1963 Primrose Flintstones trading card checklist

1963 Primrose Flintstones Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1963

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1963 Primrose Flintstones trading cards were released in Primrose Confectionery products throughout England. The complete set includes 50 cards but there are two different cardback designs so a completists may be looking for 100.

The color choices may seem at odds with the beloved cartoon. Wilma, a red head, is portrayed as blonde, Betty’s black hair is now brunette, and strangest of all, Barney can be seen with green hair. All that aside, it’s still a lovely set that fans of the show or collectors of tobacco style trading cards will enjoy.

1963 Primrose Flinstones Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards
Alternate Backs

1Today’s Breakfast
2How do you open this thing?
3What kind of soup is this?
4The drier’s a little too warm, Betty
5What’s the bill like, Barney?
6Barney’s friend
7Modest Fred
8Where’s my pipe, Wilma?
9Gosh, he ate mine too
10How about this Champ?
11That’s the last time I work here
12Why the extras, Driver?
13Who made this kennel?
14Who cares about the rain Fred
15Log Rolling Fred
16Describe it, I can’t bear to look
17Dino Wins Again
18That’s Baby Puss, advertising cat food
19I haven’t touched you yet Barney
20Fred and Barney at the Gym
21I think it’s a bit overdone
22Dino knows the short cuts
23I’ll show ’em how to make coffee
24Missed again!
25Who did that?
26May I make a suggestion Barney
27I don’t believe it!
28Fred Turns Modern
29Isn’t the sea lovely, Fred?
30Junior, that’s the last time you borrow my car
31It’s high time you cut this lawn
32Getting coconuts is rather awkward
33I hope it doesn’t chime, Barney
34How are you doing, Barney?
35Baby Puss, it’s me Barney!
36Wilma’s Shopping List
37Come back here, Baby Puss
38Something is wrong!
39Wilma, why can’t we hire one?
40Somebody’s going to be surprised!
41Junior, have you seen my cookies?
42You’re too fat, Pop!
43All I can see is a big eye!
44I said post a letter – not the car
45Nice throwing Barney!
46Hurry up with my dinner Betty
47I’ll have this one … Fred
48Fred the Paper Boy!
49And you fell in trying to catch that
50Caught something Fred?