Basketball Box

$15.00 / month

20-25 of your team’s cards
New cards each month
Free Shipping



Save storage space and money by letting us curate a basketball card collection specifically for you!

Simply choose your favorite team and we will send you a brand new box (20-25 cards) of trading cards every single month. No more duplicates or teams you don’t care about, just your favorites right in your mailbox. You can change teams as often as you’d like and you’re free to cancel at any time.

We don’t sell cards anywhere else so everything we pull gets added to our subscription inventory. What does that mean? You have a chance at all the base, inserts, relics, and autographs we pull. While there’s no guarantee you’ll receive a hit every month, every hit you do receive is going to be for your team at a fraction of the price it would take to open dozens of boxes.

Please review our FAQ section before subscribing. Still have questions? Use our live chat support system to have your questions answered.

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How many cards do I recieve?

Every month you will receive between 20 and 25 cards that are specific to the team(s) you subscribe to. Some times thick card stocks require fewer cards being shipped.

When do boxes ship?

Depending on our inventory and card release schedules, our boxes can ship anywhere from 1-14 days after purchase. If your renewal is charged a week prior to a major card release, we may hold off on sending you a box until we can add those brand new cards to your box.

What if my subscription ships late?

We want you to receive your box well before your next renewal fee is charged so you don’t feel trapped into your subscription. If we are unable to ship your box in a time frame prior to your next renewal, you will not be charged the following month. We will NEVER charge you if a previous order is still processing.

Will I always get a hit?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to know what we will pull from our cases. While you may not receive an autograph every month, you will probably receive short prints or inserts on a regular basis.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes. You can jump ship to a different team or sport at any time we just ask that you make the change prior to a renewal charge.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Any time you want. You have to cancel prior to a renewal charge, though. No refunds will be issued but you will still receive the box for which you paid.

Will I receive duplicate cards?

Nope! Every month you will receive a brand new box and as long as your subscription is active, we won't send you duplicates. If you need to take a couple months off, simply put your account "On Hold" to avoid future charges but maintain your duplicate record. If you cancel and join again later, we can't guarantee you won't get some duplicate cards.

Can I purchase your hits separately?

Nope. We are very serious about the integrity of this product and do not save the big hits for side sales. To that end, we also don’t ship redemption cards in our products. If we pull a redemption, we will claim it and send it to the appropriate team when it arrives. If we pull a hit, it goes into our stockpile for shipment. No exceptions.