1971 Primrose Star Trek trading card checklist

1971 Primrose Star Trek Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1971

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There are only 12 cards in the 1971 Primrose Star Trek set but it remains one of the company’s most unique collections.

Card #9 explains that this set is designed to be space stamps in the “intergalactic currency ‘interplanetary space tokens'” and is issued to “commemorate the tri-centenary of the first mission of the star ship Enterprise.” Each card back includes a great deal of text (shown below) with questionable grammar and an issue date of “A.D. 2307”.

The cards were distributed in Primrose’s line of Star Trek Sweet Cigarettes and are sized like traditional tobacco cards. Though they are presented as postage stamps, they do not have adhesive on the card back.

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1971 Primrose Star Trek Checklist

Base Set – 12 Cards

#Card Subject
1“The Enterprise incident” was created when the star ship Enterprise fired on and totally destroyed another vessel in the Romulan neutral zone, only later was it proved that the apparently innocent vessel was a warhead robot of an alien people.
2In the planet Platonius the crew of the star ship Enterprise met “Plato’s step children” and had one of the most harrowing experiences of their voyage.
3Dr. McCoy cast adrift in deep space due to an accident in orbit around the planet Deneva almost drifted for ever when he became involved in “operation annihilate”.
4The derelict space ship that was the “man trap” that the star ship Enterprise encountered in orbit around planet M-113. A trap that almost cost Captain Kirk his life.
5Mr. Spock of the planet Vulcan, with an Earth mother and a Vulcan father, whose mind functions like a computer, without emotion and to whom much credit must go for the success of the first expedition.
6Attacked in deep space by the space fleets of an alien people the star ship Enterprise fought for her life in orbit around Eminiar 7 recorded at space HQ as “taste of armageddon”.
7Dr. McCoy, space doctor and third officer of the space ship Enterprise, personal friend of Captain Kirk star ship Captain.
8Captain Kirk, lonely in command, Captain of the star ship Enterprise who brought it and its crew through untold dangers to a successful return after 5 years in deep space.
9This series of 12 space stamps in the intergalactic currency ‘interplanetary space tokens’ I.S.T.’s has been issued to commemorate the tri-centenary of the first mission of the star ship Enterprise.
10The meteor storms that rocked the star ship Enterprise on its way to Omicron Ceti III were so severe that she was out of commission for 3 sibons of time.
11This is the Enterprise, a ship of the star fleet. Its 5 year mission in space: to prise the far reaches of the galaxy, to search the unknown and unlock its mysteries, to go boldly where no man has ever gone before.
12“The doomsday machine” set adrift in space by an alien civilisation eons ago that was built to destroy that shattered planets in its path was eventually destroyed by the star ship Enterprise.