1965 Topps Battle Card checklist

1965 Topps Battle Cards Checklist

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The 1965 Topps Battle Cards series is a gorgeous collection of trading cards featuring the work of pulp artist Norman Saunders. Saunders — best known for his work on Mars Attacks and three of the five Batman series’ from 1966 — illustrated gory and sensationalized depictions of World War II in his classic style. Several cards include damsels in distress and American soldiers engaged in bloody fisticuffs with Nazis and Japanese fighters.

Each pack of cards included a cloth emblem of different divisions of the armed services. The emblems could be applied to surfaces by wetting the back.

Because of the cutting and inking quality of the era, it can be difficult to track down a complete set in top condition but fans of Saunders’ pulp style artistry will want to have this in their collection regardless of card grade.

1965 Topps Battle Cards Checklist

Base Set – 66 Cards

Cloth Emblems – 24 Patches

1Fight to the Death
2Attack on Pearl Harbor
3Execution at Dawn
4Grenade of Death
5Collision in the Sky
6Watery Doom
7Ambushing the General
8Death of a Frogman
9Hiding from the Nazis
10Medic under Fire
11Death Rides the Wing
12Death on the Bridge
13Death in the Street
14Stop Those Planes
15Dog Warrior
16The Ocean’s Victims
17Attack on Nazi Convoy
18Jungle Duel
19Hand to Hand Combat
20Snipers in the Snow
21Saved in Time
22Stockade Attack
23Suicide Dive
25Stopped by Grenades
26Blasting the Nazis
27Train of Death
28Caught While Escaping
29Smashing thru the Guards
30Cossack Charge
31Battlefront Transfusion
32Confession by Force
33Nazi Terror
34Saving His Buddies
35Terror from the Sky
36Helpless Paratrooper
37Jungle Execution
38School Bombing
39Death Blow
40The Flaming Sea
41Hospital Raiders
42Fiery Death
43Disaster in the Street
44The Torture Chamber
45Trainyard Bombing
46Assassin in the Sky
47Battle on the Beach
48Exploding Grenade
49Death Struggle
50Bomb Victims
51Tangled on a Tree
52Flames of Death
53Beautiful Spy
54United States Sailor
55U.S. Commando
56U.S. Marine
57U.S. Paratrooper
58Japanese Soldier
59Nazi Soldier
60Charles DeGaulle
61Winston Churchill
62Gen. Douglas MacArthur
63Pres. Franklin Roosevelt
64Gen. Dwight Eisenhower
65U.S. Military Cloth Emblem Checklist
66Battle Checklist
Emblem 17th Army
Emblem 2Army Air Forces
Emblem 3HQ. European Theater
Emblem 42D Division
Emblem 517th Airborne Division
Emblem 659th Division
Emblem 763D Division
Emblem 810th Mountain Division
Emblem 911th Airborne Division
Emblem 1077th Division
Emblem 11187th Airborne Reg. Team
Emblem 124th Air Force13 Alaska Air Command
Emblem 13Alaska Air Command
Emblem 14Aviation Cadet
Emblem 15Air Material Command
Emblem 1699th Infantry Battalion
Emblem 17442D Regimental Combat Team
Emblem 18101st Division
Emblem 19Armored Force
Emblem 20U.S. Wing Marking
Emblem 2173D Air Base
Emblem 2231st Bombardment
Emblem 233D Observation
Emblem 24VF-2