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1982 Topps Traded baseball card checklist

1982 Topps Traded Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1982

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Traded

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists


1982 Topps Traded was released to showcase the roster changes of the 1982 baseball season. Most notably from this set, which mirrors the flagship design of 1982 Topps Baseball, is the first Cal Ripken Jr. card to feature the star all by himself.

As noted on the 1982 Topps Baseball checklist, Ripken is included on a “Future Stars” card between two non-stars. This card is considered his true rookie card although his Topps Traded card is the more valued card among collectors (and was used as the template for Ripken’s Project 2020 cards).

All the cards listed as rookie cards on this checklist are actually considered “Extended Rookie Cards” which is a designation given to them by Beckett and abandoned in 1988.

Our checklist is separated by team. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a specific team by choosing them from the list below. The entire set was sold as one single box through hobby dealers so it is more rare than the flagship series but often found as a complete set. Clicking a link will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1982 Topps Traded Checklist

Base Set – 132 Cards


9TBob Boone
21TDoug Corbett
26TDoug DeCinces
34TTim Foli
47TReggie Jackson
48TRon Jackson
53TMick Kelleher
128TRob Wilfong
57TRay Knight
61TMike LaCoss


14TJeff Burroughs
64TDavey Lopes
70TDan Meyer
102TJoe Rudi

Blue Jays

2TJesse Barfield
78TRance Mulliniks
91THosken Powell
97TDave Revering


4TSteve Bedrosian
125TBob Watson


89TRob Picciolo


79TSteve Mura
108TLonnie Smith
109TOzzie Smith


10TLarry Bowa
11TDan Briggs
16TBill Campbell
49TFergie Jenkins
52TJay Johnstone
55TJunior Kennedy
76TKeith Moreland
82TDickie Noles
92TMike Proly
99TAllen Ripley
129TBump Wills
130TGary Woods


5TMark Belanger
75TJose Morales
84TJorge Orta
103TSteve Sax


7TTim Blackwell
83TAl Oliver
104TDan Schatzeder
118TFrank Taveras


23TChili Davis
38TRich Gale
60TDuane Kuiper
66TRenie Martin
110TReggie Smith
115TChamp Summers


42TVon Hayes
69TBake McBride
71TLarry Milbourne
87TJack Perconte
111TLary Sorensen
116TRick Sutcliffe
127TEd Whitson


12TBobby Brown
18TBill Caudill
22TAl Cowens
31TJim Essian
80TGene Nelson
88TGaylord Perry
113TMike Stanton
114TSteve StroughterRC
122TEd Vande BergRC


36TGeorge Foster
39TRon Gardenhire
94TCharlie PuleoRC
123TTom Veryzer


35TDan Ford
81TJoe Nolan
98TCal Ripken Jr.


6TKurt Bevacqua
63TSixto Lezcano
74TJohn Montefusco
90TJoe Pittman
106TEric ShowRC
119TGarry Templeton


27TIvan DeJesus
28TBob Dernier
29TBo Diaz
32TEd Farmer
59TMike Krukow
73TSid Monge
100TBill Robinson


3TRoss Baumgarten
24TDick Davis
77TJim Morrison
96TJohnny Ray


33TDoug Flynn
50TLamar Johnson
68TLee Mazzilli
86TLarry Parrish
117TFrank Tanana


19TCesar Cedeno
41TGreg Harris
56TJim Kern
58TWayne Krenchicki
72TEddie MilnerRC
105TBob Shirley
120TAlex Trevino


8TVida Blue
37TDave Frost
46TGrant Jackson
65TJerry Martin
93TGreg Pryor
126TDennis Werth


15TEnos Cabell
43TLarry Herndon
45TMike Ivie
62TChet Lemon
112TElias Sosa
121TJerry Turner


13TTom Brunansky
17TBobby Castillo
25TRon Davis
44TKent Hrbek
51TRandy JohnsonRC
124TRon WashingtonRC

White Sox

54TSteve Kemp
85TTom Paciorek
101TAurelio Rodriguez


1TDoyle Alexander
20TDave Collins
30TRoger Erickson
40TKen Griffey Sr.
67TJohn Mayberry
95TShane Rawley
107TRoy Smalley
131TButch Wynegar


132TChecklist 1-132