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This is something new I haven’t done before. While I have made lists of what I did and didn’t like from certain WWE pay-per-views, I haven’t really followed that pattern and consistently given my opinions on what goes on during the week with Raw and SmackDown. Well, that just changed. So, with Mania included, here are my three positives and three negatives from the WrestleMania week.

Good: Charlotte and Asuka put on a show

If Asuka’s streak was going to be broken (I didn’t see it coming), then it’s only right that arguably the greatest women’s wrestler in WWE gets to be the one to end it.

While Alexa Bliss and Asuka would have probably been a good match as well, Alexa still doesn’t have that star appeal — or last name — that resonates so deeply with fans.

And the show Asuka and Charlotte put on was great. Neither star backed down and each had their spots to shine and both did just that. Charlotte ultimately ended up getting the victory, but her reign as champ wouldn’t continue for much longer.

Bad: SmackDown Tag Team Titles match gets five minutes

I understand there’s a certain amount of time that WWE is allotted, but come on man! The Usos and New Day alone have put on classic matches and adding the heavyweight Bludgeon Brothers was a recipe for total devastation.

Instead, WWE only gives them five minutes to put on a show and it just wasn’t even worth it.

Good: Samoa Joe returns to call out Roman reigns

Right where we left off before Samoa Joe suffered his injury and right where we should be. With Braun Strowman being so damn over and being one of the best faces in the WWE, Samoa Joe is the nastiest heel in the business.

His snarl, his speaking ability and just his overall combative style all wrapped into one monster of a man.

Joe calling out Roman, to me, means that Reigns will earn the title in the cage match against Brock Lesnar and will set Joe up as the No. 1 contender to the belt.

If it weren’t for Joe getting injured, I really think the match at mania would have been a triple-threat. Joe could give Reigns that pus he needs to finally become a face or Joe could take away any on-the-fence fans of Reigns.

Bad: Brock Lesnar retaining

I’ve been at the forefront of fans praying for Lesnar to drop the belt. To anyone, whether it be Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman (the latter would be beautiful), the belt just needs to come off. The rumors of him getting into it with the McMahons are all around and that’s beside the point.

His half-ass matches are played out and the majority of fans feel toyed with when he’s in the ring as he repetitively hurls every superstar he faces over his head for a suplex.

Being a one-trick pony while there are so many other talented athletes who need a shot is the worst thing in the world and Brock is just that. Pair that up with him not even being at the Raw after Mania, this is just an all-around disaster of a title reign.

Good: Shinsuke turning heel

Oh perfection, thy name is Heel Nakamura. Not only did he steal the show in what should have been the final match of Mania, but he follows that up with his best interview to date as a SmackDown Live superstar.

Nakamura is someone who WWE hasn’t figured out what to do with since he made the jump to the main roster, but they may have struck gold by switching him to the dark side.

Bad: A Jinder Mahal/Randy Orton rematch

I mean, who wants this? Jinder is already hated on by the fans so his heel gimmick worked. But, another match between these two, for a different belt, when you have Bobby Roode and Rusev involved as well? About as disappointing as it gets.

Rusev was the obvious choice to win the championship due to his buzz with the fans currently, but Roode would have been a solid choice as well because of how good of a performer he is.

Jinder, on the other hand, hasn’t had many top-level matches and another repeat of him and Orton sounds like another WWE miss.

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