WWE: What’s Next After Leaked Video of Paige, Xavier Woods?

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Another WWE superstar has fallen victim to leaked photos and video. Paige, who has been off air for some time now after dealing with an injury and wellness policy suspensions, was the target as someone leaked private videos and photos of the former Women’s Champion. But, with Xavier Woods also involved in the controversial leaked footage, what’s next for the superstars?

Paige, as already mentioned hasn’t been on air with the company since last year, has been removed from the introduction and hasn’t been a part of RAW (aside from her theme which was featured after a RAW in February for a movie The Rock is putting together), so this is just another hit to an already plummeting WWE career.

However, Xavier Woods is a member of one of, if not the, most popular tag teams in the WWE, The New Day, so he may be in more trouble than Paige. While the video is leaked and can’t really be considered the fault of the wrestlers, it’s still not a good look for a publicly-traded company whose biggest investment is in the kids who follow the programs.

Also, Linda McMahon having a position in Donald Trump’s cabinet can also be seen as conflicting if the stars of the program are seen in a negative light.

Woods, and The New Day, is slated to host WrestleMania and are probably the most popular selling commodity in the WWE right now. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the WWE kind of veered away from Woods and his group all together since this could be seen as a negative. If the WWE goes as far as demoting The New Day from hosting WM is yet to be seen (I don’t expect it if that’s any console), but who knows in a WWE where grabbing your boss gets you suspended (like it did for Titus O’Neil last year).

Paige, though, who’s the focus of the leak could potentially have seen her last match as a member of WWE. If that is the case, I’m sure she’d be ready to move on to Impact Wrestling, where her hubby Alberto del Rio (now known as Alberto El Patron) is the champ.

If she is done, it wouldn’t be the biggest hit to a women’s division which is performing night in and night out and putting on great shows, but it does take away a former star who was once expected to have a tremendous career. No matter the result of this, however, one thing’s for sure, Paige is already a victim and she should be treated as such.

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