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The Three Count: New character reveal of Bray Wyatt

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What am I seeing? Where are they going with this? My, and probably plenty others’ first thoughts after watching the first Bray Wyatt promo since returning from injury.

Basically, it seems like a sadistic playhouse which seems to be a lot like a loony bin. He’s talking to dolls, playing with puppets, and slashing a life-sized cutout of himself with a chainsaw.

I mean, there’s a lot going on. I don’t know how to feel about this so far, but I’m interested to see where WWE goes with the idea. It seems almost like something Matt Hardy would envision.

On a less than thrilling note, Baron Corbin is getting too much TV time. I don’t understand WWE’s infatuation with the guy. His lack of talking ability and his mediocre in-ring ability makes me question what the company sees in the villain.

AJ Styles is getting a title opportunity. Styles has been without a title or just a title shot for far too long. His skillset and ability to put on good matches with anyone not named Daniel Bryan allows him to put on a show.

[the_ad id=”11697″]He and Rollins should be able to steal the show at Money in the Bank. When it comes to the women’s division, there is no question that Bayley as a singles competitor has lacked for some time. But, on Tuesday we saw a whole new side. She stood up for herself and put on a thrilling match with Charlotte (one that she eventually lost.)

However throwing her into a legit storyline and possibly having her a Charlotte feud, possibly after Becky Lynch retains at MITB, could make for a great story.

The Usos are not exactly getting a title shot on Raw and I’m not okay with it. When the tandem moved to the red show, I for sure thought they’d instantly contest with a less than resounding Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

However, WWE decided to have them feud with The Revival, whose lackluster title reign ended in Hawkins snapping his 100+ losing streak. The final positive of the day goes to Kevin Owens’ heel turn. I alluded to the idea that probably everyone assumed would happen as well, but I still feel like it was perfect timing.

Just enough face KO to make everyone miss heel KO. And he played it to perfection. A storyline with KO and Kofi will be incredibly fresh and can not only have great promos but great matches as well.

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