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The Sideshow Artists Alley line of collectible statues mixes the best of Comic Con with the quality you’ve come to expect from Sideshow.

Featuring several different artists, each figure is a unique take on a beloved character and highlights the creativity and inventiveness that has become a cornerstone of Artists Alley.

Statues are vinyl and limited to 3,000 each. Dimensions for each figure varies based on artists design.

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Batgirl3000Sho Murase
Batgirl3000Chrissie Zullo
Batman3000Hainanu Nooligan Saulque
BatmanDay of the DeadHainanu Nooligan SaulqueGameStop
BatmanB&WHainanu Nooligan Saulque
Batman3000Chris Uminga
BatmanVillain Variant1000Chris UmingaGameStop
BatmanFlashpoint750Chris UmingaSDCC18
BatmanZombie1000Chris UmingaHot Topic
BatmanGITD1000Chris UmingaBoxLunch
Batman3000Joe Ledbetter
Catwoman3000Sho Murase
CatwomanHoliday500Sho Murase
Catwoman3000Joe Ledbetter
Catwoman5000Joelle Jones
Flash3000Chris Uminga
Harley Quinn3000Hainanu Nooligan Saulque
Harley QuinnDay of the Dead1500Hainanu Nooligan SaulqueGameStop
Harley QuinnB&W500Hainanu Nooligan Saulque
Harley Quinn3000Sho Murase
Harley QuinnHoliday500Sho Murase
Hawkgirl3000Chrissie Zullo
Joker3000Hainanu Nooligan Saulque
JokerDay of the DeadHainanu Nooligan SaulqueGameStop
JokerB&WHainanu Nooligan Saulque
Nightwing3000Hainanu Nooligan Saulque
NightwingEclipse200Hainanu Nooligan SaulqueDesignercon 18
Penguin3000Joe Ledbetter
Poison Ivy3000Sho Murase
Poison IvyHoliday500Sho Murase
Robin3000Joe Ledbetter
Supergirl3000Chrissie Zullo
Superman3000Chris Uminga
SupermanZombie1000Chris UmingaHot Topic
SupermanVillain Variant1000Chris UmingaGameStop
SupermanGITD1000Chris UmingaBoxLunch
Superman5000Jim Lee
Wonder Woman3000Chris Uminga
Wonder WomanZombie1000Chris UmingaHot Topic
Wonder WomanGITD1000Chris UmingaBoxLunch
Wonder WomanVillain Variant1000Chris UmingaGameStop
Wonder Woman3000Chrissie Zullo