1962 Topps Mars Attacks trading card checklist

1962 Topps Mars Attacks Checklist

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1962 Topps Mars Attacks is one of the most sought after and famous non-sport trading cards of all time. The set of 55 cards, illustrated by Norman Saunders and Wallace Wood, were initially popular but ceased production as parents protested the set’s graphic violence and sexual content.

Original packs of five sold for five cents each but the cards now sell for hundreds of dollars. The checklist is relatively small with only 55 cards but the imagery and story telling have been wildly influential, even inspiring a Tim Burton film.

In 2018, Topps used the packaging for card #91 in their 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series of cards.

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1962 Topps Mars Attacks Checklist

Base Set – 55 Cards

1The Invasion Begins
2Martians Approaching
3Attacking an Army Base
4Saucers Blast Our Jets
5Washington in Flames
6Burning Navy Ships
7Destroying the Bridge
8Terror in Times Square
9The Human Torch
10The Skyscraper Tumbles
11Destroy the City
12Death in the Cockpit
13Watching from Mars
14Charred by Martians
15Saucers Invade China
16Panic in Parliament
17Beast and the Beauty
18A Soldier Fights Back
19Burning Flesh
20Crushed to Death
21Prize Captive
22Burning Cattle
23The Frost Ray
24The Shrinking Ray
25Capturing a Martian
26The Tidal Wave
27The Giant Flies
28Helpless Victim
29Death in the Shelter
31The Monster Reaches In
32Robot Terror
33Removing the Victims
34Terror in the Railroad
35The Flame Throwers
36Destroying a Dog
37Creeping Menace
38Victims of the Bug
39Army of Giant Insects
40High Voltage Execution
41Horror in Paris
42Hairy Fiend
43Blasting the Bug
44Battle in the Air
45Fighting Giant Insects
46Blast Off for Mars
47Earth Bombs Mars
48Earthmen Land on Mars
49The Earthmen Charge
50Smashing the Enemy
51Crushing the Martians
52Giant Robot
53Martian City in Ruins
54Mars Explodes
55Mars Attacks! Checklist