1960 Fleer Casper the Friendly Ghost trading card checklist

1960 Fleer Casper the Friendly Ghost Checklist

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1960 Fleer Casper the Friendly Ghost trading cards brought the famous ghost to the collecting hobby with a series of 66 cards. The front of each card included a still with a border resembling a television set and the back of each card contained a four-panel comic strip.

At the time of this set’s release, Casper was a year into Matty’s Funday Funnies — the first television cartoon to feature the character — and had already appeared in 55 theatrical cartoons since 1945 and had headlined comic books since 1952. The 1960 Fleer Casper set also showcases other characters from the animated series and comics.

Despite Casper’s popularity, there appears to be a very limited stock of these cards still in circulation and ungraded singles regularly sell for $5 to $20 each. A complete set of raw cards of varying quality sold for nearly $600 in the summer of 2023.

1960 Fleer Casper the Friendly Ghost Checklist

Base Set – 66 Cards

1I always wanted to go overseas!
2It’s better fishing here!
3Gee! This modern art is real crazy!
4Hickory, Dickory…Sock!
5There’s always room for one more!
6Whoops! I’m being taken to the cleaners!
7Golly! I feel all washed out!
8Golly! I’m losing my noodles!
9Katnip, you’re going to the dogs!
10Shocking, isn’t it?
11I see myself coming and going!
12I’ll bet painters wish they could do this!
13Ulp!…I hope he’s a good skate!
14Tee-hee…Just don’t sneeze!
15I wonder how I look!
16I don’t carry any weight around here!
17Hey! Here’s another dumbbell!
18Duh! They don’t build cars like they used to !
19Now I can see the hole game!
20I’ll bet an octopus could really have fun!
21Who-o-o’s scaring who-o-o?
22Fan-tastic isn’t it?
23Now, papa, can I feed you?
24I never saw a fish like that!
25Duh! Take me to your leader!
27If dad wants coffee, we’re sunk!
28It may be cheese, but it smells like trouble!
29Ohhh! I got a code in my node!
30Okay, Boss, when do we eat?
31Keep pouring, he’s gaining on us!
32Gee, this sandwich must weigh a ton!
33Have a bang-up birthday, Katnip!
34This is a much better way!
35Now if you were only here in person…
36I had to tell you this in person!
37Duh! Who’s a bubblehead?
38Papa, are you sure this is the right train?
39If you’re so smart, you try it!
40And the weatherman said no showers!
41After this, let’s swing on a star!
42This gun is really loaded!
43This beats digging any day!
44If this works I’ll make a million!
45Babe Ruth never had this trouble!
46I’m so happy, I’m walking on air!
47Duh! Nuts-to everyone!
48Look! No hands!
49Hot dog! What an idea!
50I just hope it doesn’t rain.
51Is there a plumber in the house?
52Gosh, I thought I had a towel!
53What a whale of a fishtale!
54Gee, fellas, where are you?
55Yum yum! Tooty-Frooty!
56Let me introduce myself…
57Yum! Katnip, you have good taste!
58The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
59Now I know how it’s done!
60Gee, I’d better get off that diet!
61Golly! It went right through me!
62A ghost is a dog’s best friend!
63Boy, they’re sure snapping today!
64Grr, scat cat!
65Try it again, it doesn’t hurt!
66I told him not to follow me!