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Fans of Saturday morning cartoons will love 1990 Dart Beetlejuice trading cards.

The 100 card set features scenes from the animated series based on the Beetlejuice movie. 20 untitled stickers were also included in this set.

The Beetlejuice animated series ran for four seasons between 1989 and 1991 and released 94 episodes. The series was created and produced by Tim Burton and film composer Danny Elfman rearranged his film theme for the series.

Each card in this series features a still from the show with a green and black border. Many of the images highlight the show’s gross out and bizarre humor and the reverse of each card includes a description of the front image.

Cards were released in packs of five plus one glow in the dark sticker. A factory set, complete with sticker inserts, was also available for purchase.

Dart Flipcards manufactured the set but were more known as a Canadian lunchbox company. Their work in the trading card business included some major licenses but was ultimately short lived with their final sets being released in 2001.

1990 Dart Beetlejuice Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards
Glow in the Dark Stickers – 20 Stickers 1:1

5Prudence (“Prune”)
6Bertha (“Burp”) Goes Camping
7Jacques LaLean
8Ginger, Toe Tapping Fool
9The Monster Across the Street
10Clare Brewster, “Valley Girl”
11Home Sweet Home
12Panic at the Shocking Mall
13I Get a Kick Out of Life!
14Snack Time!
15Now That’s One Sharp Kid!
16Gross-Out Meter Record!
18Starring: Barf Bendman!
19Lydia’s Haunted House
20Where’d They Go?
21…I’m an Old Cow Hand…
22Bully’s Back in Town!
23Where’s the Sheriff?!
24Chickenjuice on Boot Hill
25I’m Really Into Art!
26Mmmmm…, Lunch!
27Double Deluxe Lung Tosser
28You Look Bad, Beetlejuice
29Double Trouble!
30Neitherworld Beauties!
31Slimy Beauty
32Shrimp Shells & Chicken Bones Please!
33Who Invited You?!
34The Best Part!
35Beetlejuice Strikes Again!
37Dancing Fools
38Where’ve I Smelt That?!
39Door to the Neitherworld
40I Love a Buffet!
41Spooky Sunset
42Dead Letter Box
43Nice Smile!
44Bettyjuice’s Ballad
45Crab Grass Attack!
46Back pack Surprise
48Nice Muscles!
49Creepy Camping
50Timber Wolves
51Terrifying Sandworm
52Bertha to the Rescue!
53The Rot Tub
54Scummin’ Through!
55Goin’ to Pieces!
56Coffin Break
57Scared My Pants Off!
58The Thing in the Tub
59Howdy Clare!
60Skeleton of the Year
61Morning Breath
62An Upset Stomach!
63Breakfast of Champion Ghouls
65Need a Hand?!
66Neighborhood Surprise
67Toe Truck
68Bug Attack
69Neitherworld Neighbors
70It’s Showtime!
71Spare a Quarter?
72Snakes Alive!
73What’s Cookin’?!
74Waiting Room Weirdos
75Wake Up, Stinky!
76Pea Brain
77Thanks for the Warning!
78No Problem!
79I Screamed My Head Off!
80I’m a Monkey’s Uncle!
81All Snaked Up!
82Twist My Arm, Lydia!
83Armpit Musician
84Neitherworld Rock Stars
86Party Animal Arrives
87Party Bats!
89How ‘Bout That Punch?!
90Tall, Dark & Hairy
91Make My Day!
93Watch Those Extra Toppings!
94Loosen Up!
95Cousin B.J.
96B.J.’s Candy Bar
97Foot Doctor
99Proud Parents
100Fill in the Skull Checklist