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Samoa Joe Set Up Perfectly to Defeat Brock Lesnar, Win WWE Universal Title

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Eat. Sleep. Coquina Clutch. Repeat.

The build up has been fantastic, now WWE just has to finish what’s been an amazing push for Samoa Joe by allowing Brock Lesnar to lose the Universal Title. Since joining RAW, Samoa Joe has worked his tail off and now he’s being rewarded. Brock Lesnar has been a completely absent champ and hasn’t helped WWE in trying to build a championship they created out of thin air. The championship has received little traction in just under a year since its creation and that’s mostly due to Finn Balor dropping it one day after earning it and an over-the-hill wrestler like Goldberg holding the belt.

Now, WWE has a golden opportunity to add some ruthless aggression to the belt.

Joe’s debut on RAW came when he attacked Seth Rollins and it seemed he was being leaned on as the next heel of The Authority. However, he’s shied away from that affiliation a bit now just relying on his mad dog attacks of any and all wrestlers. This is something that goes back (just speaking in WWE terms) to his NXT days when he was beating the breaks off of any wrestler that stepped in the ring as he attempted to earn his title back from Shinsuke Nakamura. His patented “Regal” yells were something fans not only enjoyed, but waited for as he killed promo after promo on his way to facing The King of Strong Style.

Fast forward to now, Joe won a fatal five-way to become the No. 1 contender and has excelled in his pursuit of the championship. Monday, his side-by-side screen interview with Lesnar (something I absolutely despise) turned into pure gold when he hunted Lesnar down only to be restrained by a ton of refs. Joe’s always been a competitor that thrived on an overbearing and unrelenting charge and that’s a style the belt needs. Lesnar hasn’t done anything as he’s only appeared a handful of times in the three months since winning the belt.

With Joe’s buzz and the fans enjoyment of his antics, it makes perfect sense to set Joe up as the champion and move the belt on to a full-time wrestler. If WWE doesn’t allow the belt to change hands, even if they plan to let Joe win in a rematch, it would be a mistake. Samoa Joe is ready to be champ and it’s what needs to be done.

Featured Image: 2016/17 Topps Now WWE #71