Second wave of Overwatch figures coming to Funko Pop

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Overwatch is a wildly popular and critically acclaimed team-based, first person shooter video game and coming this April, a second wave of characters from the game will be featured in the Funko Pop Games line of vinyl figures.

Two of the figures (#92 and #95), are variants on first wave figures and #177 and #178 are over sized. The complete checklist of new additions is as follows:

  • 92 – Tracer (Think Geek Exclusive)
  • 95 – Pharah (Blizzard Exclusive)
  • 179  – Lucio
  • 180 – Mei
  • 181 – Symmetra
  • 182 – McCree
  • 182 – Summer Games McCree (Gamestop Exclusive)
  • 183 – Mei (Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • 177 – D. Va w/ Meka
  • 177 – Black D. Va w/ Meka (Blizzard Exclusive)
  • 178 – Reinhardt
  • 184 – Reinhardt (Best Buy Exclusive)

This second wave of figures brings the total number of Overwatch characters to 20 including nine retail exclusives. A complete checklist of the entire line of Funko Pop Games figures can be found under the tab at the top of this page.