1939 Gum Inc World in Arms trading card checklist

1939 Gum Inc World in Arms Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1939

Manufacturer Archive: Gum Inc

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1939 Gum Inc World in Arms trading cards are divided into six different categories: Airplanes, Ships, Iron Cavalry, Field Artillery, Fortifications, and Miscellaneous. With each division, the numbering sequence starts from “1” but the final checklist weighs in at 48 cards.

Each card front features an original art piece of a famous war machine from the various armies of the world with the reverse of the cards explaining the depiction on the front. Several images from this set were recycled for other sets that followed including 10 which appeared in a Rand McNally book about the American military.

According to sample cards distributed in other Gum Inc products, the intention was for this set to be 120 cards but as often happened (as it did the following year with 1940 Lone Ranger), the set size was reduced before production. Unlike Lone Ranger, though, it does not appear that Charles Steinbacher completed artwork for the original checklist and these 48 images are all that are known from this series.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this series. Promo cards are available with a red stamp over the back card text.

1939 Gum Inc World in Arms Checklist

Base Set – 48 Cards

#Card Subject
Airplanes 1United States “Flying Fortress”
Airplanes 2German Junkers Bomber
Airplanes 3Italian Breda Fighters
Airplanes 4British Mayo Composite “Pick-a-back” Plane
Airplanes 5Spanish Loring Reconnaissance Ship
Airplanes 6Czechoslovakian Avia Fighter
Airplanes 7Swedish Junkers Bomber
Airplanes 8Royal Canadian Air Force Vickers “Vedette”
Airplanes 9United States “DC-4”
Airplanes 10Belgian Multi-seat “GR-8” Fighter
Airplanes 11Irish Avro Anson Reconnaissance Plane
Airplanes 12Russian Mystery Single-seat Fighter
Airplanes 13French Torpedo Planes Escorting Giant Letecoere
Airplanes 14Latvian Two-seater Reconnaissance Ship
Airplanes 15Australian “Wirraway” All-purpose Ship
Airplanes 16Dutch Fokker “D-21” Fighter
Field Artillery 1United States 3-inch Anti-aircraft Gun
Field Artillery 2United States 77mm. Field Gun
Field Artillery 3United States 75mm. Howitzer
Field Artillery 4United States .30-Caliber Heavy Machine Gun
Fortifications 1U.S. Quick-firing Rail-mounted Coast Gun
Fortifications 2Guns of the Maginot Line in Action
Fortifications 3Heligoland
Fortifications 4The Mareth Line
Iron Cavalry 1United States Armored Scout Car
Iron Cavalry 2United States High-speed Tank
Iron Cavalry 3Italian Flame-throwing Tank
Iron Cavalry 4Japanese Scout Motorcycle
Miscellaneous 1Italian Flame Throwers
Miscellaneous 2British Death-dealing Balloon Barrage
Miscellaneous 3Landing Russian “Air Infantry”
Miscellaneous 4The New Garand Automatic Rifle
Miscellaneous 5British Portable Steel Air Raid Shelter
Miscellaneous 6Gas Raid Rescue Squad
Miscellaneous 7Stream of Torpedoes
Miscellaneous 8Devastating Martin-Barlow Aerial Bomb
Ships 1United States Battleship “Mississippi”
Ships 2French Battleship “Dunkerque”
Ships 3British Fifteen-ton “Hornet,” Torpedo Boat
Ships 4Japanese Destroyer “Fubuki” Sinking Junk
Ships 5Italian Cruiser “Zara”
Ships 6New German Submarine
Ships 7United States Heavy Cruiser “Indianapolis”
Ships 8Spanish Nationalist Cruiser “Canarias”
Ships 9German Motor Torpedo Boat
Ships 10Japanese Aircraft Carrier “Akagi”
Ships 11British Battleship “Rodney”
Ships 12Italian M.A.S. Boat