1993 SkyBox Return of Superman Checklist

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The 1993 SkyBox Return of Superman trading card set chronicles the story of Superman’s triumphant return following his battle with Doomsday. Every aspect of the best-selling comic book arc was covered by SkyBox in several Superman sets from the early 1990s. This set follows the Reign of the Supermen comic story. Each card features an action illustration with a silver border of Superman shields. The back of the cards retell the story of Superman’s return from death.

Cards from this set are fairly easy to track down and sealed boxes are often sold on eBay. Four foil cards are more rare and four promo cards regularly appear on the secondary market. This collection is a follow-up to 1992 SkyBox Doomsday: Death of Superman and is a precursor to the 1994 SkyBox Superman Man of Steel cards which tell the entire Superman story from Krypton to Doomsday.

1993 SkyBox Return of Superman Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards
Foil – 4 Cards
Promo – 4 Cards

#Card Title
1Reign of the Supermen!
2The Last Son of Krypton!
3The Man of Steel!
4The Man of Tomorrow!
6Living Energy!
7Evil’s Enemy!
8Serving Justice!
9Superman is Back!
10Lois Demands Proof!
11Chained Fury!
12Doomsday Lives!
13Armored Protector!
14Hammer Power!
15Steel Heart!
16Steel Savior!
17Brash Style!
18Stopped Cold!
19Don’t Call Me Superboy!
21Shocking Discovery!
22Hunter of the Night!
23Heroic Challenge!
24America’s Guardian!
25Seal of Approval!
26Prince of the City!
28Boy Meets Girl!
29Tracking the Truth!
30Rescue in the Skies!
31Easy Targets!
32My Way or the Highway!
33Harsh Lecture!
34Let the Hammer Strike!
36Lightning-Quick Attack!
38Silent Observation!
39Angry Eyes!
40Unstoppable War Suit!
41Battleground Metropolis!
42Hero vs. Hero!
43Righteous Rage!
44Disgraced in Defeat!
45Crisis Awaits!
46Surrounded by Death!
48Simultaneous Attacks!
49A City Annihilated!
50From the Ashes!
51Bow to the Conqueror!
52Taking the Blame!
53Murder without Mercy!
54Mayhem in the Skies!
55Evil’s Victory!
57Grim Determination!
59Lois is Convinced!
60Charging to War!
61Anticipating War!
62Schemes of Evil!
63At the Battlefront!
64Identity Revealed!
65Taking Command!
66The Battle Begins!
67Riding Hard!
68Against the Odds!
69Naked Assault!
71Armed and Dangerous!
72Blasting Away!
73Into the Breach!
75Fire Power!
76To the Core!
77Trouble Approaches!
78Mongul’s Death Grip!
79Surprise Savior!
80Target Superman!
81Standing Tall!
82To the Rescue!
83Surprise Ally!
84Eradicator Defeated!
85Eradicator Victorious!
86Fury Unleashed!
87Final Charge!
88Fists of Vengeance!
89Deadly Kryptonite!
90Noble Sacrifice!
91Full Power!
92Doomsday for the Cyborg!
93A Hero Restored!
94On to Metropolis!
97And Now – Clark Kent!
98The Daily Planet!
99Lois and Clark!
PromoThe Return of Superman!
PromoThe Return of Superman Trading Cards
SP1Superman – The Man of Steel!
SP1Earth’s Greatest Hero! Gold
SP1Earth’s Greatest Hero! Silver
SP2Superman in Action!
SP3The Adventures of Superman!