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Vince McMahon loves the wild card. I’m not sure if this is WWE or Uno any more but let’s be honest, the wild card rule is kind of cool.

It’s also an incredibly lazy way of keeping storylines running even though the superstar shakeup happened a few weeks ago. For that reason, it is a good and bad.

To me, seeing wrestlers like AJ Styles and Becky Lynch on both shows is fantastic. They both up the level of competition and will be a nice bonus to each show. The bad, however, is that you sort of just ruin storylines on either show.

Styles and McIntyre needs to be the main focus. Not Styles having a title shot against Kofi Kingston. Let him feud the heels.

Speaking of heels, is AJ Styles returning to his bad boy ways? His actions towards Seth Rollins most definitely set him up to be the bad guy when the two meet at Money in the Bank and I’m with it. Especially if it allows The Club to get into the action since they’ve been over machines, getting buried by any tag team that WWE throws at them.

You know what else is bad? Sami Zayn. His character isn’t developing. He’s a snarky wrestler that is talking down to the smart fans. I get it. I do. But it’s not having much effect other than a cheap jab here or there.

Sami can always put on a good show, but this character doesn’t fit him. Bring back the Zayn that annoyed you by being overly happy to be an ass. It’s needed.

Kofi and KO are going places. Sorry Xavier, but I love the way Kevin Owens is getting to Kingston by manhandling you. It’s a perfect setup for Kofi to prove he’s an A-wrestler.

It makes him look great as champ and it also makes Owen’s look incredibly destructive building toward MITB.

My final dislike this week has to go to Matt Hardy’s acting and Lars Sullivan. Why oh why does Vince McMahon have to give every big guy a streak of running through wrestlers even when they’re not ready to take over.

Lars is about as interesting as watching a banana rot. And not the point in which a brown banana makes delicious banana bread but like waaaaay past that rotten. Lars needs a manager or he needs a storyline injury so he can get some more work. Either way, he isn’t ready for the main roster.

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