Roman Reigns and Jey Uso: It’s a Family Affair

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The Big Dog has made it the norm for him to show up late to matches and now everybody sees what WWE would have done with Brock Lesnar had he been a full-time employee. While the idea isn’t a bad one, there’s only so long the company can continue to allow Roman Reigns delays to take place.

Roman Reigns’ heel turn has been masterfully done so far, but my only issue with the Jey Uso storyline is that Big E’s solo push was cast aside. The show made a big deal about Big E going for a title run as a solo act when they showed him and Kofi Kingston talking backstage just mere weeks ago, but when they decided to throw Uso into the mix, E was the name that had to be taken off of the fatal four-way matchup to crown the No. 1 contender.

While this isn’t a huge deal, I think the audience does miss out on a push that would have shown E the way he was seen in NXT when his “5” count was the hottest thing going. It’s another one of those times where WWE puts attention to something and pulls the string before the payoff *cough* like the cyber hacker *cough*.

The Mandy and Otis Connection… Canceled?

Mandy Rose and Otis is nother one of those developed storylines (just to be tossed out the window.) The Miz, apparently, had something to do with it since he was the one who announced the move on Talking Smack, the fact that it’s something that was not even floated on the show makes little to no sense in my opinion.

Although the love angle had rarely been shown over the past couple weeks, it was still something that was months in the making and, thus, worth a proper send off.

Champions vs. Champions

Another storyline that I’m liking that also came out of the blue (pun intended) was SmackDown Live’s Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura showing up on RAW to challenge the Street Profits. The Street Profits have held the belts entirely too long and I’m hoping that this feud is the beginning of the end for their reign.

Their gimmick has gotten stale and they’ve been on television entirely too much over the past few months; their “feud” with the Viking Raiders was more than enough for me as they competed in everything but actual wrestling.

Cesaro and Nakamura may not be fan favorites, but they’ve solidified themselves as being top-caliber performers in the company while the Street Profits have lost steam without fans in attendance.

The Scottish Psychopath Pays the Viper Back

The final angle I’ll focus on is that of Drew McIntyre and his feud with Randy Orton.

McIntyre’s reign hasn’t been that great, to be honest. While it began with him absolutely devouring the competition thrown his way, his steam has cooled. This feud, though, is one where I could see McIntyre really prove his worth.

McIntyre battling someone like Randy Orton is a defining moment in a career, especially for the title. While I didn’t quite understand McIntyre showing up in an emergency vehicle one entire week after being sent home in one, his attacks on Orton were the perfect revenge.

With McIntyre and Orton shaping up to be a major storyline for the coming months, this could be the feud that allows McIntyre to hold the belt through 2020 if it’s done right.

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