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The 1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels trading card set is massive, especially by non-sports card standards of the time. Released over four different series, the collection includes 253 trading cards and 44 stickers.

While each series included a different number of cards, each had 11 stickers. Card designs remained consistent throughout each series but each edition of stickers is different. The card set began its release during the second season of the popular series and certain casting changes are reflected appropriately.

Series One, with 55 cards, is the smallest of the four as all remaining series releases contained 66 cards each.

The sell-sheet of the time explained that “these sensuous sleuths are appealing to kids in a new card series,” and went on to promise a “fast collar” on extra profits for stores who put these cards on their counter. Each dime pack included five cards, one sticker, and a stick of bubble gum.

The packaging for this set was featured as card #7 of the 2018 Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series of trading cards.

Our checklist includes all of the cards and is separated by release series. Clicking a link will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels Checklist

Base Set – 253 Cards
Stickers – 44

1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels Series 1

1A Job Well Done!
2Charlie’s Beautiful Angels
3Policewoman Jill!
4Time for a Ticket!
5She Aims for Danger!
6Spotting a Crime!
7The Fastest Thing on Wheels!
8Time Out To Relax
9Fast-Gun Sabrina!
10Confident Angel!
11Ready To Nab a Creep
12Jill Gets a Brainstorm!
14Angels Do Their Homework
15Jill — Caught by Surprise!
16Reviewing the Plan…
17Jill In A Jam!
18Jill Solves Another Mystery
19Kelly Swings into Action!
20Kelly, Bikini-Clad Beauty!
21Posing as a Fashion Model
22Escape by Skateboard!
23Two Lovely Angels!
24Jill and Some Ransom Money
25Sabrina Makes a Point
26One Pretty Angel!
27An Angel Says Her Prayers!
28Another Success for the Angels!
29Farrah Fawcett-Majors
30Jaclyn Smith
31Kate Jackson
32Two Terrific Angels!
33The Best Boss an Angel Ever Had!
34A Peek-a-Boo from Kelly!
35Sabrina Bakes – An Angel Cake!
36Ready for a New Assignment!
37An Angel in Trouble!
38Awaiting the Bad Guys!
39Focusing on Danger!
40Bosley Spiffing Up!
41Tearing Up the Road!
42Chalk Up Another One for the Angels!
43Don’t Mess with Kelly!
44Kelly Smells a Rat!
45A Funny Caper!
46A Cop in Hot Pants!
47A Heavenly Girl!
48Angels Take a Ride!
49Cycle Freak Kelly!
50One for the Angels!
51Jill, the Tennis Star!
52The Angels Get an Assignment
53Gorgeous Jill!
54Sabrina Cracks Another Case!
55An Angelic Pose!

1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels Series 2

56Having a Wonderful Crime!
57Sorry, Dummy — You Can’t Join the Angels!
58The Killer Is loose!
59Angels At Dinner
60Wonderful Kelly
61Discussing a New Case
62The Angels Celebrate!
63A Rough Day for Bosley!
64Jill Gets an Idea
65An Exhausted Angel!
66Who Can the Killer Be?
67Kelly Steams Up!
68Danger Is Their Business!
69Trio for Danger!
70On the Trail of a Mad Killer!
71Bosley and Jill
72Super Detective!
73Two Cool Angels!
74The Angels on a Cruise!
75A Dangerous Case!
76The Mystery Deepens!
77Awaiting Charlie’s Call
78Ready For Danger!
79Beautiful Kelly!
80Angelic Actress!
81Jaclyn Smith as Kelly
82Dreamy Angel!
83Pretty Detective!
84Kelly Clobbers a Crook!
85Pistol Packin’ Angel
86Hold it Right There Creep!
87Kelly Poses as a Cop
88Kelly’s Hunch
89Kelly Smells a Rat
90…Now Here’s the Plan!
91Ready for a New Assignment!
93Sabrina Smiles at Danger
94Kate Jackson as Sabrina
95Surprised Angel!
96Sabrina Gets a Clue!
97On to a New Adventure!
98Beautiful Sleuth!
99The Hidden Room!
100Another Job Well Done!
101A Worried Angel!
102Farrah Fawcett-Majors As Jill
103An Angel at Play
104Sabrina Cracks the Case!
105An Angel in Trouble
106Sabrina Under Cover!
107Sabrina Takes A Break
108Defusing A Bomb!
109Jill Nabs a Crook!
110Caught in the Act!
111Lovely Angel!
112A Bullet for Jill
113A Confusing Assignment!
114A Rose Is A Rose
115The Dynamite Trap!
116Jill, the Swingin’ Angel!
117A Fun Assignment For Jill
118What’s the New Job, Bosley?
119Cracking Another Case!
120About to Get Her Wings Clipped!
121Chased by a Killer!

1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels Series 3

122Charlie’s Beautiful Angels!
123The Angels Relax
124Going Over a Case
125Clowning Around in the Office
126Bosley and Sabrina
127A Pair of Super-Sleuths
128Look Out! It’s the Killer!
129A Get Well Visit From Bosley
130Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Sabrina
131Sabrina’s Plan
132Angels in Paradise
133Kelly and Kris
134Breaking in the New Angel!
135Beautiful Crime Fighters!
136Vacationing Angels!
137On The Trail of a Killer
138An Angel Does Her Thing!
140A Heavenly Cop!
141A Daring Damsel!
142Sabrina on a Movie Set!
143Hey Bos — Get Me Through to Charlie
144Closing in on the Crooks
145Sabrina Duncan
146Sabrina — Smart as a Whip!
147Lovely Sabrina Duncan!
148Angel Has Plans…
149Beautiful Cop
150Time Out For Sabrina!
151Devising a Plan!
152One Clever Angel!
153Heads Up, Sabrina!
154Kelly in a Daze!
155A Narrow Escape!
156Lovely Crime Fighter!
157Awaiting New Instruction!
158Kelly in a Jam!
159Ride to Danger!
160Desperate Hours for Kelly!
161Kelly in Trouble!
162Calling for Help!
163Kelly Has Her Doubts!
164Escape from Fiery Death!
165Super-Sleuth Kelly!
166A Satisfied Sleuth!
167Kelly Gets a Lead!
168Cute Angel!
169Lovely Kelly!
170One Beautiful Angel!
171Knife Throwing Peril!
172A Lovely Reflection!
173Watch Out, Kris!
174A Day at the Circus
175Kris Does Some Snooping
176Vivacious New Angel!
177Jill’s Young Sister Kris!
178Hunting for Clues!
179Beautiful Kris!
180Kris in the Tropics!
181Charlie’s Newest Angel!
182Spotting a Crime!
183The Lovely New Angel!
184Kris Cracks the Case!
185Lovely Kris!
186Beautiful New Sleuth!
187Courageous Crime Fighter!

1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels Series 4

188Sabrina Aims for Trouble
189Sabrina Takes a Break
190Waiting for Charlie’s Call
191Don’t Shoot…I’m a Private Eye!
192Bottoms Up, Sabrina!
193Super Sleuth
194Another Case Solved!
195Sabrina…Stalked by a Killer!
196Pert Angel!
197Wait’ll Charlie Hears About This!
198Sabrina Takes a Vacation
199All’s Well that Ends Well!
200Winsome Crimefighter!
201A Funny Moment for Sabrina!
202Kris on Ice!
203Spectator Kris!
204Kris Smells a Rat!
205Pursued By a Murderer!
206Cute Kris!
207A New Outfit for Kris!
208Aww, C’mon Charlie!
209Watch Out, Angel!
210Kris — Charlie’s Newest Angel!
211A Brand New Angel!
212Who Says I’m Inexperienced?
213Kris Listens To The Plan…
214Fun Loving Angel!
215Plucky Angel Kris!
216Crimefighting is Rough Work!
217Adorable Angel!
218Spotting the Crime!
219Pole Vault to Danger!
220Gorgeous Girl!
221Be Careful, Kelly!
222Kelly Overhears a Murder Plot!
223Lovely Sleuth!
224Kelly – Out to Win!
225Kelly and Friend!
226Mixing Business with Pleasure!
227A Concerned Kelly!
228Having Fun on the Job
229Kelly — In Top Form!
230Joking with Charlie!
231An Athletic Angel!
232Problems For Kelly…
233Kelly – What a Gal!
234Now Put the Gun Down…Slowly
235A Phone Call to Charlie!
236The Angels Discuss Their New Caper!
237The Terrific Trio!
238Angels Get a New Wardrobe!
239Sabrina and Bosley
240Anxious for Danger!
241Crimefighting Camera — Bugs!
242A Dangerous Assignment!
243Going Undercover
244Angels, Hawaiian Style!
245Consider The Odds, Angels…
246Charlie Should Call Soon…!
247Tackling Their Newest Case!
248Breaking in Kris!
249Charlie’s Youngest Angel!
250Devising a Plan!
251Taking it Easy!
252Bosley’s Beautiful Crimefighters!
253Charlie’s Angels — We’ll Be

1977 Topps Charlie’s Angels Stickers

Sticker 1Jill
Sticker 2Kelly
Sticker 3Sabrina
Sticker 4Heavenly Kelly!
Sticker 5Jaclyn Smith
Sticker 6Beautiful Angel!
Sticker 7Heavenly Smile!
Sticker 8Angels Get It Together!
Sticker 9Pretty Detective!
Sticker 10Kate Jackson
Sticker 11Farrah Fawcett-Majors
Sticker 12Charlie’s Angels
Sticker 13Two Heavenly Angels!
Sticker 14Dynamite Sabrina
Sticker 15Kate Jackson As Sabrina
Sticker 16Sabrina
Sticker 17Farrah Fawcett-Majors As Jill
Sticker 18Beautiful Jill
Sticker 19Angelic Jill
Sticker 20Jaclyn Smith As Kelly
Sticker 21Lovely Girl
Sticker 22Cool Angel
Sticker 23Beautiful Sabrina Duncan
Sticker 24Kate Jackson As Sabrina
Sticker 25Kelly – A Real Dreamboat
Sticker 26Lovely Detective Kris
Sticker 27Charlie’s New Angel!
Sticker 28Kris, Jill’s Little Sister!
Sticker 29Kelly Means Business!
Sticker 30Jaclyn Smith As Kelly
Sticker 31Gun-Toting Angel!
Sticker 32The Lovely New Angel!
Sticker 33Charlie’s Angel Sabrina
Sticker 34Lovely Sleuth Kelly
Sticker 35Jaclyn Smith As Kelly
Sticker 36Sabrina In A Jam
Sticker 37Kate Jackson As Sabrina
Sticker 38Radiant Angel!
Sticker 39Charlie’s Angels
Sticker 40Cute Kris
Sticker 41Kris, The Rookie Angel
Sticker 42Kelly On The Job
Sticker 43Kelly And Kris
Sticker 44Cheryl Ladd As Kris