1948 Leaf Knock Out boxing card checklist

1948 Leaf Knock Out Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1948

Manufacturer Archive: Leaf

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1948 Leaf Knock Out boxing cards share the unconventional numbering of Leaf’s baseball set from the same year. There are 50 cards in total for this set but the numbering goes up to 102 which, no doubt, left contemporary collectors searching for 52 very impossible cards to find.

The card design follows the standard 1948 design for Leaf with a color palette that broadened the possibility for printing defects.

1948 Leaf Knock Out Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

1Jack Dempsey
2Sammy Angott
3Benny Leonard
7Mickey Walker
8Arturo Godoy
9James J. Jeffries
13Beau Jack
15Tony Zale
17Jack Johnson
18Jackie Fields
19Kid Chocolate
20Harry Greb
24Sammy Mandell
25Abe Attell
27Tommy Loughran
29Jimmy McLarnin
32Max Schmeling
33John Henry Lewis
35Henry Armstrong
36Melio Bettina
38Jack Sharkey
42Marcel Cerdan
44Bob Montgomery
47Billy Conn
48Joe Louis
50Rocky Graziano SSP
51Willie Pep
55James J. Corbett
57Chalky Wright
58Barney Ross
60Gus Lesnevich RC
63Bob L. Fitzsimmons
64Ray Robinson
65Al Hostak
67Georges Carpentier
69Jess Willard
71Freddy Steele
73Gene Tunney
74Fred Apostoli
77Tony Canzoneri
78Johnny Coulon
80Ceferino Garcia
82Fritzie Zivic
88Lou Ambers
90Primo Carnera
93Max Baer
95Tony Christoforidis
98Harry Forbes
101John Sullivan
102Jake Lamotta