Non-Sports Box

$15.00 / month

25 genre specific cards
New cards each month
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The Hero Habit Non-Sports box is geared towards card collections that can’t be divided by teams. Every month you will receive 25 cards, including two complete pages (two sets of 9, sequential cards) from sets within your preferred genre. The remaining seven cards in your box will be a mix of inserts and, when available, relics, autographs, printing plates, and sketch cards. If we pull it, it goes into a box!

What are the genres?

  • DC Universe – Includes cards inspired by all DC properties including comic cards, television, and film. Batman, Arrow, Wonder Woman
  • Marvel Universe – Includes cards inspired by all Marvel properties including comic cards, television, and film. Avengers, Punisher, Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Star Wars – Includes cards inspired by all Star Wars properties including film and television. Women of Star Wars, Star Wars Heritage, Mandalorian
  • TV Prime Time – Includes dramas and comedies from every era of television history. Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation
  • TV Sci-Fi – Focuses on television’s best science fiction. Star Trek, Orphan Black, Twilight Zone
  • Film – Includes cards from films not associated with other genres in this product. Ghostbusters, James Bond
  • Music – Focuses on the artists who make us tap our foot and dance. Beatles, Beach Boys, Elvis
  • WWE – Includes cards from various sets focused on wrestling. Summerslam, Road to Wrestlemania

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