some Respect, Specter!
63The Doctor Is In
64A Night Caller
65Love to Hang Around, But …
66Can’t I Have This Dance?
67A Shirt’s Tale
68BOO-lloons Anyone?
69Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
69A Roomful of Memories
70Up, Up and Away
72Up On the Roof
73From Ghost to Host
74Toys in the Attic
75Coffee, Straight Up!
76A-Freud of Ghosts?
78Right On Track
79Casper In-Training
80A-dress-ing a Problem
81Back to the Beginning
82Lost and Found
83A Moment’s Rest
84A Hair-raking Experience
85The Un-living Room
86A Close Shave
87All Geared Up
88The Secret Trackers
89A False Starter
90Will Lazarus Rise Again?
91Right on the Button
92Apparition Apparatus
93Whose Vault Is It?
94A Cellular Integrator
95A Do-or-Die Situation
96Leave’r Alone
97Sunnyside Up?
98Upstaged By the Trio
99The Find of a Lifetime
100A Suit of Harm-Her
101Back From the Grave!
102All Tied Up
103That’s the Spirit
104A Roller Ghoster Ride
105Something to Crowbar About
106Lost Treasure
107It’s All In His Hands
108Giving Up the Ghost
109Diamond Treasures
110Chance of a Ghost
111The Lazarus Triumphs!
112It’s Your Party!
113A Pop-ular Decision
114Looking For a Party
115Scared Stiff
116Father/Daughter Dance
117Casper Cast
118Casper Cast
119Casper Checklist