1956 Topps US Presidents trading card checklist

1956 Topps US Presidents Checklist

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1956 Topps US Presidents trading cards consist of 36 cards that feature American presidents as well as pivotal moments in the history of the United States. The card fronts borrow their imagery from a 1952 Bowman set with new write-ups on the reverse.

The images would be used again in 1972 when Topps released a 43 card set with an updated presidential roster.

Graded cards can sell for a reasonably high price but, for the most part, this set can be collected for relatively cheap — partly due to its small checklist and partly because prices are often under $50 each. In fact, the most valuable presidential cards are the American League and National League president cards released by Topps this same year.

The wrapper artwork for this set was featured on card #2 of the 2018 Topps 80th Anniversary series of on-demand trading cards.

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1956 Topps US Presidents Checklist

Base Set – 36 Cards

1Washington Takes Command
2Declaration Of Independence
3George Washington
4John Adams
5Thomas Jefferson
6James Madison
7Burning Of The White House
8James Monroe
9John Quincy Adams
10Andrew Jackson
11Martin Van Buren
12William Henry Harrison
13John Tyler
14James K. Polk
15Zachary Taylor
16Millard Fillmore
17Franklin Pierce
18James Buchanan
19Abraham Lincoln
20Andrew Johnson
21Ulysses S. Grant
22Rutherford B. Hayes
23James Garfield
24Chester A. Arthur
25Grover Cleveland
26Benjamin Harrison
27William McKinley
28Theodore Roosevelt
29William Howard Taft
30Woodrow Wilson
31Warren G. Harding
32Calvin Coolidge
33Herbert Hoover
34Franklin D. Roosevelt
35Harry S. Truman
36Dwight D. Eisenhower