Wave 6 of Funko Pop WWE Figures Set for Release

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If regular wrestling action figures aren’t your thing, then the new series six Funko Pop WWE figures are sure to make you Pop! with enthusiasm.

The newest Funko Pop! series, which is set to release some time in the summer, includes some extraordinary figures including Enzo (and his phenomenal bleach-blonde hair) and Big Cass. The Smack Talker Skywalker’s figure has to be one of my favorites as it’s also covered in his tattoos and bright red pants.

If those aren’t your style and you don’t want to be a stupid idiot, there’s a brilliant figure of Chris Jericho — List of Jericho in hand — for you to pick up.

The series will also have a pair of former Women’s champions in Bayley and Sasha Banks (no the pair don’t come together like I wish they did) and even legends such as Iron Sheik and Ted DiBiase. These two are special because they each come with two versions. One version, though, will be rarer than the other, according to reports.

The full list of Funko Pop WWE figurines can be found under the tab above but this wave’s specific checklist is as follows:

  • 39 – Bayley (Toys R Us exclusive)
  • 40 – Chris Jericho
  • 40 – Chris Jericho (purple boots FYE exclusive)
  • 41 – Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase
  • 41 – Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase (white suit chase)
  • 42 – Sasha Banks
  • 43 – Iron Sheik
  • 43 – Iron Sheik (red headpiece chase)

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are sold exclusively at Walgreens as a part of a two pack.