1940 Gum Inc Lone Ranger trading card checklist

1940 Gum Inc Lone Ranger Checklist

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1940 Gum Inc Lone Ranger trading cards are among the most popular sets of all time. The checklist is a simple 48 cards but the artwork of Charles Steinbacher is stunning and pops off of each card.

Cards were sold for a penny along with a “big piece of chewing gum”. Cards 37-48 are considered short prints and are incredibly difficult to find, resulting in full sets being quite rare in top condition.

The original concept for this set had a 60 card checklist and Steinbacher had produced artwork for those 12 additional cards. This art was discovered in his personal safe after his passing and the “Twelve Unpublished” were issued as an insert set for 1997 Dart Lone Ranger trading cards.

Collectors who sent in their wrappers could receive 8×10 pictures from this series. Five wrappers could be exchanged for one of these large prints and 25 wrappers could get the entire set of five. These premium flyers are also incredibly rare and can sell for several hundred dollars.

1940 Gum Inc Lone Ranger Checklist

Base Set – 48 Cards

#Card Title
1A Silver Bullet Stops a Hanging
2Tonto and the Secret Mine
3Tonto’s Race with Death
4The Giant Ghost
5The Wrecked Stagecoach
6Ghouls at Work
7Poisoned Waters
8Hawk’s Prey
9The Fight over the Water Hole
10The Substitute Dispatch Bearer
11The Run-Away Herd
12The Lasso Duel
13The Counter Attack
14The Underground River
15The Tree Trap
16Silver Charges the Horse Thieves
17The Interrupted Coach Robbery
18Barrier of Fire
19The Burning Shack
20Thirsty Burros
21Saving Tonto’s Scalp
22Firebrands on the Ledge
23Threatening Hoofs
24Smoke Signals
25A Double Hold-up
26The Vicious Circle
27Midnight Branding Party
28Trial of the Killer
29Blasted Canyon
30Tonto in War Paint
31Dead Man’s Leap
32The Phantom Rider
33Paradise Regained
34Fire Trap
35The Haunted House
36The Cattle Rush
37His Father’s Son
38Broken Windows
39Smugglers’ Love Letters
40A Piece of Gingham
41The Price of Sealed Lips
42Storming the Indian Camp by Night
43The Bank Bandits
44Round-up Time in Prairie Gulch
45Horseshoes for Bad Luck
46Gun Girl
47The Rescue of the Wagon Train
48Silver’s Vigil