Topps Wrapper Art Set 4 cards available

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Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art Set 4 was released and, falling in line with previous releases, covers a unique cross section of the company’s extensive catalog.

The complete checklist for this growing set can be found on the main page of this hub; the checklist for set 4 is as follows:

  • 10 – 1982 E.T.
  • 11 – 1978 Three’s Company
  • 12 – 1965 Ugly Stickers

All three sets included some sort of sticker component. The E.T. set included 12 stickers with card backs that combined to make a photo puzzle, Three’s Company was primarily a sticker collection except for 16 cards which were double sided puzzle pieces, and Ugly Stickers were exclusively stickers.

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As with all of the cards in this series, these three cards are only available online and for only a week. Print runs are limited to the final order count for each card. There are also posters available for each wrapper design. These cards are online exclusives and may be purchased using any of the links on this page.