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QMX DC Comics figurines bring the iconic characters you love from DC to the comical and fun styling you’ve come to expect from Quantum Mechanix. The figurines are made out of PVC which allows for more variety in translucency, molding, texture, and detail, and typically stands about 3.5 inches tall.

As with most Quantum Mechanix figures, characters are often portrayed in action poses or in comical situations, such as Mr. Freeze eating an ice cream cone, which separates them from the industry leader. Most of the releases in this line fall under the general Q-Fig branding but a few are released as Q-Pop, which features more childlike designs, as well as Q-Fig Max which stands nearly twice as tall as standard figures.

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CharacterFranchiseFigure Type
AquamanAquamanQFig Max
Batman & SupermanWorld’s FinestQFig Max
Batman (1966)BatmanQPop
Catwoman w/ CatsCatwomanQPop
Green ArrowGreen ArrowQFig
Harley QuinnSuicide SquadQFig
JokerKilling JokeQFig
Mr. FreezeBatmanQFig
Poison IvyPoison IvyQFig FX
Supergirl w/ BirdSupergirlQFig
Superman on Daily PlanetSupermanQPop
Wonder Woman w/ HorseWonder WomanQFig Max
Wonder Woman w/ LassoJustice LeagueQFig
Wonder Woman w/ PlaneWonder WomanQFig