The Three Count: Stomping Grounds and BAH GAWD Seth Rollins Got a Chair!

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Seth Rollins’ favorite game: Musical Chairs.
Seth Rollins’ favorite movie: The Chair.
Seth Rollins’ favorite song: The Chair by George Strait.
Okay, enough. But you get it, right?

Rollins absolutely obliterated any wrestlers’ attempt at becoming guest referee of his match against Baron Corbin at Stomping Grounds.

The segments with Rollins were solid, although he looked heelish at times. Which is something that could seriously ruin WWE’s plans with him. To say I didn’t enjoy the beat downs would be me lying.

While I think Ricochet winning the five-man elimination match over Braun Strowman, The Miz, Cesaro and Lashley was a good decision, I think WWE could have created something bigger.

When Ricochet climbed up to the top buckle before landing his finishing move, I was hoping Aleister Black would pop up on the big screen, challenging his former tag team partner.

Black has called out wrestlers for weeks and has been unable to find his next opponent as he’s gone on a promo spree as of late.

Gallows and Anderson drop another match and fall a little bit lower.

Now, I’m not saying these two should be contending for a title, but with their roles and their history, they can definitely get some time on TV.

Another loss sort of diminished their meeting with AJ Styles, who had told the two they needed to get back to being respected.

My issue is that the WWE could have given them a win, even if it came dirty, since it seems that’s where the good brothers are heading anyway

Alexa Bliss torches Bayley

Bliss has been in the ring this year about as much as I have, but she brought the heat to her feud with The Hugger.

Bliss knocked her out with her insult on Bayley’s attire, saying she dressed like she worked at Forever 21.

The feud hasn’t gone very far, but it did turn a corner with this segment.

The best thing all week, though, wasn’t on either show. It was R Truth reclaiming his 24/7 title against Drake Maverick in the middle of his ACTUAL wedding.

Absolutely priceless.

Stomping Grounds predictions:

Alexa Bliss def. Bayley
Reigns def. McIntyre
Lynch def. Lacey
Rollins def. Corbin
Ziggler def. Kingston
Joe def. Ricochet
New Day def. KO and Sami
Nese retains
Heavy Machinery def. Bryan and Rowan