1898 Wills Conundrums trading card checklist

1898 Wills Conundrums Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1898

Manufacturer Archive: Wills' Cigarettes

Tag Archive: Humor

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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The 25 card set of 1898 Wills Conundrums trading cards offer punny riddles that only the young smoker of 1898 could appreciate. Each card front features an illustration and a riddle question with the answer printed on the back of the card.

There are variations to the card backs with some cards offering an album to collectors and others printed in different ink colors meaning a completist will have more than 25 cards to track down for this collection.

This set is among the first of many trading card sets distributed in Wills tobacco products for decades.

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1898 Wills Conundrums Checklist

Base Set – 25 Cards

1Why are balloons in the air like vagrants?
2Why is a schoolboy being flogged like your eye?
3Why is a plum cake like the ocean?
4Why are sheep the most disspated animals?
5Why ought Ireland to be the riches country in the world?
6Why are sweets like racehorses?
7Why is a dog’s tail like the heart of a tree?
8When can a donkey be spelt with one letter?
9What is it which a cat has, but no other animals?
10Turn a ‘Star’ round, and what do you get?
11What is the diference between a mouse and a pretty girl?
12What is the difference between a spendthrift and a feather bed?
13Why does an old maid wear cotton gloves?
14When is a clock on the stairs dangerous?
15Why is this man like Berlin?
16What is the difference between a cook and her lover?
17Why are pretty girls like fireworks?
18Why is a mouse like a haystack?
19Why are ‘Capstan’ cigarettes like 10000 pound?
20What part of a fish weighs most?
21What is the difference between a honeycomb and a honeymoon?
22What is the difference between a school-master and a postage stamp?
23Why is a policaman like a rainbow?
24Which is the most awkward time for a train to start?
25When is a soldier not half a soldier?