Terms and Conditions

Subscription Box Payments

A) Subscription boxes are charged at time of purchase.
B) Renewals will be charged monthly on a specific day of the month based on the item you purchased. If you purchase too close to a renewal date to fulfil the order prior to renewal, your second payment will be pushed back a month. For example, if you purchase a team on the 2nd that normally renews on the 5th, we couldn’t possibly get that to your mailbox before the next payment was due so we’ll automatically move your renewal to the following month.
C) Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time through the user’s account page on this site.

Subscription Box Refunds

A) Hero Habit will not issue a refund for shipped/delivered products.
B) Hero Habit will not issue a refund for subscription renewals.
C) If you feel like you have been charged in error, please contact Hero Habit immediately.

Subscription Box Guarantees

A) Subscribers are guaranteed 20-25 trading cards (depending on purchased product).
B) Boxes containing thicker cards, whether as “hits” or simply premium card stock, may contain fewer than 20 cards.
C) Subscribers are guaranteed no duplicate cards within the same subscription.
D) Subscriptions that are cancelled must be reactivated to ensure our no-duplicate policy. Purchasing a brand new subscription will not necessarily guarantee users won’t receive duplicate cards from previous subscriptions.
E) Hero Habit makes no guarantee over the frequency or market value of “Hits” distribution. Hits include, autographs, relics, short prints, and printing plates.
F) Hero Habit guarantees that none of this “hits” obtained by the company will be sold individually via private or public channels. All cards pulled by Hero Habit will be distributed among subscribers.

Subscription Box Shipping

A) Boxes can ship anywhere from 1-14 business days. We keep the timeframe open so that you have the best opportunity to receive new releases as close to release date as possible.
B) If a box is not received by the subscriber prior to the auto-renewal date, renewal will be postponed.
C) Shipping dates are subject to change for any reason without notice.

All other purchased products

A) Other products purchased via the Hero Habit store will ship within 3-5 business days.