1992 Skybox Doomsday Death of Superman trading card checklist

1992 Skybox Doomsday Death of Superman Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1992

Manufacturer Archive: SkyBox

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The 1992 SkyBox Doomsday Death of Superman trading card series is the first of two sets released by the company which chronicle one of the most iconic story arcs in comic book history. The base set for this collection includes 91 cards which detail Superman’s final battle with Doomsday.

The nine card insert set Funeral For a Friend includes imagery from the story arc of the same name. The follow up set, 1993’s Return of Superman series covers the Reign of the Supermen comics.

1992 Skybox Doomsday Death of Superman

Base Set – 91 Cards

Funeral For a Friend (C) – 9 Cards

Bleeding “S” Puzzle (F) – 2 Cards

Spectra Foil Cards (S) – 4 Cards

Promo Cards – 6 Cards

#Card Title
1Behold, the Hero!
2Who Lurks Below?
5Call him “Doomsday!”
6Civilization’s Scourge!
7Highway Holocaust!
8Forty Ton Showdown!
9Laughter by the Firelight
10Guy Gardiner Steps In!
11One Hero Down!
12The Ice Maiden Cometh!
14Justice League America!
15The Man of Steel!
16Superman Stands Tall!
17Low Blow!
18The Gathering of Powers!
19The League Attacks!
20The Face of Evil!
21Doomsday Strikes Back!
22Heroes End?
23The Agony of Defeat!
24The Lone Hero!
25Frontal Attack!
26Fists of Thunder…
27…Fists of Justice!
28Innocent Bystanders
29Team Work!
30Guided Missles!
31Superman to the Rescue!
32Missile Attack!
33Scratch one Cruiser!
35Walls Asunder!
36The Heat of Battle!
37Iron Grip!
38Enter: Maxima!
39Now Strikes Maxima!
41Power Dive!
43The Guardian Steps In!
44Desperate Situation!
46One on One!
47Metropolis: 60 Miles!
48Connections Made!
49The Fourth Estate!
50The Power of Doomsday!
51City Limits!
52The Gauntlet is Thrown!
53Monster at Large!
54From the Ashes!
55Trouble Down Below!
56Sky High!
57Underworld Havoc!
58A Family’s Fear
59Into the Stratosphere!
60First Blood!
61And Now Supergirl!
62Uncommon Allies!
63Laser on Target!
64Never Give Up!
65The Living Shield!
67Turpin on the Fly!
68Helping Hand!
69In Battle Rejoined!
70Face to Face!
71Man vs. Monster!
72As a World Watches!
73Doomsday Triumphant?
74Midair Collision!
75Air Rescue!
76Last Kiss?
77Out for Blood!
78This is War!
79Final Battleground!
80Superman Strikes Back!
81Heat Vision!
82Desperate Moments!
84The Final Round!
85Do or Die!
86Killing Blows!
87Last Words!
88Tears for the Fallen.
89Death of A hero!
90Rest in Peace
C1Various Superheroes
C4Various Superheroes
C5Various Superheroes
C6Superman Statue
C8Ma and Pa Kent
F1right side
F2left side
S1Battle in the Clouds
S2Punch to the Scales
S3Hands on Hips
S4Tears of Grief