Tobacco Trading Card Box


A 20 card mystery box featuring non-sports tobacco, confectionary, and tea cards from 1900-1970. Whether you’re new to the hobby, returning, or a seasoned collector, the Hero Habit Mystery Box is a fun way to grow your collection.

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  • What are the card subjects?
    • Card subjects could be animals, boats, war machines, cartoons, fashion, or anything in between. As long as it isn’t a sports card, it is eligible for inclusion in these packs.
  • What condition will the cards be in?
    • We do our best to source only the highest quality raw (ungraded) cards possible but many of our cards are 100+ years old and, therefore, may have some wear and tear. We do not guarantee that any of the cards will be “mint” condition but will insist on no excessive damage and no glue damage on the reverse.
  • Will I receive duplicate cards?
    • You won’t receive duplicate cards within a Mystery Box but, due to the sheer volume of cards we deal with, we can’t guarantee you won’t receive duplicates if purchasing multiple boxes.
  • What era are the cards from?
    • Our tobacco card offerings span many eras from late 1800s through to the 1970s. Although we call it a tobacco box we also include British Tea, confectionary, and gum cards as long as they are the same size as a traditional tobacco card.
  • Will I get a hit?
    • Not in the modern sense, no. These cards all pre-date the modern idea of relics or autographs but it’s possible to receive a short print.
  • Where can I find more information about what I received?
    • Every set that is included in our distribution will include a checklist on Hero Habit with more details about the full collection.

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Deck Size

25 Cards