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1991 Topps Beverly Hills 90210 trading cards were an appeal to the massive audience that TV’s #1 teen soap was enjoying in the early 90s.

The set features a fresh design, steeped in 1990s style cliches and mixes facts about the series with trivia about the actors’ personal lives such as Shannon’s aversion to horror movies.

The card design has since been included as a Topps Throwback Thursday design and the packaging was included in their 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series.

The backs of each card combine to create a large group shot of the 90210 cast.

1991 Topps Beverly Hills 90210 Checklist

Base Set – 88 Cards

Stickers (S) – 11 Cards

#Card Title
1Rock ‘n’ Roll High School
2He’s a Rebel
3New Kid in Town
4The Beauty of Beverly
5That Smarts!
6Beach Boy
7Silver’s Gold
8California Girl
9Head of the Clique
10Terrific Trio
11Cute Couple
12Expect the Unexpected
13Girl Group
14Time Off
15The Dynamic Duo
16Music Lover
17Main Dudes
18The Pet Set
19Wave Watching
20Hog Wild
21Now You’re Styling!
22Tube Talk
23Happy Together
24Character Actress
25Getting Better All the Time
26Growing Up
27Offscreen Athletes
29Hard at Work
30Great Guys
31Water Babies
32Get On Board
34Gill Guy
35Shannen loves movies, but she avoids a certai
36Gabrielle wanted to become an actress ever si
37Why does Luke have a pet pig? Simple! “Someon
38Believe it or not, acting wasn’t Jason’s firs
39Where did Shannen grow up?
40What is Jason’s astrological sign?
41How did Jennie get her start in acting?
42What night of the week is 90210 shown on TV?
43If Brian Green wasn’t acting what would he be
44Who plays the parents of Brenda and Brandon W
45What is Luke’s favorite breakfast food?
46Which two male cast members are the best cook
47What was Tori’s first role?
48Who are Brandon and Brenda’s best friends?
49Where does Ian hail from?
50Do the stars of 90210 think their characters
51Jason lives in Los Angeles now, but his heart
52What sport does Shannen enjoy?
53What was Luke’s first acting job?
54Shannen played a stuck-up high school student
55Was Dylan Brandon’s friend before he was Bren
56How old was Shannen when she started acting?
57Gabrielle plays a bookworm on the show. Is sh
58What’s the most important thing in Luke’s lif
59If Brian could be any animal in the world, wh
60Why did the Walsh Family move to Beverly Hill
61How many dogs does Shannen have?
62What kind of car does Shannen drive?
63What is Tori’s real name?
64What’s Brian’s favorite restaurant?
65What does Jason’s mom do for a living?
66Social Climber
67Earth First
68Family Affair
69Happy Actress
70Work and Play
71Like Alike
72I Am What I Am
73Horsing Around
74Poor Rich Boy
75Fun in the Sun
76Face It
77Nothing Is Perfect
78Words of Wisdom
79Book Nook
80Hobby Horse
81In the Beginning
82The Real BH
83Animal Farm
84Thrill Seeker
85Movie Man
86Puck Stuck
87Green Team
88Staying on Top
S7Group shot
S8Kelly / Brenda / Andrea
S10Luke / Brenda
S11Brandon / Luke