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The Schitt’s Creek Pilot: Take Me To The Pilot Episode 4

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The Schitt’s Creek pilot is a masterclass on character introduction, tone establishment, and setting development. It also happens to be the subject of Take Me To The Pilot, episode four.

The show was created by Daniel Levy and his father Eugene Levy for CBC Television in Canada. It premiered on January 13, 2015, in Canada and a month later in the United States on Pop TV.

On its surface, the Schitt’s Creek pilot appears to be another riches-to-rags story but unlike previous iterations of this concept, such as Arrested Development, the heart of the story lies in humility and family re-connection and is less focused on the comic tropes of fish out of water scenarios.

This podcast episode discusses many aspects of the series’ launch, including the standout performance by Catherine O’Hara and the charm of Daniel Levy’s, David Rose.

Another discussion on this podcast episode revolves around the show’s title. At first, it is easy to dismiss the name of the show as a silly pun used as a cheap laugh, but it is a critical component of the story. The title is so critical, in fact, that the Levy men went to great lengths to ensure the title would not be changed by networks.

If you have never seen this show, fret not, the story is explained over the course of the podcast. If you are a die-hard fan of this series, enjoy listening to the hosts rehash their favorite jokes and moments.

Schitt’s Creek is currently streaming via Netflix and will begin its final season in January 2020. This podcast episode does contain spoilers.