1952 Bowman Television and Radio stars of NBC trading card checklist

1952 Bowman Television and Radio Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1952

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

Tag Archive: Celebrity

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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The 1952 Bowman Television and Radio Stars of NBC trading card set was a simple 36 cards and featured, as the name implies, the biggest stars from NBC radio and television. Many of the celebrities are still well known to this day such as Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante, and Groucho Marx.

This was the first of two sets Bowman dedicated to NBC stars, the second being released in 1953. The cards measure 2 1/2″ by 3 3/4″.

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1952 Bowman Television and Radio Checklist

Base Set – 36 Cards

ACC# – R701-14

1Gertrude Berg
2Bob Elliot / Ray Goulding
3Joan Davis
4Eddie Cantor
5Judy Canova
6Bob Considine
7Robert Cummings
8Dennis Day
9Jimmy Durante
10Ralph Edwards
11Dave Garroway
12Dolores Gray
13Phil Harris / Alice Faye
14Bob Hope
15George Jessel
16Jim Jordan / Marian Jordan
17Pinky Lee
18Paul Winchell
19Groucho Marx
20Joel McCrea
21Randy Merriman
22Bess Myerson
23Jan Murray
24Walter O’Keefe
25Jane Pickens
26Marguerite Piazza
27Martha Raye
28Dinah Shore
29Kate Smith
30Olan Soule / Barbara Luddy
31Bill Stern
32Martha Stewart
33John Cameron Swayze
34Lee Tracy
35Willard Waterman
36Meredith Willson