1953 Bowman Radio and TV Stars trading card checklist

1953 Bowman Radio and TV Stars Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1953

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

Tag Archive: Celebrity

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1953 Bowman Radio and TV Stars trading cards showcased the biggest stars from the NBC universe. With an identical card front to 1952 Bowman Television and Radio Stars and a number of repeated subjects, this set is nearly triple the size of its predecessor and contains some true entertainment royalty.

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1953 Bowman Radio and TV Stars Checklist

Base Set – 96 Cards

ACC# – R701-15

1Jack Lescoulie
2Bob Elliott / Ray Goulding
3Florence Freeman
4Ralph Edwards
5Jim Backus
6Olan Soule / Barbara Luddy
7Carl Reiner
8Groucho Marx
9Everett Mitchell
10Dinah Shore
11Billy Williams Quartet
12Morgan Beatty
13Hoagy Carmichael
14Russell Arms
15William Bendix
16Audrey Meadows
17Johnny Dugan
18Patricia Wheel
19Tommy Bartlett
20MacDonald Carey
21Harry Babbitt
22Dorothy Warenskjold
23Ann Elstner
24Vivian Smolen
25Stan Kenton
26Les Brown
27George Hicks
28Jeri Lou James / Dennis Day
29Kenneth Banghart
30Buzz Podewell
31Bud Collyer
32Jack McCoy
33Sid Caesar
34Anne Whitfield
35Ezio Pinza
36Lucille Norman
37Bambi Linn / Rod Alexander
38Bob Hastings
39Donald Curtis
40Bill Conrad
41Eddie Fisher
42Mark Stevens
43Ned Wever
44Cliff Arquette
45George Fenneman
46Ted Mack
47Carmen Dragon
48Arthur Hughes
49Helen Strohm
50Loretta Young
51Richard Harkness
52Jeffrey Lynn
53Lucille Wall
54J. Fred Muggs
55Betty / Jane Kean
56Susan Levin
57Helen Halpin
58Ronnie Walken
59Robert Harris
60Virginia Dwyer
61Phil Harris
62Estelle Parsons
63Paul Lavalle
64Claudia Morgan
65Patti Page
66The Hamilton Trio
67Jeannine Roose
68Arlene McQuade
69Tony Martin
70Don Herbert
71Arnold Stang
72Kathi Norris
73Sammy Kaye
74Joseph Kearns
75Fred Allen
76Florence Williams
77Bob Hamilton
78Eli Mintz
79Jack Barry
80Claire Niesen
81Walter Tetley
82Rhoda Williams
83Marlin Perkins
84Imogene Coca
85Merrill Mueller
86Sallie Brophy
87Verna Felton
88Harry Holcombe
89Tom D’Andrea
90Marvin Miller
91Dennis Day
92Phyllis Hill
93Wm. Waterman
94Wesley Morgan
95Bob Hope
96Dan Gibson