The Three Count: Money in the Bank preview edition

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As the week winds down and Money in the Bank is set to kick off, Raw and Smackdown had plenty of highs and lows.

I’ll say the first low is the fact that Braun Strowman was replaced by Sami Zayn to be in the Money in the Bank championship. While Strowman’s peak has come and gone when it comes to popularity, WWE’s inability to cash in on the monster has become incredibly disastrous.

Having him lose to Zayn, along with Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin isn’t a bad look, but the idea that Zayn has even a remotely minor chance at winning the briefcase would be an exaggeration. Beck Rollins?

The two recently came public about their relationship and many people couldn’t be any happier. I joked that their name should be “The Men”… I know, not very clever.

Sticking with the positives, Bray Wyatt has absolutely turned into a… puppet master? The twists and turns of his promos have been necessary for his rebrand, but ultimately, if he can’t perform in the ring and have some solid feuds, it will all be for naught.

Alexa Bliss not being medically cleared is a tough situation. She’s been out for what feels like a year dealing with a concussion/head injuries and while I feel sorry for her, Nikki Cross finally getting some notice is way overdue.

Cross likely won’t win the briefcase, but she can perform some spots that will bring more people to believing in her abilities. It’s not every day that WWE gets a feud right and I’ll be the first to say when they don’t, but that works both ways as I have to say the Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston feud is right up there with the best of them.

The way it’s been building, now it’s time for them to blow the roof off the place with a stellar match.

The Women’s Tag Team division has become a joke in less than a few months. With The Iiconics out of action, the rest of the women haven’t been able to carry the load. It’s sad that it’s already fallen because there are plenty of women on the roster who could use a push even if it came from a tag team storyline.

On to my picks for Money in the Bank:
Rollins def. Styles
Ali wins Men’s MITB
Naomi wins Women’s MITB
Reigns def. Elias
The Miz def. Shane
Kofi def. KO
Becky def. Charlotte
Samoa Joe def. Rey
Nese def. Daivari
Bryan and Rowan def. Usos
Evans def. Becky

While Lacey Evans defeating Becky may be a bold prediction, I have a feeling WWE wants to add another main eventer to the women’s roster.

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