1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack trading card checklist

1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Checklist

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1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack trading cards blend prehistoric monsters with UFOs and spacemen to create a pulp art set in the style and design of the classic Mars Attacks cards from the 1960s.

There is no real modern twist to the artwork as the style is very much in the vein of Norman Saunders’ legendary work with Topps throughout the 60s but the blood and guts is turned up to 11 and nothing is off limits.

Each cardback features an “above the fold” newspaper headline that tells the story portrayed on the front of the card with several different newspaper designs represented throughout the set.

Along with the 55 shocking cards, there are 11 stickers to collect. The stickers, distributed one per pack, are simple, bloodless, pictures of various dinosaurs and may be the only child friendly part of this set.

Packs and boxes are fairly commonplace as the set has developed more of a following in the years since its release than it enjoyed in 1988. Our checklist includes all of the cards and stickers in the set and can be searched or sorted by card number or title. In 2018, Topps used the packaging art as card #24 in their 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series.

1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Checklist

Base Set – 55 Cards
Stickers – 11 Stickers

#Card Title
2Experiment in Space!
3Time Scanner Disaster!
4The Past Comes Alive!
5Homeroom Horror
6Police Precinct Assaulted!
7D.C. Holocaust
8Crushing a Canine
9Nuptial Nightmare
10Italy Under Seige!
11Trapped in the Basement!
12Panic in the Stadium
13Rock Concert Carnage
14Lunch Break!
15The Colonel … Shredded!
16Heartland Horror
17Blue Water, Savage Death
18Tourist Trap
19Madness in the Streets
20Bashing the BMT
21Fast Food Frenzy
22The Behemoth Fries
23The Perfect Wave
24London in Flames
25Day of the Duckbill
26Coasting to Calamity
27Soviets vs. Dimetrodons
28Saurian Secrets
29Monster in the Museum
30A Kid Strikes Back!
31Our Forces — Flattened!
32Cat Lady’s Revenge
33Manhatten Island Swamped!
34Animal Wars
35A Lady in Distress
36Comics Con Catastrophe!
37Picnic of Peril
38We Can’t Hold Them Back!!
39Trilobite Terror
40Wrestling Riot
42Lights! Camera! Carnage!
43Business Lunch
45Anchorman’s Peril
46Grip of Horror
47Supreme Evil
48You Can’t Let Them Win!!
49Ripped Out of Time!
50Gruesome Fate
51Time Twister
52The Ultimate Sacrifice
53Prometheus Explodes!
54Rebuilding Our World
55Dinosaurs Attack! Synopsis Checklist
Sticker 1Allosaurus
Sticker 2Ankylosaurus
Sticker 3Dimetrodon
Sticker 4Brontosaurus
Sticker 5Parasaurolophus
Sticker 6Plesiosaurus
Sticker 7Pteranodon
Sticker 8Stegosaurus
Sticker 9Trachodon
Sticker 10Triceratops
Sticker 11Tyrannosaurus