1972 Topps Presidents trading card checklist

1972 Topps U.S. Presidents

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If 1972 Topps U.S. Presidents trading cards look familiar to you, it’s perfectly normal. This set reuses the images from the 1956 Topps Presidents set with some obvious updates for presidents elected after that sets release.

This set also includes candidates for the 1972 election as the final seven cards on the checklist.

What makes this series most unique for collectors is probably the 15 mini campaign posters that were distributed in packs. Each poster measures approximately 5×7 and are blank backed with the numbering (# of 15) on the bottom corner of the front.

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1972 Topps U.S Presidents Checklist

Base Set – 43 Cards
Campaign Posters (POS) – 15 Cards

1George WashingtonPresident
2John AdamsPresident
3Thomas JeffersonPresident
4James MadisonPresident
5James MonroePresident
6John Quincy AdamsPresident
7Andrew JacksonPresident
8Martin Van BurenPresident
9William Henry HarrisonPresident
10John TylerPresident
11James K. PolkPresident
12Zachary TaylorPresident
13Millard FillmorePresident
14Franklin PiercePresident
15James BuchananPresident
16Abraham LincolnPresident
17Andrew JohnsonPresident
18Ulysses S. GrantPresident
19Rutherford B. HayesPresident
20James A. GarfieldPresident
21Chester A. ArthurPresident
22Grover ClevelandPresident
23Benjamin HarrisonPresident
24William McKinleyPresident
25Theodore RooseveltPresident
26William Howard TaftPresident
27Woodrow WilsonPresident
28Warren G. HardingPresident
29Calvin CoolidgePresident
30Herbert C. HooverPresident
31Franklin D. RooseveltPresident
32Harry S. TrumanPresident
33Dwight D. EisenhowerPresident
34John F. KennedyPresident
35Lyndon B. JohnsonPresident
36Richard M. NixonPresident
37Shirley ChisholmCandidate
38Hubert HumphreyCandidate
39John LindsayCandidate
40George McGovernCandidate
41Edmund MuskieCandidate
42Edward KennedyCandidate
43George WallaceCandidate
POS1Abraham LincolnCandidate
POS2William Howard TaftCandidate
POS3John F. KennedyCandidate
POS4Harry TrumanCandidate
POS5I Like IkeCandidate
POS6Calvin CoolidgeCandidate
POS8Ulysses S. GrantCandidate
POS9Woodrow WilsonCandidate
POS10George WashingtonCandidate
POS11Teddy RooseveltCandidate
POS12Thomas JeffersonCandidate
POS13Franklin D. RooseveltCandidate
POS14Herbert HooverCandidate
POS15John Quincy AdamsCandidate